Current Month 2008
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  New Model Predicts Breast Cancer Risk in African-American Women
Study Reveals for First Time How BRCA1 Mutations Cause Breast Cancer
More Women are Choosing Double Mastectomy Even When Breast Cancer is Confined to a Single Breast
Drug May Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence
High-dose Chemo and Stem Cell Transplant Shows Little or No Survival Benefit for Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Risk Elevated in Male BRCA Mutation Carriers
Attitudes Toward Mammography Differ Across Ethnicities, Cultures, Backgrounds
Putting Risk in Perspective: Do People Make Better Decisions When They Understand Average Risk?
Men Unaware of Their Cancer Risk When Female Relatives Test Positive for BRCA Mutations
Breast MRI Spots Other Cancers, May Alter Treatment Plan
PET/CT Brings New Hope to Patients with Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Two Proteins May Be Survival Markers in Some Breast Cancers
MIT Radar Technology Fights Breast Cancer
A New Computational Technique Predicts Side Effects of Certain Breast Cancer Drugs

Diagnostic Mammogram Readings Vary Extensively by Radiologist

Radiologists' interpretation of diagnostic mammograms vary widely and cannot be explained by differences in patient populations, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. This variation could affect clinical decisions in large numbers of women.

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Prioritizing Research Questions in Breast Cancer

Key priorities that will have an impact on the future treatment of breast cancer have been identified by a group of experts on the disease. Research published in the online open access journal Breast Cancer Research may focus research resources onto the issues highlighted as top priorities.

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