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Breast Biopsy
Questions about the definition, risks and results of breast biopsy.
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 Asked: 6/21/2012 This is similar to a question asked 1/12/12. How is it known (or how was it proven) that breast biopsies.......and breast tumor not allow cancer...
 Asked: 6/19/2012 Hi!, Can you please help me get an idea on how this will be managed further.
 Asked: 6/19/2012 6/13/2012 I recently turned 40 years old. I had my 1st mammogram on June 2, 2012.
 Asked: 6/19/2012 I had a mammogram and was called back for a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound.
 Asked: 6/19/2012 I have an appt with a breast surgeon next week but in the meantime could you shed any light on this report? Final Diagnosis: Right...
 Asked: 6/19/2012 My mom is 78 years old African American woman and recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/17/2012 I found a lump in my right breast three weeks ago.
 Asked: 6/15/2012 I am due for a breast aspiration with the needle in a few weeks.
 Asked: 6/12/2012 My mammo came back showing a difference from previous year mammo.
 Asked: 6/11/2012 ER=100% PR=70% HER2:0.4 Ki-67=22% P53=2% Could you please explain what each is and the implications of each? ERStaining intensity:strong
 Asked: 6/11/2012 I have recently had a mammogram and ultrasound for pain in my right breast and nipple.
 Asked: 6/9/2012 I am scheduled for a stereotactic biopsy for Bi-rad 4 fine pleomorphic microcalcifications in the far posterior left breast- basically, in my arm pit.
 Asked: 6/4/2012 I went to the doctor the other day, for the lump on my breast they did an ultrasound and said there is echogenic tissue in...
 Asked: 5/25/2012 Core needle biopsy with a clip. Showed ADH and a papilloma only 6mm Breast surgeon says she removed area around clip and saw no papilloma.
 Asked: 5/25/2012 I have recently done ultrasound, mammogram and MRI testing.
 Asked: 5/24/2012 Is it possible to do a MRI guided biopsy without putting a metal clip in?
 Asked: 5/23/2012 I have taken a mamography test (both breats) The report says: Small rounded opacities are seen in upper inner quadrant of right breast and lower...
 Asked: 5/21/2012 I am 31 with no family history or identifiable risk factors for breast cancer.
 Asked: 5/18/2012 I had a mammogram. They called me and asked me to return for more images and an ultrasound.
 Asked: 5/17/2012 I just been advised that I should have a Stereotactic Biopsy done on my left breast for a suspisious mass in the central part of my of breast.
 Asked: 5/17/2012 I had a core breast biopsy on May 8, 2012 and still do not have the Pathology report.
 Asked: 5/16/2012 Hi! I had a stereotactic biopsy 12 days ago and am still feeling a burning sensation in my breast near the site.
 Asked: 5/16/2012 I posted a question yesterday and received a response.
 Asked: 5/15/2012 had a breast biopsy done and the results were pigment laden macrophages and foriegn body giant cell reaction.
 Asked: 5/12/2012 i just had a needle core biopsy yesterday .
 Asked: 5/9/2012 is nipple discharge supposed to have foam cells, reactive ductal cells with red blood cells?
 Asked: 5/8/2012 If the radiologist and the breast surgeon both do not believe the mass is cancer, should I be relatively reassured it is? The radiology technician...
 Asked: 5/2/2012 Follow up to my question from 5-1-12.
 Asked: 5/2/2012 the radiology report reads: 9mm complex cystic. What does this mean? What would the next steps be? .
 Asked: 5/1/2012 My wife was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
 Asked: 5/1/2012 I had a negative mammogram, but on the screening ultrasound a TDLU was found.
 Asked: 4/30/2012 I had a core biopsy in my right breast, after having three mammograms, and two sonagram, a cat scan and a letter sent certified telling...
 Asked: 4/27/2012 So it is always standard care to do a 6 month follow mammogram and Ultasound after a core needle biopsy or a needle aspiration is...
 Asked: 4/26/2012 I had a vacuum assisted core needle biopsy due to a 5-6 cm mass with a posterior wall location.
 Asked: 4/26/2012 Csn apocrine metaplasia be hiding a cancer is that why there is a six month follow up.
 Asked: 4/26/2012 I as this question yesterday when the reply came through nothing was there.
 Asked: 4/24/2012 Hi I am 37 yo and had 6 core biopsies recently.
 Asked: 4/23/2012 I am confused? My Pathology report mentions the DCIS being located less than 0.1 CM from the ANTEROSUPERIOR Margin ..What is that location? ...
 Asked: 4/16/2012 Hi, I am 36, I did a biopsy 2 weeks ago => invasive breast carcinoma grade II with spots of high malignancy in microcalcifications, tumor...
 Asked: 4/16/2012 40 1 y/o with annual mammos since 35, with no findings.
 Asked: 4/15/2012 I recently had an us biopsy, and I''m scheduled for a double excisional biopsy this week.
 Asked: 4/14/2012 Lillie, I stumbled upon this sight by accident.
 Asked: 4/13/2012 Hi! I''m 42 years old. Clinical statement: 5 mm intraductal nodule in the right outer breast.
 Asked: 4/13/2012 I am 66 years old and have dealt with issue concerning my breasts my entire adult life.
 Asked: 4/12/2012 I have a palpable mass in my left breast which was discovered last week.
 Asked: 4/12/2012 I am hx of breast issues.
 Asked: 4/10/2012 How long would it take to get an appointment at John Hopkins with a breast surgeon oncologist for a biopsy? Any chance just a couple...
 Asked: 4/9/2012 What kind of scar can I expect from a surgical biopsy of a 5 mm retroaerolar superficial ledion and will I need anesthesia.
 Asked: 4/9/2012 What are additional alternatives to Lidocaine as a numbing agent during a Stereotactic Biopsy if the Lidocaine is not effective for the pain? Also,...
 Asked: 4/8/2012 I had an excisional biopsy on Wed and was put under general anesthesia.
 Asked: 4/6/2012 Hi My wife is 37 years old. She had 3 children before the age of 32, breast fed them all for a year each.
 Asked: 4/2/2012 Recommended biopsy for 9mm "small grouping" of microcalcs in Sept.
 Asked: 3/28/2012 Are breast biopsies that indicate a benign finding always 100 percent accurate and conclusive? I am wondering, since the core needle biopsies remove...
 Asked: 3/27/2012 I am 40 yrs old and had my first baseline (digital) mammogram recently.
 Asked: 3/23/2012 I''m confused about fibroadenomas.
 Asked: 3/22/2012 I had a wire excisional breast biopsy/breast nodule--specimen mesures 8.0x4.8x1.5cm the specimen is serially sliced and reveals more dense fibrotic tissue within area of concern...
 Asked: 3/16/2012 I have been recommended to have a stereotactic biopsy but I would like an opinion about this biopsy versus the ultrasound guided..
 Asked: 3/14/2012 What health care workers are able to inject lidocaine during a stero/us biopsy? (with a doctor present).
 Asked: 3/12/2012 Hi I had a core biopsy done in January.
 Asked: 3/11/2012 can I have someone with me during a breast biopsy?
 Asked: 3/10/2012 An ultrasound guided biopsy yielded stromal fibrosis no atypical cells or malignancy could this show as an enhancement on breast MRI.
 Asked: 3/10/2012 Good afternoon, my daughter is 26 years old and just had an ultrasound done and they found a tumor on her breast that is about...
 Asked: 3/2/2012 I got my biopsy back and it stated ductal carcinoma insitu-high grade with necrosis and microcalcification.
 Asked: 2/25/2012 Needle aspiration of 2 smooth-edged oval cysts.
 Asked: 2/24/2012 I just had a breast biopsy and the results found stromal sclerosis with calcifications.
 Asked: 2/21/2012 I am a 39 year old woman who recently had 2 breast biopsies done.
 Asked: 2/17/2012 I am 67 years old and my biopsy came back as invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 2/15/2012 I am 46, Hispanic. I got my pathology report today.
 Asked: 2/8/2012 I just had a breast biopsy done yesterday.
 Asked: 2/5/2012 How do I locate a Comprehensive breast Center? Will I need insurance authorization for an appointment? .
 Asked: 2/4/2012 I have a palpable lump in my right right breast.
 Asked: 2/4/2012 I am 56 had a Mastectomy, after biopsy found 3 multi-focal points.
 Asked: 2/4/2012 Hi Lilly, I am 46 and have a long history of calcifications and biopsies~ so far all benign.
 Asked: 2/3/2012 I am scheduled for an excisional breast biopsy for a cluster of microcalcifications.
 Asked: 2/2/2012 My OBGYN wants to know what the gail mammo/scoring is.
 Asked: 2/1/2012 Biopsy results came back as fibroepithelial lesion with sclerosing adenosis.
 Asked: 2/1/2012 what does "one suspicious focus" of LVI mean? Is that positive, negative, or neither?
 Asked: 1/30/2012 My wife was diagnosed with a sclerosing lesion of the breast.
 Asked: 1/27/2012 When I first had a biopsy done after my mammography I was told it was er pos, 70percent .
 Asked: 1/26/2012 When you have one tumor and it is triple negative does that mean if you get a recurrence in your breast the new tumor will...
 Asked: 1/24/2012 i am 58 years old, i hav been diagnosed with breast cancer pT2N0M0 i.e.stage 2A, 27 mm tumor which is ER , PR positive and HER...
 Asked: 1/24/2012 I am a 49 year old woman.
 Asked: 1/18/2012 Hi Lillie - Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all these questions! Last week I had a biopsy by a reputable...
 Asked: 1/11/2012 Two weeks ago, I had a stereotactic biopsy done for calcifications in my left breast.
 Asked: 1/11/2012 I am scheduled to have 2 biopsies, one an ultrasound guided, the other a stereostatic.
 Asked: 1/9/2012 I have what was described as a vertically oriented breast lump.
 Asked: 1/3/2012 i am a 40 year old woman who was diagnosed with mulifocal beast cancerin the left breast.
 Asked: 1/2/2012 Careful effort is required to do needle biopsies and obtain clear margins (surgery) for a BC tumor.
 Asked: 12/31/2011 I am scheduled for a vacuum assited stereotactic breast bioposy on both breasts due to microcalcifications on my mammogram.
 Asked: 12/31/2011 A year ago, I had surgery to remove several breast tumors.
 Asked: 12/29/2011 I had a needle bipsy on july that came back negetive for cancer a couple of months ago I found a new lump that...
 Asked: 12/29/2011 Hello again. This is my second time to post a question on this site.
 Asked: 12/25/2011 In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage I,1.5cm IDC with negative node involvement. Had lumpectomy followed by radiation and AI''s My breast is now slightly inlarged, pink...
 Asked: 12/21/2011 I just been diagnosed with Invasive well moderately differenciated Ductal Carcinoma, I have appointment with my surgeon next week, I really want to know what...
 Asked: 12/20/2011 I just had a breast core biopsy.
 Asked: 12/20/2011 I had a mammogram today and was told I have a 1cm very suspicious place on my left breast that needed a biopsy.
 Asked: 12/17/2011 I had my first mammogram and had an ultrasound due to small lump found.
 Asked: 12/16/2011 I was recently diagnosed with invasive DCIS.
 Asked: 12/14/2011 My mom just had a biopsy done, and the dr called with results today.
 Asked: 12/5/2011 Approximately one week after having my left nipple aggressively twisted, I noticed a lump directly under the nipple-areolar complex.

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