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August 1998

Don't Legislate Length of Stay

A growing number of state legislatures have considered mandating the length of hospital stays for mastectomies and other medical procedures. On the surface, it seems to be a politically-correct reaction to the growing clout of managed care companies. However, many in the healthcare community now say that such legislated regulations would stifle innovation, actually drive up costs, and in the end leave more people uninsured.

A recent article in the journal Healthplan noted, for example, that Maryland, which has more benefit mandates than any other state in the country, rejected legislation last year that would have mandated specific treatment protocols for mastectomy coverage. A major reason for the bill's defeat was evidence showing that passage of such a bill was actually unnecessary. There wasn't a health plan in the state that banned mastectomy patients from staying in the hospital for 48 hours if they wanted. Actually, such a mandate would have ended up hindering plans and providers from delivering even more innovative services to keep patients healthy and out of costly hospitals.
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The Johns Hopkins Breast Center's Performance Improvement Initiative

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center has an ongoing program to continually assess the quality of care that patients are receiving, how new advances in medical technology are being incorporated into daily medical practices, and how patients are being educated in the treatment options available to them.
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