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February 1999 

A Primer on Clinical Trials

There are many kinds of clinical trials. They range from studies of ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control, and treat cancer to studies of the psychological impact of the disease and ways to improve the patient's comfort and quality of life (including pain control).
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Questions to Ask When Considering a Clinical Trial

Anyone considering a clinical trial at Johns Hopkins or through any other medical
institution should feel free to ask any questions or bring up any issues concerning the trial at any time. The following suggestions from the National Cancer Institute may give some you ideas as you think about your own questions.
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Research Review 

Chemotherapy linked to Memory Problems

Change in Breast Tissue May Signal Cancer Risk

Weight Gain Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

Chemotherapy Shrinks Breast Tumors

Making Bone Marrow Transplants More Successful

Coumarin Not Effective for Lymphedema

New Anti-Cancer Drug to be Tested

Complementary Approaches
Taking Advantage of Tomato-based Foods

Natural Painkillers and Antioxidants in Cherries

Soy May Decrease Cancer Risks

Electrical Nerve Stimulation to Reduce Pain


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