February 2004
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  Study Suggests More Cancer Patients Receiving Aggressive Care at End of Life
Differences in Breast Cancer Risk Within South Asian Ethnic Groups
Studying the Link Between Chemicals and Breast Cancer
Gene Mutation Affects Sensitivity of Cancer Cells to Chemotherapy Drugs
Outpatient Cryotherapy Shrinks Benign Breast Lumps
Study Highlights Nurses Role in Tackling Depression
Breast Cancer Diagnosed Earlier in U.S. than Europe
New Compound Offers Benefits of Estrogen Without the Risks
Eating Licorice to Prevent Cancer
Whole Body PET/CT Scan Appears Useful for Determining Tumor Stage
Radiotherapy Improves Survival After Breast Conserving Surgery
Survey Finds Americans are Committed to Cancer Screening
Active Smoking Associated with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
Using Space Technology in New Technique to Fight Breast Cancer
Study Quantifies Risk of Rare Uterine Cancers Associated With Tamoxifen Use
Primitive Worm Sheds New Light on Breast Cancer

The Contralateral Breast
Considerations During Breast Reconstruction
By Navin Singh, MD, FACS

In any operation on the breast, the plastic surgeon considers the three "S's". They are size, shape, and symmetry. These considerations are paramount whether one is reducing a breast, reconstructing a breast, or augmenting a breast.

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Anesthesia Considerations for Breast Reconstruction
by Navin K. Singh, MD, FACS, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution

The advent of anesthesia in the early 19th century-the first demonstration of Ether in 1846 by Morton at the Massachusetts General Hospital-allowed the surgical disciplines to flourish. Complex and painful surgery which would not be possible under "a glass of whiskey and biting down on a bullet" became routine in the middle 20th century. However, anesthesia was not refined at that stage and complications related to anesthesia itself were commonplace. These complications included adverse outcomes for patients including confusion, stupor, nausea and vomiting, strokes, and death.

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