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Breast Biopsy
Questions about the definition, risks and results of breast biopsy.
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 Asked: 8/30/2015 I had a core needle biopsy that showed ADH (atypical cells) with a clip inserted, 3 weeks later I had surgical biopsy of the area...
 Asked: 8/29/2015 I''m 39 yrs old and had my first mammo (diagnostic) and sonogram.The radiologist found tiny calcification in both my breasts.
 Asked: 8/28/2015 I would like to know if a 3 d ultrasound in combination with a 2d mammogram will be able to detect microcalcifications just as well as a 3d mammogram.
 Asked: 8/28/2015 Mammography showed two masses in left breast and one thickened lymph node.
 Asked: 8/27/2015 I had a core needle biopsy on Monday and surgeon told me to get a mammogram on Thursday or Friday, prior to my follow up...
 Asked: 8/25/2015 I had a stereotatic biopsy on July 24th, My nipple and lower portion is very sore and my breast is swollen, the pain has even woken me up at night.
 Asked: 8/24/2015 My wife had a biopsy last week for micro calcifications.
 Asked: 8/23/2015 An incisional breast biopsy and cyst aspiration were performed on Aug.
 Asked: 8/23/2015 I had ultrasound guided needle biopsy just about a month ago.
 Asked: 8/21/2015 I am a 48 year old woman w/no family history of Breast Cancer.
 Asked: 8/20/2015 My wife had a core needle biopsy on right breast.
 Asked: 8/18/2015 What are the indications for doing a vacuum assisted biopsy vs standard 14G biopsy?
 Asked: 8/18/2015 Should I have removed a benign 7mm nodule with florid apocrine metaplasia in right breast? I was first told from mammo that it was a...
 Asked: 8/15/2015 I had a core breast biopsy done on my right breast done this past weds 8/14/15.
 Asked: 8/14/2015 My mom had a biopsy on June 28th, it''s August 13 now and doesn''t look like it''s healing at all, she re bandages it daily...
 Asked: 8/12/2015 Had a stereotactic Biopsy done on Monday morning on the right side.
 Asked: 8/12/2015 My radiologist told me I needed a biopsy because micro-calcifications had a change in orientation.
 Asked: 8/12/2015 I don''t even know where to age 38, mother to a 3,6 and 9 year old, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in left breast.
 Asked: 8/10/2015 I have a family history of breast and uterine cancer.
 Asked: 8/8/2015 It''s been two weeks since I had a core needle biopsy (a mammo showed a pattern of calcification).
 Asked: 8/8/2015 I had a breast biopsy done at the end of June.
 Asked: 8/7/2015 I was diagnose with DCIS. Size of DCIS cannot be assess, tumor spans 2cm on glass slide.
 Asked: 8/4/2015 I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma - bloom-scarf-Richardson score was tubules 3, nuclei 2, mitosis 1, total score 6/9.
 Asked: 8/3/2015 Had biopsy for hard lump 5 weeks ago, came back negative, possibly caused by car accident 4 years earlier, has fat adenois.
 Asked: 8/2/2015 I want to know if I should get my breast rechecked before surgery.
 Asked: 8/2/2015 What is Standard of care for diagnosis of Lobular carcinoma in situ in left breast.
 Asked: 8/2/2015 I had on Tuesday a U.S. Core needle biopsy with a mammogram after since they inserted a clip they removed 9 cores from the lesion , so many is that common.
 Asked: 8/2/2015 Hello I am 43 and was scheduled yesterday to have an ultrasound guided needle biopsy for a suspicious mass about 10x6x8 millimeters, 6 0''clock position...
 Asked: 7/31/2015 I had a core needle biopsy yesterday with ultra sound the preliminary result came back suspicious so I have to go back to see consultant...
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I''m having a needle biopsy. The ultra sounds showed cancer.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I had a breast biopsy yesterday for a mass with a few micro-calcifications.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I need to clarify my question from earlier, I know the clip should be in the tissue extracted.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I had a biopsy on my right breast that was benign in March.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I had a core needle biopsy that showed atypical ductal hyperplasia, and then last week, an excisional biopsy that showed atypical lobular hyperplasia.
 Asked: 7/28/2015 I had a diagnostic mama and the findings are birads 4 calcification are pleomorphism having a biopsy what does this mean?
 Asked: 7/28/2015 I had my first Mammogram on July 9th, the nurse called me back about a week later saying that my results were abnormal.
 Asked: 7/27/2015 Why would breast marker clips move? I had 2 clips placed in same breast after 2 different biopsies (1 clip after an ultrasound guided for...
 Asked: 7/27/2015 Breast Ultrasound: FINDINGS: The current study reveals a benign collection of microcycsts measuring 7x7x5 mm combined dimesion in the 1 o''clock position of the left...
 Asked: 7/27/2015 At 40 yo, I just had my first mammogram.
 Asked: 7/25/2015 I had a mammogram that showed something in the "tail" of my left breast under my arm.
 Asked: 7/24/2015 Hello, I hade a core biopsy and it indicated mixed begine and maglignateresulys in a MADD of 5 mm.
 Asked: 7/24/2015 I have a history of mammograms with tiny "calcifications" in both breasts.
 Asked: 7/19/2015 I went Monday for routine mammogram, Tuesday get call saying its abnormal & to come in for ultrasound next day, do that & then they...
 Asked: 7/18/2015 I do not have insurance.
 Asked: 7/17/2015 I have had yearly mammograms for several years.
 Asked: 7/17/2015 First mammography and US result: Ultrasound BI-RADS 4a low suspicion for malignancy - Suspicious of Malignancy - Incidental oval mass, right 7:00 axis, recommended...
 Asked: 7/13/2015 I had a needle biopsy, because I had a small amount of microcalification on my left breast.
 Asked: 7/10/2015 I was just diagnosed with a grade 2 invasive ductal 8 mm breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/8/2015 I had a cluster of microcalcifications show up on a mammogram.
 Asked: 7/7/2015 Results of my breast biopsy came back showing benign fiber cystic changes but the radiologists are not happy with the irregular margins they see on...
 Asked: 7/4/2015 I had a vacuum core biopsy done on 7/2 as they found an irregular mass with calcification and are concerned.
 Asked: 7/3/2015 My results are- Right BREASt mri-guided biopsy 8 o''clock are multiple pink votes and core fragments aggregating to 5 X 5 x0.3 cm Columnar cell...
 Asked: 7/1/2015 Had stereotactic biopsy done on 6/29 for microcalcifications and "mass".
 Asked: 7/1/2015 Had stereotactic biopsy done on 6/29 for microcalcifications and "mass".
 Asked: 7/1/2015 After rebiosy my report says: Immunohistochemistry done: ER:Positive (10% of tumour cells,moderate intensity,Allred score is 4) PgR:Negative,(Allred score is 0) Her-2:Positive,Score 3+ Proliferating index as measured by Ki-67 labelling is...
 Asked: 7/1/2015 I had my Biopsy done 6/26/2015 for microcalcifications found in Mamogram and ultrasound on 6/12/2015.
 Asked: 7/1/2015 If my core biopsy shows "no evidence of malignancy" what are the chances that during the excisional biopsy the results will show malignant?
 Asked: 6/30/2015 35 y/o needing re-excisional sx.
 Asked: 6/30/2015 I had a Core Needle Breast Biopsy on May 7, 2015 (all benign results).
 Asked: 6/29/2015 I have to have a ultrasound guided biopsy on my breast because of density.
 Asked: 6/28/2015 Had core biopsies for calcifications found in my left breast.
 Asked: 6/27/2015 Suspicious mammogram, calcification, 53 year old black female with dense breast.
 Asked: 6/23/2015 I had a needle biopsy attempted for calcifications and my breast tissue was so dense the needle could not get to the calcification, despite attempts...
 Asked: 6/22/2015 50 year old post menopausal woman with dense breasts.
 Asked: 6/20/2015 Had to have follow up mammogram due to now having microcalcifications not on previous mammos.
 Asked: 6/17/2015 i have had a microdohectomy (hadfields procedure)my whole nipple removed and some surrounding breast tissue, i had this done about 10yrs ago but i now...
 Asked: 6/15/2015 Hello, I had a breast biopsy done on June 3,2015 I wanted to know approximately how long does it take for the results to return?
 Asked: 6/15/2015 Had vaccuum biopsy Friday to remove 8mm spot that was round.
 Asked: 6/14/2015 I had my mammogram done yesterday. They found Microcalcifications scheduled for a biopsy in June.
 Asked: 6/12/2015 I had a core biopsy, using the vacuum needle, this past Tuesday.
 Asked: 6/11/2015 I went to the Radiology for a steroetactic biopsy today, but they couldn''t do it because the calcifications are too deep in my breast.
 Asked: 6/5/2015 MEANING OF THIS REPORT: PATHOLOGY FINDINGS High Risk Fragments of sclerosing intraductal papilloma with focal microcalcifications.
 Asked: 6/4/2015 Hello. I had a core needle biopsy guided by ultrasound, I had it done because I had a complex cystic mass in the inner upper quadrant of the right breast.
 Asked: 6/3/2015 I am 55 years old and have been told I have dense breasts.
 Asked: 6/1/2015 Will titanium marker clips from a stereotactic biopsy show on Breast MRI imaging?
 Asked: 6/1/2015 ever heard of biopsy with vaccum asst after marker inserted all done The tech told dr there was no sigh of the tissue exstracted.Dr...
 Asked: 5/31/2015 Hello. My sister who is 52 recently had her first 3D mammogram.
 Asked: 5/29/2015 I had a core breast biopsy in february, everything came back normal.
 Asked: 5/28/2015 Ultra sound revealed 6 masses ... 3 in each breast.
 Asked: 5/28/2015 I am 50 years old and have been having regular mammograms for 15 years.
 Asked: 5/28/2015 Is a Mammo Sentinel Node needle localization done so that during the biopsy they can remove the calcifications and sentinel node?
 Asked: 5/25/2015 Are titanium markers necessary and are they safe?
 Asked: 5/23/2015 I am a 60 year old woman with a maternal grandmother positive for breast CA and a mother who died from ovarian CA.
 Asked: 5/23/2015 I had a biopsy done in the surgeon''s office a week ago where he took three core/ultra sound samples of my lump.
 Asked: 5/21/2015 My mom had a core biopsy a couple weeks ago and the results were intraductal papiloma with sclerosis lesion.
 Asked: 5/20/2015 Radiology Pathology Discordance BiRads 4 hard mass, irregular shape, increased vascularity. Had a core needle biopsy, pathology results are Benign Breast Tissue with Dense Hyalinized Stromal Fibrosis. Scheduled...
 Asked: 5/20/2015 How big would a tumor in breast be in 1+1/2yrs?
 Asked: 5/20/2015 Hi - My Mother is 83 and she gets a mammogram every year.
 Asked: 5/20/2015 I had a breast biopsy on April 6 on a intraductal papiiloma which was benign.I have felt tenderness in that breast since the biopsy.
 Asked: 5/19/2015 Had my excisional biopsy yesterday. My question is this...Found calcifications on my mammogram.
 Asked: 5/19/2015 I did a biopsy a few days ago and got result like below: Cores of breast tissue shows fibrocystic change with fibrodematoid hyperplasia, usual ductal hyperplasia...
 Asked: 5/17/2015 Pathology results from stereotactic biopsy were DCIS, cribriform/solid, ER+, 5cm microcalcifications.
 Asked: 5/17/2015 Should I have second opinion on benign findings from MRI-guided biopsy? I recently had an MRI-guided biopsy on my left breast, mammotome collection method on 2...
 Asked: 5/17/2015 If ductal carcinoma in situ is within and adjacent to invasive ductal carcinoma along with atypical ductal hyperplasia, is it likely the type of DCIS...
 Asked: 5/17/2015 If 2 specimens are submitted at the same time (open excisional breast biopsy), should they each receive a separate diagnosis? Thank you.
 Asked: 5/15/2015 This is follow-on information for the question I just submitted.
 Asked: 5/15/2015 I''m 54 and just had a stereotactic biopsy during which they took 12 samples from a cluster of microcalcifications on my left breast.
 Asked: 5/14/2015 I have calcifications which have been watched for approx.
 Asked: 5/13/2015 Had lumpectomy 13 years ago. Latest sonogram which seemed more thorough than previously detects a mass 2 centimeters by 1 1/2 same right breast.
 Asked: 5/13/2015 Is it normal to still have mild pain(4-5 on scale of 10) after i had a ultrasound guided breast bi-op (suspicious area on dense tissue)...

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