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Questions about the definition, risks and results of breast biopsy.
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 Asked: 3/15/2008 Hi, thank you once again for answering our questions.
 Asked: 3/8/2008 Lillie, Thank you for this wonderful site and your work in breast cancer.
 Asked: 3/8/2008 I am 35 years old and recently had an ultrasound guided needle aspiration/biopsy.
 Asked: 2/19/2008 I wrote a few weeks ago but will recap: In November I mentioned to my dr.
 Asked: 2/17/2008 Hi Lillie, first, I would like to let you know how much you and your advise is appreciated.
 Asked: 2/18/2008 in august i noticed as i was showering an axillary node and a little tenderness of my breast...since i was at the time and the...
 Asked: 2/14/2008 My mammogram showed microcalcifications present in both breasts where there were none at all in 2002.
 Asked: 1/26/2008 I posted earlier today about having the cyst and ducts removed.
 Asked: 1/26/2008 In November 9MM mass was found in Left Breast.
 Asked: 1/19/2008 Dear Lillie, I just had an MRI guided CNB.
 Asked: 1/19/2008 Good afternoon, I had a couple of questions.
 Asked: 12/31/2007 I don''t know if you are allowed to give this type of information, but do you know Laurette Sauter, MD.
 Asked: 12/31/2007 I am 44 years old. Are there any risks in having a biopsy? I have smaller then average breasts and I am cocerned of possible complications regarding a biopsy.
 Asked: 12/31/2007 I had two excisional biopsies done, one last November and one this February.
 Asked: 12/10/2007 hello After 2cm tumor ILC that show on ultra sound on 07/07.
 Asked: 12/10/2007 Dear Lillie, had an abnormal mammo after 6 mo mammo in May.
 Asked: 12/7/2007 30 female with symptoms of sudden bruising(no trauma or other obvious cause) on outside left breast, followed with reddening, and pain with medium amount of...
 Asked: 12/7/2007 On a sonogram the radiologist observed a smoothly macrolobulated hypoechoic benign appearing solid mass.
 Asked: 12/2/2007 I have a titanium marker placed in the left breast after a breast biopsy that was benign.
 Asked: 12/1/2007 I recently had my annual routine mammogram on 11/26/07.
 Asked: 12/1/2007 I need to have a biopsy for a persistence of a focal area of archetectural distortion involving the right breast at 6 o''clock along with...
 Asked: 11/26/2007 Hi again - it''s the 42 year old with the looming core biopsy next week.
 Asked: 11/26/2007 I am a 50 y/o white female in great health, except I have just been diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma.
 Asked: 11/26/2007 I had a bilateral breast sono on 10/22/07.
 Asked: 11/18/2007 Hi - It is me again. The Ki-67 test was not performed.
 Asked: 11/18/2007 Does a Ki-67 test determine the growth rate of breast cancer? My cancer was stage IIIA, hormone negative, grade 3, HER2 positve, 7 positive lymph...
 Asked: 11/18/2007 How long can we delay having surgery to removal a mass? My mother has been advised to schedule an appointment with a surgeon for removal...
 Asked: 11/18/2007 I just received a copy of my Stereotactic Results for my Micorcalcificatios.
 Asked: 11/11/2007 2 weeks ago I had an excisional biopsies for a palpable lump and a non-palpable area that showed up on an MRI.
 Asked: 11/4/2007 IDC and ADH in right side, mastectomy in Jan and having exchange soon.
 Asked: 11/4/2007 I am 43 year old who in 1984, I had a benign fibrous tumor (ping pong ball sized) removed from my right breast.
 Asked: 10/31/2007 I am 45 years old and had my first mammogram.
 Asked: 10/17/2007 I recently underwent a screening mammogram, was called back for extra views and an ultrasound.
 Asked: 9/16/2007 I was diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer.
 Asked: 9/16/2007 My mother is 77 and recently had a mastectomy.
 Asked: 8/25/2007 Hi. I recently had a mastectomy for bilateral infiltrating ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 8/20/2007 My biopsy showed IDC, grade 2. The tumor is 2.9 cm on US.
 Asked: 6/23/2007 I am 36 had found a lump/mass upper left quadrant of left breast w/self exam.
 Asked: 6/23/2007 I had a breast biopsy done (fine needle aspiration)on three areas two of which were cyst but the third area came back from pathology can''t...
 Asked: 6/23/2007 I am 48 years old. I have a very strong family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/15/2007 I''ll be 42 years old in 2 days.
 Asked: 6/5/2007 I had an excisional biopsy 2 months ago and about a week after I noticed an enlarged lymph node under same arm as biopsy.
 Asked: 6/3/2007 I had a breast biopsy recently with the initial pathology report identifying "fatty tissue and a piece of artery" Needless to say I then had...
 Asked: 5/16/2007 I just had a core biopsy that came back "just negative breast tissue" without any indication of what this 9 mm mass was.
 Asked: 5/14/2007 My wife, 34 yrs has just been operated in breast for lump excission and has tested positive for Infiltrating duct carcinoma (SBR grade II/III).
 Asked: 5/14/2007 I have 2 small areas in my left breast, both 1 cm or less.
 Asked: 5/14/2007 Hi, my mom(58) was diagnosed with bc last week.
 Asked: 5/3/2007 Had core needle breast biopsy on April 26.
 Asked: 4/7/2007 I recently had a mammogram (3/26/07) that showed increased calcifications of my right anterior breast from my last mammogram (12/05).
 Asked: 4/7/2007 Finally got my sterotactic results, ductal ca insitu clinging and cribiform with focal central necrosis and calcifications.
 Asked: 4/2/2007 I have calcification in RB 8:00 on a mammography and am a large size woman.
 Asked: 4/1/2007 Here''s my mammogram report- At the 9 o''clock position of the right breast in zone 2, there is an oval 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.6 cm solid mass.
 Asked: 3/26/2007 I am 32. I recently had a wire biopsy for a palpable lump which came back: sclerosing adenosis and blunt duct adenosis.
 Asked: 3/26/2007 Lillie, of all the IDCs, how does pure tubular carcinoma 1 cm, grade 1, SNB negative fare amongst the other type of invasive cancer cells.
 Asked: 3/19/2007 One piece of additional information i neglected to add to my previous question posted this date regarding breast biopsy - I am 50 years old,...
 Asked: 3/19/2007 My question regards my path report & reads as follows: Invasive Ductal; not multifocal; tumor size 1.1 x 1.0 x 0.8 Richardson Grade II score...
 Asked: 3/19/2007 I had an excisional biopsy in Jan 2007.
 Asked: 3/19/2007 Hello, I was hoping to receive some kind of idea of what I might be in for.
 Asked: 3/17/2007 Hi. My Mother(age 63) had biopsy done 3-6-07.
 Asked: 3/17/2007 I recently had stereotactic biopsy on two different areas of my left breast with 4 samples taken of microcalcifications.
 Asked: 1/29/2007 Thankyou so much for you site. Why does a core bio not spread "possible cancer cells" or contaminate any other areas of the breast such as the surrounding blood vessles it would touch during the proceedure? Do you know a good website to read more about why this would be the case? I would think this would be well researched by the medical community.
 Asked: 1/29/2007 On Jan. 9 I had a open surgical biopsy and had a lump removed that was reported as fibroidadinoma.
 Asked: 1/28/2007 Why would a sterotatic biopsy of the breast be so painful whereby the breast turns all black and blue and another time the same procedure...
 Asked: 1/29/2007 My mammogram indicated microcalcifications. Had Sterotactic biopsy which indicated Lobular Neoplasia.
 Asked: 1/29/2007 New to this - had been very niegligent in not going for regular mammograms.
 Asked: 1/26/2007 Hi there, just starting my breast cancer education.
 Asked: 1/26/2007 Biopsy included all benign results:papilloma with partial sclerosis, fibrocystic change with focal florid epithelial hyperplasia without atypia,stromal fibrosis..
 Asked: 1/21/2007 Hi Lilie, thank you for your response for my question posted Jan 14.
 Asked: 1/22/2007 Hi again. I asked Question #1 on 1/15/07.
 Asked: 1/21/2007 Greetings—Thank you for this website! I am 48, peri-menopausal, small-breasted, 2 children, BC 2nd tier—aunt @ 80, aunt @50.
 Asked: 1/21/2007 Dear Lillie, in a previous reply to a question re tubular carcinoma, you say that the prognosis is promising.
 Asked: 1/15/2007 I have a history of breast cysts and very dense breasts.
 Asked: 1/15/2007 About a month ago, I had a baseline mammogram at the suggestion of my gyn, who said that this was recommended for women between 35 and 40.
 Asked: 1/15/2007 I am a 45 year old mother of five.
 Asked: 1/14/2007 recently had a stereotactic biopsy on my right breast.
 Asked: 1/14/2007 My mom is 70 years old. Both mammagram and sonograph catches a mass sized 2*2.5 cm mass.
 Asked: 1/14/2007 Would you get a biopsy with a 10 ml nodule that was found on your first mamogram and ultrasound you everhad at age 38?
 Asked: 1/14/2007 If you are getting a needle biopsy on a 6mm solid mass, wouldn''t it be better just to remove and then biopsy it.
 Asked: 1/9/2007 I had a excisional bx a month ago it showed clean margins except for the lateral margin shows 2mm of dcis,it also goes on to...
 Asked: 1/9/2007 I recently had a open excisional biopsy performed and the results came back as: "Breast Tissue Showing Focal Lobular Neoplasia (LN Grade 2 of 3)...
 Asked: 1/8/2007 What does micrometastatic mean? DX: Stage IIa DCIS/IDC with SN stated as "carcinoma present, micrometastiatic 2mm focus without extracapsular extention
 Asked: 1/8/2007 Hello, I have been diagosed with ductal carcinoma in situ,High Grade,Solid with central comedo necrosis focal microcalcifications.This is in my left breast @ three oclock.On...
 Asked: 1/4/2007 i received my path report on 12/27/06 it reads as follows: benign partially fibrous tissue with cysts, apocrine metaplasia, columnar cell hyperplasia without atypia and...
 Asked: 12/20/2006 I had a core niddle biopsy five months ago and some times I feel pain on my breast where samples were taken.
 Asked: 12/18/2006 Hi Lillie, I have posted before and thank you for your great work here.
 Asked: 12/15/2006 I am 44 with a family Hx of Breast Cancer (mother diagnosed at 79, maternal grandmother at age 43 and then again at 74 from which she died).
 Asked: 12/15/2006 I had a breast biopsy scheduled for next tuesday, i have had breast cancer in my right breast is it possible to get it in...
 Asked: 12/15/2006 Hello all, Well yesterday I went for my core needle Ultrasound guided breast biopsy.
 Asked: 12/15/2006 I had a red spot the size of a dime on the skin of my breast and was concerned.
 Asked: 12/13/2006 Hello,I recently had a surgical bx after a stereo showed dcis final report reads final dx dcis intermidate grade solid comedo necrosis cribriform patterns w...
 Asked: 12/13/2006 Hi I am scheduled for a breast biopsy.
 Asked: 12/13/2006 i recently had to have a biopsy due to microcalfication and a lesion.The final diagnosis is benign fibroadipose breast tissue and benign microcalcification
 Asked: 12/13/2006 I recently asked if there was any reason for a wire to be left in the breast after a biopsy.
 Asked: 12/13/2006 I am 45 yrs old. My mother had breast cancer premenopausal.I was diagnosed with DCIS 4 yrs ago.
 Asked: 12/12/2006 There are a number of different methods of doing a breast biopsy.
 Asked: 11/29/2006 A nurse who responds to questions at the Cleveland Clinic''s MedHelp forum tells posters that if they have a Birad 4 mammogram for microcalcifications, the...
 Asked: 11/28/2006 I had my first mammogram because I''m 40 and I promised my mother-in-law that I would do it (she''s had breast cancer).
 Asked: 11/28/2006 I am a 50 yr old grandmother and recently had a biopsy of right breast for suspicious microcalcifications.
 Asked: 11/28/2006 I am 49 yr. old.

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