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  1930s Drug Slows Tumor Growth
Alzheimer's Disease May Protect Against Cancer and Vice Versa
Annual Screening with Breast Ultrasound or MRI Could Benefit Some Women
Anti-Estrogens May Offer Protection Against Lung Cancer Mortality
Antibody-Guided Drug Shows Encouraging Activity in Metastatic Breast Cancer
Broken Genomes Behind Breast Cancers
Cancer Genome Project Studies Genetics of 1,000 Tumors
Cancer Survival Disparities for Most Minority Populations Increase as Cancers Become More Treatable
Cancer Survivors May Not Be Getting the Help They Need to Stop Smoking
Combining Nanotubes and Antibodies for Breast Cancer “Search and Destroy” Missions
DC-SCRIPT Found to Have Prognostic Value in Breast Cancer
Disease-Free, Overall Survival Inferior for Black Women with HR-Positive Breast Cancer
Early Trials Begin for New Breast Tissue Growing Technique
Elastography Reduces Unnecessary Breast Biopsies
Elevated-Risk Women Refuse MRI Breast Cancer Screening
High-Risk Women Reluctant to Take Tamoxifen to Prevent Breast Cancer
How Do You Improve Mammogram Accuracy? Add Noise
Human Mdm2: A New Molecular Link to Late-Stage Metastatic Breast Cancer
Less Invasive Core Needle Biopsy Almost as Effective as Open Surgical Biopsy for Breast Lesion Diagnosis
Mammography May Increase Breast Cancer Risk in Some High-Risk Women
Mastery of Physical Goals Lessens Disease-Related Depression and Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors
Medical Team’s Support of Terminal Cancer Patients’ Spiritual Needs Improves Quality of Life
MRI Detects Breast Cancer at Earlier Stage
Nanoprobes Hit Targets in Tumors, Could Lessen Chemo Side Effects
Novel Detection Method Unmasks Circulating Breast Cancer Cells
Obesity Linked with Poorer Breast Cancer Outcomes
Protein From Pregnancy Hormone May Prevent Breast Cancer
Research Suggests Link Between Infertility, Low Egg Reserve, and Breast/Ovarian Cancer Gene BRCA1
Scientists Identify Enzyme Involved in Breast Tumor Formation
Study Finds Significantly Worse Outcomes in Cancer Patients with Cognitive Impairment
Study Questions True Favorability of Rare Breast Cancer Type
Targeted Breast Ultrasound Can Reduce Biopsies for Women Under 40
Targeted Therapy Prolongs Life in Patients with HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
Tracking New Cancer-Killing Particles with MRI
Variable Doses of Radiation Raise Safety Concerns for CT Procedures

Alcohol Consumption May Increase Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages (at least three to four drinks per week, no matter the type of alcohol) is associated with a 30 percent increased risk of breast cancer recurrence, according to a new Kaiser Permanente study. Post-menopausal or overweight women may be most susceptible to the effects of alcohol on recurrence, according to the researchers.

Detailed results of this study were presented at the CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium by Marilyn L. Kwan, Ph.D., staff scientist in the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, Calif.

"Women previously diagnosed with breast cancer should consider limiting their consumption of alcohol to less than three drinks per week, especially women who are postmenopausal and overweight or obese," Kwan said

While previous research has shown that consumption of alcohol is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, there have been limited studies about alcohol's role in patient prognosis and survival among those already diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kwan and her colleagues examined the effects of alcohol on cancer recurrence and mortality in the Life After Cancer Epidemiology Study, a prospective cohort study of 1,897 breast cancer survivors diagnosed with early-stage invasive breast cancer between 1997 and 2000. The researchers recruited participants from the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Cancer Registry and compared breast cancer recurrence in women previously diagnosed with breast cancer who drank alcohol with a reference group of women previously diagnosed with breast cancer who did not drink.

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