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Breast Abnormalities and Other Symptoms
General questions about breast health and possible symptoms.
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 Asked: 08/27/2003 I had a lumpectomy 7 months ago with sentinal node biopsy - neg nodes.
 Asked: 08/27/2003 I am 17 years old, not sexually active and I have noticed recently that my Left Breast has swelling on the top part of the areola.
 Asked: 08/27/2003 Hello - I just turned 36 this month, several years ago, I had a gyn.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 hello i live in the uk and i have just recently started breast examinations and discovered some lumpiness in the 7 oclock position of my...
 Asked: 08/19/2003 HI, I''m a 33 year woman and I''m expecting my third child.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 my nipple is sore after about 10 days after having sex.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 Two years ago I noticed a thickening in my left breast.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 I have fibrocystic disease. I''m 60, had a complete hysterectomy in l972.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 I am 38 and was on a tropical vacation (shaving underarms, sweating a lot) when I noticed pain in my left underarm.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 I had a ductectomy 2 years ago in my left breast because of a heavy bloody discharge from my nipple.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 I have 4 pimples on my right breast now for about a week.
 Asked: 08/18/2003 I have a yellow secretion that has started recently from my breasts.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am a 27 years old, at my last gyn checkup, my dr.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 A 36 year woman who just biopsy and lumpectomy, the results read like skin and underlying benign breast tissue with fibrocystic changes for axillary.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I have had pain in my breast now for a month.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am 5 years disease free of breast cancer.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 Please email me a list of hospital programs or schools that offer a progam to become a mammography technician or breast imaging technician..
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am a 34 yer-old mother of two with no close famlily history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am a 33 yr old mother of 3, all breastfed.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 what is a breast abscess? does having surgery to remove it damage the breast?
 Asked: 08/10/2003 First, thank you for this great site.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 My recent mammogram indicated that I have an intrammamary lymph node that has not changed in 1 year.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am a 25 year old who has experience increased pain and "tightness" in and around my left breast.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am 27, last month my gyn found a large mass on my right breast, and a large knot under my right arm pit.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I had a mammogram about a week ago and was called back for a maginfication of calcification found in my left breast.I don''t feel any...
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am 60 years old. Had a complete hysterecomy ten years ago and have been taking 1mg of estrace daily ever since.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 I am a 34 years old with fibrocystic breasts.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 I just read recently that the SEER survival index for localized breast cancer is 69% at 10 years and 15% at 15 years.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 I delivered a baby girl almost 19 months ago, and during breast feeding suffered from excessive lactation.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 Breast cancer/inflamatory breast disease have been ruled out, but I have recurrent cellulitis on one breast. First pocket was surgically removed after two episodes. A couple of...
 Asked: 08/07/2003 I am 31 years old. I had my baby 16 months ago.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 This may be a stupid question, but recently I noticed that my 16 year old daughters right breast is quite larger than her left breast.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 I have something that looks like a flat wart on my breast.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 About two months ago someone hit me with their elbow in the stairwell at the hospital where I work on the right breast.
 Asked: 07/30/2003 I have a hardening under my arm,it sometimes becomes a little sore,and I rashes on my arms and legs.
 Asked: 07/30/2003 I am 29, found lump in breast 2 years ago.
 Asked: 07/30/2003 My daugther is 14 years old and one of her breast has developed more than the other one. Is this a disease? I would like to...
 Asked: 08/04/2003 1) What is the normal S phase % for the diploid and anuploid cells. 2) what is the format of reporting the DNA cell cyncle report...
 Asked: 07/29/2003 I am a 35 year old female, have no family hx of cancer and I have never had a mamogram before.
 Asked: 07/28/2003 my wife is 36 years old ,we have 4 chidren the eldest is 19 and the youngest is 2 .But since her last 2 children...
 Asked: 07/28/2003 I am 37 years old and sometimes before my period begins, i get a buring sensation in my right nipple.
 Asked: 07/28/2003 My left breast has been growing for over 1 1/2 years.
 Asked: 07/27/2003 I am a 39 year old female who presented to her primary physician approximately 6 months ago a small lump in my left breast.
 Asked: 07/27/2003 My friend had a needle biopsy a year ago, because she has very tiny calcification (microscopic)in fact.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 In the last day or two, my left breast has felt sore and tender to the touch.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 My left breast was itching and I itched it to the point of infection.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 Can a 6-mm complex cyst (internal echoes) be successfully be aspirated? The size is so small for needle to reach its core, let alone aspirate...
 Asked: 07/24/2003 I''m 32 years old and about 8 months ago I noticed on my left nipple there was a scab like spot.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 Hi - I can''t tell you how much I appreciate your web site! I''ve had pain in my left breast for the past two months,...
 Asked: 07/24/2003 my doctor detected and abnormal lump in the breast extended to the nipple, an ultrasound was done, he ordered a bilat mamaogram 4-4/s.
 Asked: 07/03/2003 i am 34 years old i gave birth about 8 months ago did not nurse my right breast itches all over mostly around the nipple...
 Asked: 07/03/2003 Hi: I am the person above who posted about possible surgery on an mri reconstruction of an original occult tumor that was only discovered on pre...
 Asked: 07/03/2003 I am 37 years old with a family history of breast cancer (mother at age 52)and had a excisional biopsy due to microcalcifications.
 Asked: 07/02/2003 About 2 1/2 years ago I had a papilloma (sp) removed.
 Asked: 07/02/2003 I have nipple discharge from one breast.I am 77 years of age.
 Asked: 07/01/2003 I am a 32 year old female about 4 years ago I noticed a lump very low in my left breast (I have 36DD) Doctor...
 Asked: 06/30/2003 22 yr old male and my nipples bleed whenever i excercise for a long period of time.
 Asked: 06/29/2003 I have a breast lump in the same area where I had a biopsy before.
 Asked: 06/30/2003 recent mammograms show thickening in both breasts which was not visible in either breast last year on the mammogram.
 Asked: 06/29/2003 I recently was told that I needed a chest scan because on my stomach CT scan they saw imflammed chest nodes..could this be breast related?..
 Asked: 06/27/2003 Hi, I think you are doing a wonderful thing for women with this web site.
 Asked: 06/27/2003 I have been taking SYNTHROID for Hashimoto''s Disease for about 2.5 months and have now developed a very sore spot in the lower portion of...
 Asked: 06/26/2003 With any type of breast cancer has their ever been back pain in the same area opposite the breast??
 Asked: 06/26/2003 I am 38 yrs old I had a hysterectomy at age 25 I am not taking any hormone replacement.
 Asked: 06/26/2003 I''m 29, and I have had bruising (no cause), redness and some increased heat on my left breast for approximately 5 months.
 Asked: 06/26/2003 At age 41(1983), patient had complete hysterectomy and was on HRT for ~11 years.
 Asked: 06/26/2003 I am 43 years old and found a lump in my left breast about 8 months ago.
 Asked: 06/25/2003 I am a 41 year old women with a small area of DCIS.
 Asked: 06/25/2003 I am 45 years old. My 1st Mammgragm was done in 2000 and a small cyst were found (0.6cm) I have been going through yearly CBE and Mammgragm since then and was told things are normal.
 Asked: 06/25/2003 I continue to have a bruise feeling under one of my breasts.
 Asked: 06/25/2003 I had a MRM on Dec 19, 2001.
 Asked: 06/25/2003 i have axillary breast tissue im my arm-pit and is considering removing it.For this type of procedure should i consult a breast surgeon or a...
 Asked: 06/25/2003 This question is actually for my friend.
 Asked: 06/25/2003 I am 35 with no history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 06/23/2003 I am only 19 years old and I noticed a small pea-like lump in my left breast when i was like 8 or 9 yrs...
 Asked: 06/22/2003 I am 52 and have recently lost 25 pounds and have now notices a very ropey, granular mass in my right breast outer quandrant that...
 Asked: 06/22/2003 My 40 year old best friend has chronic pain in one breast.
 Asked: 06/22/2003 There are many complications I need to explain leading to a concern about Paget''s Disease.
 Asked: 06/22/2003 What is fibroadema?
 Asked: 06/20/2003 I am 55, I had a a mammogram done, and was told to come back to have more images taken.
 Asked: 06/20/2003 I am 39 years old. In 2002, I was diagnosed with pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the left breast.
 Asked: 06/20/2003 I have microcalcifications, and also a lump in my left breast.
 Asked: 06/18/2003 I''m 22, just had a bilateral breast reduction, and pathology found a small focus of ductal hyperplasia without cellular atypia in my right breast.
 Asked: 06/18/2003 well i have recently started having pain in my breast and they are sore,red,and cracking.i am currently brestfeeding my 2 month old son and im...
 Asked: 06/18/2003 does puckering of the aerola always mean there is cancer.
 Asked: 06/18/2003 MY sister was told ( without a biopsy ), she had Benign NeoPlasm ( swollen lymph node in the arm pit ).
 Asked: 06/18/2003 With no abnormalities, swelling or pain, I awakened to find blood on my gown in the nipple area.
 Asked: 06/16/2003 Will gynecomastia lead to BRCA? Does a lump of a small peanut size on the chest wall indicate about it?
 Asked: 06/16/2003 What exactly are "blue domed cysts", where do they come from.
 Asked: 06/16/2003 I am 29 yrs old married women with no kids. I recently found a hair growing OUT OF one of my nipples...and am bit worried since...
 Asked: 06/16/2003 I have been having pain,under my armpit,and pain down my right.
 Asked: 06/13/2003 I am awaiting the results of a surgical biopsy for microcalcifications.
 Asked: 06/12/2003 What are the early symptoms of breat cancer?
 Asked: 06/11/2003 Hi, My sister-in-law had a masectomy 13 years ago ans has been in remission.
 Asked: 06/11/2003 My mother was diagnosed with focal intraductal papillomatosis and had bilater mastectomies.
 Asked: 06/11/2003 pathology report -infiltrating ducta carcinoma showing minimal tubule formation, severe nuclear atypia, and 5-10 mitotic figures per 10 high power fields (scarff-bloom richardson grade 3/3)...
 Asked: 06/09/2003 WHAT IS A POMENANT NIPPLE?

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