August 2002
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  FDA Approves New Anemia Drug for Chemo Patients
Findings Indicate Advantages of Arimidex in Early Breast Cancer
Breastfeeding Has Protective Effect Against Breast Cancer
Increasing Enrollment in Early-Phase Cancer Clinical Trials
Exercises to Help Replace Hormone Replacement Therapy
Exercise Lowers Levels of Blood Estrogens
Major Risks Found with Hormone Replacement Therapy
Task Force Urges Discussions About Taking Prescription Medicines to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
New Treatment for Skeletal Metastases
Study Finds No Association Between Oral Contraceptives and Breast Cancer Risk
Post-Surgery Chemotherapy Questioned for Certain Breast Cancer Patients

Complementry Articles
New Imaging Test for Diagnosing Breast Cancer
Energy Boost to Overcome Fatigue
Herbs and Spices that Reduce Cancer Risk
Drug Wrecks the Power Plants of Breast Cancer Cells
Studies Find Soya Benefit for Breast Tissue

Strong Identical Twin Breast Cancer Link

Researchers led by Dr. Thomas Mack of the University of Southern California School of Medicine have reported that women who have an identical twin with breast cancer have a four-times greater chance of developing the disease themselves.

"Doctors could use this information to identify women who are particularly susceptible to breast cancer and advise them accordingly," said Mack.

Mack's team compared the rate of breast cancer among the general population and 2,562 pairs of identical twins and non-identical twins with either one or two cases of the disease. They knew that a strong family history of breast cancer was a significant risk factor, but they were surprised by the significance of the identical twin link.

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