Current Month 2004
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  Tumor Cell Levels in Blood Predict Success of Advanced-Stage Breast Cancer Treatment
Breast Brachytherapy May Decrease Treatment Time
Understanding Breast Cancer Progression
Computers Significantly Increase Breast Cancer Detection Rate
Low Levels of "Good" Cholesterol Associated With Increased Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk
Decision Aids Can Help Women Understand Breast Cancer and Choose Treatment Options
ELLENCE in Breast Cancer Treatment Shows Low Risk of Heart Damage
Breast Cancer Screening Underutilized by Ethnic Women
Ethnic Factors Influencing Breast Cancer
New Study Reveals Gene Linked to Breast Cancer Can Suppress Tumors
HER-2/neu Overexpression in Breast Cancer Does Not Impact Response to Chemotherapy
Breast Cancer Lawsuits on the Rise
Annual Reminder Needed for Mammography
Optical Probe Might Find Missed Breast Cancers
Few US Breast Surgeons Doing Enough Operations to Optimize Outcomes
Number of Cancer Survivors Growing According to New Report

Adherence to Treatment Guidelines Improves Early Breast Cancer Survival

The first study to compare survival between women with breast cancer whose treatment was based on consensus guidelines and those whose treatment was not shows that adhering to established guidelines improves survival and reduces the risk of recurrence.

The study retrospectively examined whether the systemic therapy prescribed after surgery for women with early-stage breast cancer was consistent with treatment guidelines established at the time. Systemic therapy includes chemotherapy and hormonal therapy and is designed to reach cancer cells that may have spread beyond the original tumor site. The study and an accompanying editorial were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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