April 2003
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  Study Finds Poor Communication Between Breast Cancer Patients and Their Doctors
Consent Form Language is Too Complex for Many Patients
Screening Test Can Help Identify Cancer Survivors at Risk for Emotional Distress
Physical Activity May Decrease Risk of Breast Cancer Decades Later
Researchers Identify a Gene Responsible for Spread of Cancer in the Body
High-Risk Women Welcome Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Gene
Internet Use May Benefit Survival Of Minority/Ethnic Breast Cancer Patients
Boosting Mammography Rates Among Older Women
Receptor Could Be Target for Cancer Therapy
New Study Offers Clues to How Breast Cancer Spreads
Scientists Find 'Stem Cells' in Human Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen Reduces the Risk of Benign Breast Disease
Tamoxifen's Effectiveness Depends on Level of Tumor Protein

Complementry Articles
Eating Eggs May Protect Against Breast Cancer
Grapes May Ease Side Effect of Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Depression and Breast Cancer Survival

Women with early-stage breast cancer have a slightly higher risk of dying from their cancer if they suffer from depression after their cancer diagnosis, according to new research published in the journal Psychosomatics.

However, late-stage breast cancer patients have a higher risk of dying if they suffered from depression before their cancer diagnosis, say Karen Hjerl, M.D., Ph.D. of Rigshospitalet University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark and colleagues.

Hjerl and colleagues acknowledge that the relationship between time of depression and cancer stage is "difficult to explain," and suggest that a whole host of factors may contribute to the differences in risk, including potentially better psychiatric care for late-stage patients who spend more time under clinical care.

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