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February 2001
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Addressing the Needs of Long-Term Survivors

The Women At Risk for Malignancy (WARM) program was established within the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center to provide multidisciplinary support to long-term cancer survivors—as well as those at increased risk because of family history, genetic screening or other factors. It was developed by a diverse team of gynecologists, surgeons, oncologists, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors and actual breast cancer survivors.
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Complementary Approaches

Communicating Complementary Therapies

Other Features

Tracking Cancer Hot Spots

Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Mammogram Accuracy

Treatment Side Effects Can Impact Each Other

Rating the Severity of Side Effects

Flurry of Year-End FDA Activity

Adequate Nutrition During Treatment and Recovery

Eat Your Broccoli!

Mixed Results for Vitamin A

Overcoming Nausea from Cancer Treatment

Calcium Specks on Mammograms

New Studies on Tumor Blood Vessels

Communicating Hospice and End-of-Life Issues

Adjuvant Therapy Even for Small Tumors


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