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ADH - Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia
Questions about atypical ductal hyperplasia.
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 Asked: 10/31/2011 Hi, I have just been told I have Atypical hyperplasia of the Breast.
 Asked: 10/26/2011 18 months ago excisional biopsy for microcalcifications left breast showed ADH, ALH, DCIS.
 Asked: 10/24/2011 I''m sorry to be a nuisance, but I typed in the site you recommended and got the Minnesota Council of Nonprofit, but could find...
 Asked: 10/24/2011 I''m curious, you said 5-10% reoccurrence over the next 5-10 years for my stage 2b TNBC (.5 cm IDC tumor with ADH and multiple DCIS...
 Asked: 10/23/2011 Hi I have 2 questions. 1st, what exactly is atypical ductal hyperplasia? My breast surgeon said since I had it ( with a .5cm IDC TRiple negative in left breast) I should have a double mastectomy.
 Asked: 10/21/2011 I was diagnosed with ADH thru biopsy.
 Asked: 10/21/2011 Me again re:I had a stereotactic core breast biopsy, needle localization and excisional biopsy Nov 2010.
 Asked: 10/20/2011 I had a stereotactic core breast biopsy, needle localization and excisional biopsy Nov 2010.
 Asked: 10/17/2011 I had a lumpectomy 3 1/2 wks ago and am still in great pain, the surgeon sd it was the nerves.
 Asked: 10/14/2011 Last December I (59 yr. old female) had a duct removed due to a papilloma.
 Asked: 10/10/2011 adh left breast after incisional biopsy removal -- right breast to have same if adh is diagnosed in both breasts -- what is next protocol --...
 Asked: 10/9/2011 Hi I have been doing some reading on ADH.
 Asked: 9/28/2011 Will most breast surgeons perform a mastectomy on someone who perfers that.
 Asked: 9/25/2011 My biopsy in 2009 showed ADH. Now my surgeon advises mastectomy of both breast as we have a history of cancer in the family.
 Asked: 9/24/2011 There is so much conflicting information about ADH.
 Asked: 9/21/2011 Sorry for the questions.
 Asked: 9/21/2011 Hi One of the side effects of Tamoxifen is uterine cancer.
 Asked: 9/20/2011 Recently diagnosed with ADH. Has mammograms/radiation/chemotherapy ever been proven to really save lives.
 Asked: 9/20/2011 I was recently diagnosed with ADH by stereotactic biopsy.
 Asked: 9/20/2011 Hi! I''m currently 36 yrs old.
 Asked: 9/19/2011 My wife was recently diagnosed with ADH.
 Asked: 9/18/2011 I am 54 years old, dx with ALH in 2009, I had close follow up for a year with no changes, was told to return back in a year for mammogram.
 Asked: 9/9/2011 I asked if there was any significance in finding ADH while doing an incisional biopsy for a benign phyllodes.
 Asked: 9/8/2011 I am 43 and no family history of breast cancer.I have been diagnosed ADH (Bi-rads 4B)and fibrosis, mild ductal hyperplasia without atypia and microcalcifications on...
 Asked: 9/7/2011 I have been diagnosed with ADH. I am going to to see an oncologist here shortly.
 Asked: 9/3/2011 I had a lumpectomy in February, 2010 (grade 3 ductal) followed by chemotherapy and radiation.
 Asked: 8/25/2011 I was diagnosed with acute atypical ductal hyperplasia in March after a breast biospsy and lumpectomy.
 Asked: 8/23/2011 Last summer) a diagnostic mammogram and stereotactic core needle biopsy revealed that I had ADH.
 Asked: 8/21/2011 i had a stereo biopsy and the diagnosis was ADH bordering DCIS, does this mean i have cancer again?
 Asked: 8/20/2011 I had a diagnosis of adh bordering on dcis.
 Asked: 8/20/2011 I just had a needle biopsy that showed" ADH bordering on DCIS"on the right.
 Asked: 8/20/2011 I have been diagnosed with ADH and will have surgery in September.
 Asked: 8/20/2011 I recently had a lumpectomy to remove a cluster of microcalcifications my surgeon couldn''t reach during a stereotactic biopsy.
 Asked: 8/19/2011 I have had 3 biopsies in the past 2 months.
 Asked: 8/18/2011 I recently had a lumpectomy and the diagnosis is ADH.
 Asked: 8/16/2011 My stereotactic biopsy revealed Atypical Ductual Hyperplasia (ADH).
 Asked: 8/16/2011 I have had two previous lumpectomies in the same breast that I just had a partial masectomy in the pathology came back saying small focus...
 Asked: 8/7/2011 Hello. I recently had bloody nipple discharge.
 Asked: 7/31/2011 Made surgery to remove ADH, lobular carcinoma in situ and recuperating from the surgery.
 Asked: 7/24/2011 I was diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia after a needle biopsy and an excisional biopsy was recommended but do to other health conditions the surgeon...
 Asked: 7/24/2011 I was curious about the use of MBI(molecular breast imaging) & BSGI (Breast Specific Gamma Imaging) along with Mammograms for high risk patients.
 Asked: 7/20/2011 What is my identical twin''s risk of ALH? I was recently diagnosed with atypical lobular hyperplasia and will have an excisional biopsy soon.
 Asked: 7/13/2011 Four months ago I had an excisional biopsy with dx of ADH.
 Asked: 7/13/2011 I had a screening mammogram in June that came back showing an area of clustered microcalcifications that were new.
 Asked: 7/10/2011 I am 42 years old, had stereotactic biopsy then needle loc and excisional biopsy last summer that showed ADH/ALH.
 Asked: 6/27/2011 I was diagnosed with ADH in 2009, had open bx and no cancer was found.
 Asked: 6/27/2011 In 2008, after a breast biopsy and a lump removed under my right I was diagnosed with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia because cluster of microcalifications...
 Asked: 6/20/2011 I have been diagnosed with atypical Ductal Hyperplasia by needle biopsy and have surgery scheduled to biopsy the tissue on 6/24.
 Asked: 6/20/2011 What is the proper way to attach the flaps in diep flap surgery? If one flap is sewn to the chest wall and the other...
 Asked: 6/14/2011 as I understand it ADH is not cancer but a precancerous condition that needs to be monitored closly to make sure it doesn''t progress to cancer.
 Asked: 6/14/2011 Had a diagnosis of atypical cells. Had lumpectomy.
 Asked: 6/14/2011 I was told earlier if i needed further treatment to go to a comperhinsive breast center.
 Asked: 6/8/2011 I have been diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia.
 Asked: 6/8/2011 Hi, my name is Kathy i am 39 and have been diagnosed with ADH.
 Asked: 6/7/2011 Today I got my biopsy results. I have ADH.
 Asked: 5/31/2011 I am 51 years old and had an excision of a benign phyllodes.
 Asked: 5/30/2011 Hi- I have a question that I was hoping to find already posted but if so I did not see it.
 Asked: 5/25/2011 I had a partial mastectomy due to ADH.
 Asked: 5/10/2011 I am 51 years old, with ADH that was found incidently while margins of a benign phyllodes were being excised.
 Asked: 5/6/2011 I am 40 years old and had my first mammogram 2 months ago.
 Asked: 5/2/2011 To remove or reduce a blood clot near the end of the portacath a percutaneous transluminal me?? was performed.
 Asked: 4/30/2011 I had an excisional biopsy ADH two months ago and have been on Tamoxifen for almost one month.
 Asked: 4/28/2011 2008- Calcs on mammo, ADH on core bx, and then ADH confirmed on Excisional Bx.
 Asked: 4/25/2011 Age 43 Diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia at age 34 Placed on 3 years of tamoxifen until I could not tolerate painful menses Had a total hysterectomy...
 Asked: 4/20/2011 excisonal biopsy states tissue meets criteria for atypical intraductal hyperpasia with no in situ or invasive carcinoma.
 Asked: 4/9/2011 I had been on combination HRT for approximately 2 years with a hx of normal mammagrams.
 Asked: 4/6/2011 Had 2 stereotactics in 12 months along with a core needle biopsy a week ago, so 3 biopsies in 1 yr.
 Asked: 3/25/2011 I was diagnosed with ADH 3 years ago.
 Asked: 3/11/2011 I am a 41 year old who was dx with ADH last May, had lumpectomy, was referred to oncologist and have been taking Tamoxofen since June 2010.
 Asked: 3/10/2011 I was diagnosed via core needle biopsy with Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia.
 Asked: 3/4/2011 I have had 2 lumpectomies of ADH in the past two years.
 Asked: 2/20/2011 I was diagnosed with ADH in Feb 2007 and had lumpectomy.
 Asked: 2/17/2011 I had a right side mastectomy due to IDC and DCIS after 2 lumpectomies with poor margins in 2005.
 Asked: 2/11/2011 Hello,I was diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma in situ based on stereotatic breast biopsy samples.
 Asked: 2/2/2011 In 2005, when I was 37 years old, a lump was found against my chest wall that had a jagged appearance.
 Asked: 1/26/2011 HiI am 36 years old and they found microcalcifications in cluster through ammogram, them i had a biopsy and were benign.
 Asked: 1/25/2011 ALH - what is the standard of care for ALH diagnosed after CNB? There seems to be agreement that excisional biopsy is needed for ADH...
 Asked: 1/20/2011 After my 1st mammogram at age 43, atypical lobular hyperplasia was found in my right breast.
 Asked: 12/28/2010 I have had two bx that both had ADH revealed ADH on both.
 Asked: 12/24/2010 My first symptom was slight bleeding from right breast about 3 months ago.
 Asked: 12/23/2010 Hi Lillie, What is the standard of care for Lobular or and ductal hyperplasia.
 Asked: 12/22/2010 I have a bilateral nipple discharge for over 5 years.
 Asked: 12/17/2010 I had an excisional biopsy for a radial scar.
 Asked: 12/17/2010 I am 40 years old, I had my first child at 29 1/2, my mother was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at 53.
 Asked: 12/16/2010 I was diagnosed with a "Microfocus" of Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia near biopsy site after an excisional biopsy.
 Asked: 12/16/2010 THANK YOU for the answer about the time frame between diagnosis of ADH and wire, needle procedure.
 Asked: 12/15/2010 Hello and thank you in advance for your advice and expertise.I''ve been diagnosed with ADH, radial scar, and fibrocystic changes, with florid usual ductal hyperplasia...
 Asked: 12/10/2010 Is there any up to date sites on ADH.
 Asked: 12/10/2010 HelloFirst thanks for your site!!! It has been a great source for information for me.
 Asked: 12/8/2010 Has follow up radiotherapy ever been used for ADH? If so, has it proven to be effective? I am having my 2nd excisional biopsy in 2 1/2 years.
 Asked: 11/23/2010 Is it possible to have a stereo bx say no cancer but ADH.
 Asked: 11/23/2010 I am going to have an wire localization and then knock me out to cut out more tissue.
 Asked: 11/19/2010 2005 I had my first mammo. was not told that I should have one every year and that they saw scattered micro''s.
 Asked: 11/11/2010 Just when you thought you were healthy...unplanned hysterectomy very shortly after delivery of 2nd child - I do have one barely functioning but normal looking...
 Asked: 11/8/2010 I have been diagnosed with ADH on "Right breast subareolar 3:00" with fragments of a thick walled cystically dilated duct with an attenuated epithelia lining...
 Asked: 11/4/2010 I am having a wire guided biopsy next week i have had two core biopsys done, they found ADH on report to my doctor it...
 Asked: 10/28/2010 I recently was diagnosed with ADH thru excisional biopsy.
 Asked: 10/25/2010 My husband have a small gilty in right hand 1 inch up to the elbow, gilty size arroung 1/2 inch with the pain.could you give...
 Asked: 10/20/2010 I had a lumpectomy for 2 masses.
 Asked: 9/24/2010 I was recently (Jul10) diagnosed with ADH.

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