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September 1998

The Value of a Multi-disciplinary Breast Cancer Case Conference

Getting a treatment opinion from a qualified physician expert about a breast cancer diagnosis is very important. There are facilities, however, that take this consultative process a step further. They hold, on a routine basis, a multi-disciplinary case conference. The structure and process of such conferences can vary from facility to facility. Their intent and purpose usually are the same- to provide an opportunity for a group discussion about patients newly diagnosed so that consensus can be achieved.
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Emotional Support for Women with Breast Cancer

A study from England shows great value in having supportive breast cancer survivors available to women facing treatment decisions about their breast cancer. The psychological and emotional support obtained from survivors proved to be more useful and helpful to patients than that obtained from routine social work counselors and their family members. This is an important study and supports our conclusion at Johns Hopkins that it is imperative to have breast cancer survivor volunteers in the clinic to help and to emigrate with treatment planning for each and every patient.
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Research Review

Increased risk for DCIS patients

Effects of Hormone Replacement on Breast Cancer

Ultra-sound Guided Core Biopsy

Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

How Do You Measure Tumor Size When There are Multiple Cancers

What's the Ideal Follow-up of Patients with Breast Cancer

Complementary Approaches

Green Tea

Warnings About Alcohol


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