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April 2000
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Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk

For the millions of women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the headlines have been a little scary. Two recent studies, published in reputable medical journals, have reported that HRT use increases the risk of breast cancer. Has a connection between HRT and breast cancer finally been confirmed?
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Coping with Fatigue During Cancer Treatment
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Breast Reconstruction with Implants: Controversies, Options, and Outcome

Implant reconstruction is an excellent alternative for women who are not candidates for autologous tissue reconstruction or for women who desires a quick procedure with a rapid recovery.
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Research Review

Tumors with calcium deposits may indicate poorer prognosis

Larger surgical margins may be needed for lumpectomy

Use of High-Dose Chemotherapy for Treatment of Breast Cancer

A Protein That Predicts Breast Cancer Outcomes

Accuracy of Mammography in Women Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy

Chemotherapy for all Young Women with Breast Cancer?


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