Current Month 2004
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  Changing Practices May Raise African-American Women's Breast Cancer Risk
Young Black Women Have Greater Chance of Fast-Growing Breast Tumors Than White Women
Gene Mutation and Use of Certain Antidepressants May Decrease Effects of Breast Cancer Drug
Breast Reduction May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk for High-Risk Women
Understanding the Caregiver Burden in Breast Cancer Care
Study Says Widely Reported Side Effect from Chemotherapy May Be Overestimated
Largest USDA Study of Food Antioxidants Reveals Best Sources
Study Finds High Rate of Breast Cancer Genetic Mutation in Younger Korean Women
High Mastectomy Rates Due to Breast Cancer Patients' Choices
Partial Breast Radiation Procedure May Benefit Cancer Patients
Clue Found on Breast Tumors May Help Determine Prognosis
Researchers Develop Better Understanding of Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer Patients
Reversing Breast Cancer Resistance to Tamoxifen

Enzyme PKA May Influence Breast Cancer Response to Tamoxifen

Scientists have discovered that resistance to tamoxifen treatment can be mediated by a modification of the estrogen receptor. These results, published in the journal Cancer Cell, enhance the understanding of what underlies tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer and may eventually allow for earlier identification of resistant tumors, providing critical time to choose an alternative therapeutic strategy that is more likely to be effective.

Because nearly three-quarters of all breast cancers are stimulated by estrogen acting at functional estrogen receptors (ER+), they are most often treated with anti-estrogen compounds that inactivate the estrogen receptor. The most common of these is the drug tamoxifen. However, only about half of ER+ breast cancers successfully respond to treatment with tamoxifen, while the other half are resistant.

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