September 2002
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  70 Percent of Cancer Patients Use Alternative Therapies
Breast Cancer Gene Repairs Damaged DNA
Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk
First Trial of Endostatin Shows Biological Activity
Rounding Up Enzymes That Immortalize Cancer Cells
Breast Cancer Gene May be Associated with Additional Cancers
Hormone Replacement Therapy Linked to More Risks
Breast Cancer Gene 'Blindfolds' the Immune System
Radiologists' Interpretation of Mammograms Varies Widely
Breast Cancer Screening Reduces Mastectomy Rates
Recruitment of 50,000 Sisters of Women with Breast Cancer
Research Reveals a More Complete Picture of Breast Tissue
Blocking Pathway Overcomes Tumor Vessel Resistance to Radiation

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Diet Rich in Soy Protein Lowers Estrogens Associated with Breast Cancer
Eating Soy During Adolescence May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Screening Reduces Mastectomy Rates

Screening for breast cancer can reduce the need for mastectomy, according to a report published in the British Medical Journal.

The study of 60,000 women found the rates of breast removal surgery fell by almost half following the introduction of a screening program. Researchers believe screening detects cancer early, so women can be treated with minor surgery that conserves the breast rather than radical surgery that results in its removal.

"Some scientists believe screening programs could be harmful to women by increasing the rates of aggressive treatments such as mastectomy. But this study shows that screening actually reduces the need for major surgery by detecting the disease before it spreads," said study author Dr. Stephen Duffy, from Cancer Research UK in London.

"When breast cancer is caught early, women can be treated with less invasive surgery such as lumpectomy, where only the tumor and a section around it is removed from the breast."

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