November 2002
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  Alcohol and Breast Cancer Risk
How a Mutant BRCA2 Gene Causes Cancer
Identifying the Key to Cancer Cell Mobility
Study Supports Mammography Screening in Older Women
New Study to Focus on Estrogen's Role in Breast Cancer
Scientists Home in on Gene for Cancer Cell Death
Molecular Imaging to Track Cancer Before Symptoms Appear
Mammography Frequently Detects Noninvasive Tumors
Targeting Breast Cancer That Spreads to the Bones
Molecular Tag Pinpoints which Breast Cancer Tumors Are Most Likely to Spread
New Technology Separates Benign Tumors from Cancerous Ones
Sluggish Gene May Reduce Effectiveness of Tamoxifen

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Bread Crust and Stuffing Rich in Antioxidants
New Genetic Option for Thwarting Cancer
Concord Grape Juice is a Potent Antioxidant

First Test of P53 Gene Therapy in Breast Cancer Opens

For the first time, the power of a novel gene therapy drug to treat locally advanced breast cancer is being tested in a clinical trial at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

The trial combines the drug, Advexin, with standard chemotherapy treatment "neoadjuvantly"-that is, before either surgery or radiotherapy treatment. Researchers hope such an initial use of the gene therapy/chemotherapy combination will boost cure rates and overall patient survival.

Advexin is a drug that researchers believe may be able to both kill cancer cells directly as well as stimulate the immune system to attack additional tumor cells. It is designed to use the p53 gene-a potent natural anti-tumor gene-to kill cancer cells and to stop tumor growth without harming normal cells.

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