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May 2000
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Pregnancy Following the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Though the majority of women who develop breast cancer have completed their child bearing, there is a small, but significant percentage whose disease presents at a time in their lives when having children is a priority. These women often have two significant concerns regarding reproduction.
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The Risk of Developing Gynecologic Cancer for Survivors of Breast Cancer

Fortunately, the majority of women who develop breast cancer will survive this disease. However, for numerous reasons, these women are at an increased risk of developing one or the other of the two most common gynecologic malignancies: ovarian epithelial or endometrial cancer.
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Breast Cancer Survivors Offering Hope to New Breast Cancer Patients

Later this year, the Johns Hopkins Breast Center will celebrate the third anniversary of its Survivor Volunteer program. Sixty-two women and 1 man, all of whom are breast cancer survivors, volunteer to make a difference in the lives of newly diagnosed patients at Johns Hopkins.
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Research Review

Accuracy of Biopsy Methods for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Risk and Contraceptive Use

Chemotherapy Before Surgery for Some Breast Tumors

Diet and Mammographic Breast Density

Left-Handed Women and Breast Cancer Risk

Exposure to Gasoline and Increased Risk for Male Breast Cancer

Complementary Approaches

Flavonoids in Fruits and Vegetables May Cut Risk

Soy, Not Isoflavones, Fights Breast Cancer

Doubts Cast on Benefits of Shark Cartilage

White Tea May Help Fight Cancer


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