January 2004
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  Computer Assisted Breast Imaging Systems Help Find and Characterize Cancers
For Breast Cancer Survivors, Lymphedema Adds Insult to Injury
Study Supports Tailoring Adjuvant Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer
Breast Conserving Therapy Offers Good Outcome if Criteria are Met
Study Finds Fewer Than Half of Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Get Full Chemotherapy Doses
Major Advance in Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer
Fertility Worries Common in Young Breast Cancer Survivors
Newly Identified Gene May Link Hereditary and Sporadic Breast and Ovarian Cancers
EGFR Status Linked to More Aggressive Breast Cancer
Childhood Hodgkin's Survivors are at Increased Risk for Other Cancers in Adulthood
Hot Flash Drug May Hinder Effectiveness of Tamoxifen
Combining Various Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques May Help Improve Breast Cancer Detection
Pregnancy Does Not Appear to Worsen Prognosis for Breast Cancer Survivors
Improving the Effectiveness of Radiation Therapy
Breast Cancer Vaccine to Begin Clinical Trials

Second Opinion May Lead to Better Breast Cancer Detection, Treatment Changes

Women with breast cancer who seek a second opinion on their mammograms from experienced specialists at a major cancer center frequently get a new plan for their care, a new study shows. Some even learn that they have cancer in more locations than they think.

After a consultation, 7 percent of all patients in the new study found out that they had more cancer in the same breast - or a previously undiscovered tumor in the other breast. Many other patients received advice from the consulting physicians that altered their imaging or treatment plans.

These new research findings, made by a team at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, were presented at the national meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

The data show that seeking a second opinion for breast cancer may make a big difference in a patient's diagnosis and treatment. Second opinions are often covered by insurance, but patients usually need to seek them on their own.

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