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ADH - Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia
Questions about atypical ductal hyperplasia.
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 Asked: 3/7/2017 I wrote to you a few weeks ago.
 Asked: 3/7/2017 Getting my results from ADH surgery today.
 Asked: 3/6/2017 I felt a lump, had a needle biopsy showing ADH and am now scheduled for lumpectomy.
 Asked: 3/6/2017 I had ADH in my right breast what are the chances of me getting it in my left breast as well?
 Asked: 3/4/2017 My question is...
 Asked: 3/4/2017 Do all people diagnosed with ADH need an MRI??
 Asked: 3/4/2017 yesterday I had surgery after finding ADh.
 Asked: 3/2/2017 I was diagnosed with extensive ADH (at least 4 separate foci) and a focal mucosalike lesion on core biopsy.
 Asked: 3/1/2017 I was recently diagnosed with ADH after a right breast biopsy.
 Asked: 2/28/2017 I just had stereotactic core biopsies on left breast and was told I have Atypical ductal hyperplasia and found three spots they want to...
 Asked: 2/28/2017 I had an excisional biopsy on January 6 2017.
 Asked: 2/27/2017 Can ADH occur 1x and never be seen again? Does that ever happen?
 Asked: 2/27/2017 Just had my surgical biopsy and ADH is it!!! What questions should I ask now? What is the next step? I am confused why it is a risk factor.
 Asked: 2/27/2017 I have ADH as it seems many women do who write to you.
 Asked: 2/26/2017 Are pleomorphic calcifications of concern .
 Asked: 2/26/2017 PATHOLOGY: Few microscopic foci of atypical duct hyperplasia.
 Asked: 2/24/2017 once biopsy comes back, so my biopsy showed ADH.
 Asked: 2/24/2017 I am 72 with heterogeneously dense breasts and hx of biopsy with dx of ADH.
 Asked: 2/22/2017 64 years old - is this a risk for low grade DCIS ?Stereo tactic biopsy showed ADH with microcalifications, Excisional biopsy rpt stated - ...
 Asked: 2/22/2017 sorry to annoy you with my question seeking an alternative to a breast treatment center.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 I have ADH and just read through your dozens and dozens of responses.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 I had a bilateral lumpectomy on 12/22.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 Nearest breast center ( NCI ) doesn''t accept my insurance( Tricare ) At my local medical facility , it seems like no one is interested in my case.
 Asked: 2/18/2017 I was diagnosed with adh with spindle cells and am having a lumpectomy next week.
 Asked: 2/18/2017 I was diagnosed with ADH in my right breast.
 Asked: 2/17/2017 Yes, unexplained weight loss is very unusual.
 Asked: 2/17/2017 This was my report.. can you tell me your thoughts: MPRESSION: Stereotactic core biopsy of microcalcifications in the right breast.
 Asked: 2/15/2017 after a recent stereotactic vacuum assisted biopsy, the pathology report : Focal Atypical Lobular Hyperplasis, Intraductal papilloma with sclerosis, Microcalcification clusters
 Asked: 2/15/2017 I have ADH. Can you explain my results please? 1.
 Asked: 2/15/2017 Thank you for answering my question regarding ADH in elective mastectomy and having cancer in the other breast.
 Asked: 2/14/2017 Just heard about this site. I have a situation...
 Asked: 2/14/2017 Hello. In 2003 I was Dx w/invasive ductal cell carcinoma stage II (A, I believe) ER+ and PR+ and Her2Nu positive.
 Asked: 2/13/2017 I just want to thank you.. I asked a question today and your words were so powerful! I am treating and acting like I have cancer.
 Asked: 2/13/2017 If I have ADH and no cancer at all can I put this behind me? Why would I take Tamoxifin if it was a 1x occurrence? I have no family history.
 Asked: 2/12/2017 I was diagnosed with ADH in December had an excisional biopsy and it came back benign.
 Asked: 2/12/2017 Stereo biopsy showed ADH. Surgical procedure next.
 Asked: 2/12/2017 As a follow up to my question on the 10th about ADH after breast cancer, what else can be done becides a mastectomy? .
 Asked: 2/11/2017 Had mammogram and was told I needed a stereotactic needle biopsy.
 Asked: 2/11/2017 15 years ago I had breast cancer in my right breast.
 Asked: 2/10/2017 I was diagnosed in 2001 (age 46)after a breast biopsy and moved my GAIL Model Risk Favor Index to the 2.66 range.
 Asked: 2/10/2017 Hi. I was dx with atypical ductal proliferation wth micro calcifications.
 Asked: 2/10/2017 I had a biopsy that showed ADH...
 Asked: 2/9/2017 I am having surgery March 3 for ADH.
 Asked: 2/9/2017 Do I take Tomoxafin?? i have ADh and no family history.
 Asked: 2/9/2017 I had a core needle biopsy on 01.26.17 and was diagnosed with ADH.
 Asked: 2/8/2017 I had a needle biopsy which revealed that I had focal ADH.
 Asked: 2/8/2017 Follow up question . Regarding "high risk specialist" , so they aren''t a MD? Is there a list somewhere of accredited centers ? I''m assuming all use a similar computer program to assess my "risk" of developing cancer .
 Asked: 2/7/2017 Where do I find a "risk specialist" in my area? Are they only at "breast centers" or would any oncologist be able to calculate...
 Asked: 2/7/2017 I received a diagnosis of Dcis - low to intermediate grade.
 Asked: 2/6/2017 How important are "margins" in ADH removal? I had mine surgically removed last week because the radiologist told me that based on my ultrasound I...
 Asked: 2/6/2017 I just asked about the pleomorphic calcs being benign and you said it would be unusual.
 Asked: 2/5/2017 Is it possible for pleomorphic calcs to be benign?
 Asked: 2/5/2017 I was diagnosed with focal ADH in my right breast.
 Asked: 2/3/2017 I had ADH in my right breast I take birth control to regulate my period.
 Asked: 2/2/2017 I was diagnosed with ADH in my right breast.
 Asked: 1/29/2017 I''ve been searching for statistics on how many women are diagnosed with ADH, ALH and FEA, especially women under 40.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 Recently diagnosed with ADH. Pathology said calcifications associated with small focus of atypical ducts hyperplasia and small focus of columnar cell alteration with mild epithelial atypia.
 Asked: 1/25/2017 I was diagnosed with ADH and was told to discontinue my birth control pill.
 Asked: 1/24/2017 Was diagnosed with focal ADH and am on birth control.
 Asked: 1/21/2017 I had an exisional surgery on my left breast for atypical ductal hyperplasia.
 Asked: 1/20/2017 I had a biopsy done on 1/9/17 and the diagnosis is that I had ADH.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 I''m 47 years old and have heterogeneously dense breast tissue and after having my mammogram last month it came back showing suspicious calcifications and rated...
 Asked: 1/19/2017 Had abnormal calcifications and asymmetry on mammogram.
 Asked: 1/18/2017 My Mom was diagnosed 3 years ago with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma, and 2 weeks ago, my Dad, who has a history of melanoma,...
 Asked: 1/18/2017 In response to your answer to my question on January 17 regarding the core needle biopsy and excisional biopsy if the ADH was that small...
 Asked: 1/17/2017 Had core needle biopsy dec 8 came back birads 4 suspicious also said focal ADH and pleomorphic calcifications.
 Asked: 1/17/2017 Prior to my left breast lumpectomy 3 weeks ago (.4cm grade 1 with .2cm invasive) and MRI was performed.
 Asked: 1/17/2017 Wad diagnosed with ADH after biopsy for calcification''s.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 I was diagnosed with ADH after a core needle biopsy.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 I am 47 years old, paternal aunt had breast cancer.
 Asked: 1/10/2017 I recently had a needle core biopsy on my right breast.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 I have been diagnosed with ADH by needle biopsy, what is my next step?
 Asked: 1/7/2017 My pathology report diagnosis states: Needle Core Biopsies Intraductal papilloma with focal atypical ductal epithelial hyperplasia Fibroadenoma with focal atypical ductal epithelial hyperplasia The needle cores display...
 Asked: 1/4/2017 I had a core biopsy in Sept.
 Asked: 1/3/2017 I was diagnosed by biopsy with ADH.
 Asked: 1/3/2017 Diagnosed with ADH in Jan 2016 after surgical biopsy.
 Asked: 12/31/2016 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma ER/PR + and had the mass removed from under my left breast which felt like it was on my rib.
 Asked: 12/30/2016 I had a mammo and U/S in Aug that showed microcalcifications.
 Asked: 12/27/2016 I had all the symptoms of breast cancer between July and October of this year after a lesion was found on July 21.
 Asked: 12/24/2016 I am 50 year old. Last year 2015 dec I was diagnosed with ADH.
 Asked: 12/21/2016 After a biopsy of on my left breast (saw small line of microcalcifications in 3D mammogram), the pathologist and three colleagues concluded that the size/quantity...
 Asked: 12/21/2016 I am adding some information to a question I posed just a few minutes ago.
 Asked: 12/21/2016 Once ADH is confirmed by excisional biopsy what type of follow-up apart from annual mammograms is typically recommended for women without a family history of...
 Asked: 12/20/2016 In late 2013, I had a lumpectomy for cribiform DCIS, less than 1 cm along with oncoplasty due to its location followed by 6 weeks of radiation.
 Asked: 12/8/2016 I had a lumpectomy 3 weeks ago and diagnosed with ADH and ALH.
 Asked: 11/28/2016 I recently underwent a tomographically guided, vacuum-assisted core needle biopsy of my right breast as an area of architectural distortion (that has been followed for...
 Asked: 11/26/2016 It was a breast pathologist. I got an opinion from breast pathologist dr lagios in SAN Francisco.
 Asked: 11/25/2016 Hello. When I was 37 weeks pregnant I got diagnosed with low grade Dcis involving a papilloma.
 Asked: 11/17/2016 3-D tomo biopsy left breast "subareolar calcifications yields atypical lobular hyperplasia/lobular intraepithelial neoplasia, grade 1 and atypical ductal hyperplasia, columnar cell change" Also had nipple...
 Asked: 11/16/2016 In 2010 I had ADH had lumpectomy and took tamoxifen for 3 years.
 Asked: 11/13/2016 Hello, I had a core biopsy showing ADH and my Doctor recommended that I have the nodule removed due to ADH which can lead into Cancel.
 Asked: 11/11/2016 On my right breast, I had a stereotactic-guided core biopsy done at 9:00 to examine calcifications found on my annual 3D mammogram.
 Asked: 11/6/2016 I just had 3 biopsies done on the right breast.
 Asked: 11/3/2016 I have been diagnosed with ADH and was being treated at the breast center of the local community hospital.
 Asked: 10/27/2016 Great info on this forum! Please give me a second opinion on whether I''m headed in the right direction.
 Asked: 10/21/2016 Had a biopsy done for some calcification''s and came back benign and thought what a relief and than in the same sentence I hear but...
 Asked: 10/18/2016 I have been diagnosed with ADH w/microcalcifications and ALH.
 Asked: 10/17/2016 I have been diagnosed with DCIS and invasive carcinoma of my right breast.
 Asked: 10/13/2016 What alternative treatments are there for ADH.
 Asked: 10/12/2016 I just had a negative mammogram one year after an excisional biopsy for ADH, which was benign.

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