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November 1999

The Need for National Quality Standards for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Iíve had the opportunity to view breast cancer from several different perspectives over the last three decades: as a young girl when my motherís best friend was diagnosed in stage IV; as a registered nurse who has taken care of many women recovering from mastectomy surgery; and finally as a patient, having had a left mastectomy at age 38 in 1992, a right lumpectomy in 1993 and a right mastectomy in 1994. Each experience has provided me a new perspective on what this disease is all about and what needs to be done to make the trauma of treatment less traumatic."
-- Lillie Shockney
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New Tilting Compression Paddles for Mammography Being Evaluated

The Johns Hopkins University Breast Center, in conjunction with another university hospital, is beginning a clinical trial to test the use of a new device for mammography.
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Research Review

Menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors who have experienced menopause may actually have more severe menopausal symptoms than women who have never had breast cancer, according to a study in the journal Oncology Nursing Forum.

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