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December 2001
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The Right Help at the Right Time!

If you're a cancer survivor, you've already learned how to rally your medical and support teams and use them wisely. For most people, this means consulting with specialists, gathering enough information about the disease to make good medical decisions, following through with treatment, and leaning on friends and family for emotional and psychological strength. In the beginning, when you're running in crisis mode, cancer will seem to be the center of your life-all your doctor appointments, all your conversations, and all your energies are focused on nothing else. In the beginning, cancer is all-consuming.
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Complementary Approaches

Side Effects from Supplements

Hopkins Selected to Participate in First Major Study of Digital Mammography

Other Features

Acupuncture after Breast Surgery to Reduce Nausea

Chemotherapy and Memory Problems

"Personalized" Chemotherapy

DNA Chips to Predict Treatment Responses

Patient Education on Cancer Fatigue Lacking

Older Cancer Patients Need Better Care

Striking a Balance with Pain Management

Prophylactic Mastectomy for BRCA Gene Carriers

Tamoxifen Does Not Increase Depression Risk

Caution with Xeloda taken with Coumadin

Anxiety Over Breast Self-Exam = Low Compliance

A Better Way To Classify Breast Cancers

Herceptin for Early Stage Breast Cancer

More Radiation May Minimize Recurrence

Caution with Tamoxifen as a Preventive Measure

Raising Body Temperature to Help Cancer Treatment?


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