April 2002
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  Coverage for Anti-Smoking Programs
Physician-Patient Communication = Better Care
EMFs in the Home and Breast Cancer Risk
Gene Therapy To Speed Hair Regrowth
Stay Away from Laetrile
Breast Carcinoma In-Situ with Advanced Disease
Unhealthy Lifestyle After Breast Cancer?
Federal Government Reaffirming Mammograms
Medicare to Cover PET Imaging
No Link Between Miscarriage and Breast Cancer
Managing Pain Can Also Manage Costs
A Primer on Breast Prostheses
Raloxifene Following Tamoxifen May Not Benefit
Second Opinions Shift Treatment Decisions
A Primer on Cancer Support Groups

Complementry Articles
Grapes' Anti-Fungal Agent May Fight Cancer
Benefiting from Sunlight's Vitamin D
Cancer Cells Fueling Their Own Growth
Will Exercise Reduce Risk?
PET Touted for Determining Recurrence

Promoting Breast Health Among Young Women on College through Breastival™ Events
    By Lillie Shockney, RN., BS., MAS
    Director of Education and Outreach
    The Johns Hopkins Breast Center
    Baltimore, Maryland

Numerous attempts have been made to conduct education and outreach programs on college campuses regarding the topic of breast cancer, and most have fallen short of their goal. This is a challenging consumer audience to effectively reach who either already fear the disease so much they don't attend educational programs or believe that they are immune or untouchable by the disease at this point in time in their lives.

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