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Breast Biopsy
Questions about the definition, risks and results of breast biopsy.
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 Asked: 1/5/2017 I had a surgical biopsy with wire localization last week, my doctor told me that she excised about 70% of microcalcifications which is enough for...
 Asked: 1/2/2017 My wife had a Stereotactic guided core biopsy on left breast which came back as there is an indeterminate 8 mm cluster of microcalcifications noted along...
 Asked: 1/1/2017 I had a biopsy done on Wednesday afternoon.
 Asked: 12/31/2016 Thank you again for your service! You''ve helped me understand more of what is going on with makes me more comfortable with it all.
 Asked: 12/30/2016 I had a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound on 12/19/16.
 Asked: 12/30/2016 My 2 mammograms radiologist saw linear microcalcifications said do biopsy is it important to do the biopsy.
 Asked: 12/30/2016 my wife''s Biopsy report says Relatively cellular smear shows many clusters of a ductal breast adenocarcinoma. what does this mean.
 Asked: 12/29/2016 I recently had a biopsy for a 1.0 x 0.6 x 1.3 cm septated complex cystic mass with a thickened wall and a questionable internal 4 mm solid component.
 Asked: 12/29/2016 A few weeks ago, I had a mammogram that showed a suspicious area, and was called in for a repeat mammogram that was more extensive than the first.
 Asked: 12/28/2016 My mammogram result showed: BI-RADS 4, Suspicious loosely grouped amorphous microcalcifications in the anteromedial aspect of the left breast.
 Asked: 12/25/2016 When doing an excisional biopsy with wire localization and dye, does the dye ever travel to lymph nodes? If yes, can you elalborate? Thank you...
 Asked: 12/24/2016 If a tissue sample is sent to two different pathologists, is it possible that the second team would not get enough and therefore the results...
 Asked: 12/22/2016 I am scheduled to have a stereotactic breast biopsy done next week.
 Asked: 12/22/2016 P two biopsies from 2 different radiologists for two areas on my right breast for calcifications.
 Asked: 12/21/2016 My wife was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer 20 years ago.
 Asked: 12/21/2016 I had a stereotactic biopsy today. The radiologist kept having to take more samples because the x-Rays of the samples did not show the calcifications.
 Asked: 12/20/2016 I had a breast biopsy for calcifications and it was negative.
 Asked: 12/19/2016 I found lump in June 2016, had ultrasound and biopsy.
 Asked: 12/19/2016 I had a breast excisional biopsy with benign pathology over 5 years ago and for the last year have had pain in the area of...
 Asked: 12/15/2016 I just had a breast biopsy, they did the FNA but also switched to the Core, the Radiologist and the ultrasound nurse both said the...
 Asked: 12/15/2016 Going in for a biopsy for two 3 millimeters of calciations in left breast , very worried! If they are cluster more of a risk for cancer?
 Asked: 12/15/2016 For a Birad 4 needed guided biopsy in 3 places order is this imminent bad news?
 Asked: 12/14/2016 I was told I needed a stereotactic CORE needle biospy for microcalcifications in my breast.
 Asked: 12/14/2016 Last week it was suggested I get a biopsy for an area of calcification.
 Asked: 12/14/2016 My breast biopsy came back as indeterminate and they want me to get a lump removed now.
 Asked: 12/13/2016 My microcalcifications are near the chest wall ...
 Asked: 12/12/2016 I was scheduled for a stereotactic breast biopsy this morning… after I was on the table and the mammography was completed, my surgeon told...
 Asked: 12/12/2016 I was recently diagnosed with Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia, which I know increases my chances of getting breast cancer (or it could even already be there,...
 Asked: 12/11/2016 How large will the surgical specimen be for excision of 2mm malignant calcification performed after fna of the calcification?
 Asked: 12/11/2016 When I had my breast biopsy, the pathologist said I was HER2 3+ and ER PR Negative.
 Asked: 12/11/2016 Can stereotactic biopsy of microcalcifications reveal invasive ductal carcinoma or is it always in situ? If microcalcifications are round and amorphous in their cluster...
 Asked: 12/8/2016 I had a breast biopsy done about 20 years ago (benign tumor) and the site of the biopsy has become painful the past couple of...
 Asked: 12/8/2016 This highly cellular specimen comprises cohesive sheets of bimodal ductal epithelial cells, apocrine metaplastic cells, macrophages, scant stromal tissue and blood
 Asked: 12/7/2016 I had an ultrasound for a palpable breast lump, likely a cyst because I''ve had them in the past..
 Asked: 12/7/2016 I had a biopsy of my breast.
 Asked: 12/7/2016 I had a stereotactic needle core biopsy, said diagnosis was benign breast tissue with fibrocystic changes, calcifications are present.
 Asked: 12/4/2016 Hi! Thanks so much for offering this service.
 Asked: 12/3/2016 My sister had a large mass removed from her breast.
 Asked: 12/3/2016 Hello, The radiologist has informed me I have very dense breasts.
 Asked: 12/2/2016 could you please ecplain to me what the category 7 means? Thanks IMPRESSION: Stereotactic biopsy...
 Asked: 11/30/2016 in 2009 i had HER2+ breast cancer that was no detectable on a mammogram in march 2009 and was 2 cm in size in august.
 Asked: 11/29/2016 I had core needle breast biopsy done at breast center, it was a cyst.
 Asked: 11/28/2016 I had a breast core biopsy on November 16th and other than a slight rash from the sterile stripe everything seemed to be fine.
 Asked: 11/25/2016 Had an ultrasound guided core needle biopsy with clip marker on a Monday.
 Asked: 11/25/2016 Last December on my annual mammo/us, I was told a suspicious area had been identified which was highly likely to be lobular cancer.
 Asked: 11/23/2016 I am 69 yeas old - had a routine mammogram on Monday 11/21, called back for a diagnostic mammogram on Tuesday 11/22.
 Asked: 11/22/2016 I had a complex cyst - found on MRI, confirmed on focused U/S (BiRads 4) and 8 core biopsies.
 Asked: 11/21/2016 I had a sterotactic biopsy done thursday.
 Asked: 11/20/2016 I''m 48, do annual mammograms and u/s due to fibrocystic breasts (last one was in 7/2016).
 Asked: 11/19/2016 You had previously answered my question so kindly, so thank you! I had a follow up to my previous question.
 Asked: 11/18/2016 I''ve been told that I need both an ultra sound biopsy and a stereotactic biopsy on the same breast.
 Asked: 11/15/2016 I have been cancer free for 3 years.
 Asked: 11/15/2016 I had a breast biopsy and the results were micro cysts and flecks.
 Asked: 11/12/2016 Hi I had a wide excisional biopsy right breast for linear microcalcs and discharge and the pathology report diagnosis says: dcis low to intermediate grade dcis...
 Asked: 11/11/2016 I was told I have calcification in the left breast in the upper left outer quadrant.
 Asked: 11/11/2016 Can you tell me how bad my biopsy report? Well differentiated invasive duct ,t 1/3, n-2/3, m1/3, 0.4 cm length Thank you, MK.
 Asked: 11/9/2016 Thank you for your response. I am 45 and had the stereotactic biopsy of 11 microcalcifications today which were "heterogeneous".
 Asked: 11/6/2016 Hi! I have had two mammograms done and both showed a cluster of 11 microcalcifications BRADS 4.
 Asked: 11/6/2016 The ultrasound of my right breast revealed fatty and fibroglandular tissue.
 Asked: 11/2/2016 I had a biopsy done on my left breast 2 years came back benign.
 Asked: 11/1/2016 I had a stereotactic breast biopsy at JHH a few years ago and it was negative for cancer.
 Asked: 11/1/2016 FINDINGS: The pathology results of the stereotactic core needle biopsy of grouped coarse heterogeneous calcifications in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast anteriorly revealed that...
 Asked: 11/1/2016 LIllie. Thanks so much in advance.
 Asked: 11/1/2016 Had a needle biopsy for a five mm mass.
 Asked: 10/31/2016 I am 39 years old and had my first mammogram three weeks ago.
 Asked: 10/28/2016 Hi...Had a core biopsy done (7 samples taken) this week that came back "benign".
 Asked: 10/28/2016 I had a biopsy 4 years ago on a solid mass in the upper right quadrant of my right breast.
 Asked: 10/28/2016 Went to have biopsy and when I arrived was told a new doctor would be doing it,I assumed he was board certified diagnostic radiologist,I had...
 Asked: 10/27/2016 I had a breast biopsy this morning and they put a marker in.
 Asked: 10/25/2016 Hello, I had a suspicious U/S 5mm hypoechoic, vertically oriented, irregular nodule (BIRAD 4A), then had a Fine Needle which showed cellular atypia - scattered...
 Asked: 10/22/2016 Lillie, Thank you. You are giving me peace in this process.
 Asked: 10/21/2016 Hi. Thank you so much for answering my questions.
 Asked: 10/21/2016 Please help me. I had a fine needle aspiration biopsy done last week and received the results today.
 Asked: 10/18/2016 Hi you have been very helpful and reassuring both in response to my direct questions and I have read through many other responses you have...
 Asked: 10/18/2016 Had a suspicious thickening blind biopsied via FNA Last week that didn''t show up on imaging - ultrasound or mammogram.
 Asked: 10/18/2016 what is the rationale for a 6 month follow up mammogram after a benign breast biopsy?
 Asked: 10/17/2016 I had US guided biopsy. After the procedure I had a mammogram to check the placement of clip.
 Asked: 10/17/2016 I was just Diagnosed with Pappilloma A-typical from a Biopsy.
 Asked: 10/16/2016 Clip placed during US biopsy did not match mammogram.
 Asked: 10/16/2016 I had a biopsy and they say that I have 10mm calcification in my breast, the Dr call,s it DCIS should I have it removed thru surgery, ? .
 Asked: 10/16/2016 If they put a clip in during a core biopsy does that mean they are pretty sure I will need surgery? They said my BIRAD4 was ''iffy''..
 Asked: 10/15/2016 Is it possible a needle biopsy under the left nipple in 10/2015 create microcalcification close to this same sight as found on 10/206 mammo?
 Asked: 10/14/2016 Hello Following up on the testing question from 9/29.
 Asked: 10/14/2016 I had a needle biopsy including 5 sample punches, inconclusive.
 Asked: 10/13/2016 Is 2mm growth of a cyst inside my right breast significant enough to warrant a biopsy and clip put in? My breasts are very large and dense.
 Asked: 10/12/2016 I had a benign biopsy of my left breast 10 years ago with continuing burning pain which got better enough after removal of the titanium...
 Asked: 10/11/2016 What does a Birad score of 4 mean? Was diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 I have calcification on my right breast and it grew 1mm in 6 months.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 just had FNA byopsi. results- amorphous debris and foamy histlocytes for one breast apocrine cell cluster and amorphous debris foamy and erythrophagocitic histlocytae should I be concerned?
 Asked: 10/6/2016 Last year this time I had gone in for a surgical excision of a papilloma and it was benign.
 Asked: 10/5/2016 a bulging lump was on my breast, a scan showed it wasnt benign or malignant, i did and excisional biopsy, which stated: Macro: received two...
 Asked: 10/3/2016 Results of my biopsy is as follows: H and E stained sections demonstrate cores of benign fibrofatty breast parenchyma containing pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia, papillary apocrine metaplasia,...
 Asked: 10/3/2016 A year ago I had a stereotactic biopsy followed by an excisional biopsy for flat epithelial atypia.
 Asked: 10/3/2016 what are the best ways to get rid of cancer cells?
 Asked: 10/3/2016 Had a lumpectomy 3 years ago due to atypical hyperplasia.
 Asked: 10/2/2016 Can snake grass rid of all cancer cells?
 Asked: 10/2/2016 thank you for just answering my question about biopsy done on 9/22 and no phone call from my doctor yet, I called just now and...
 Asked: 10/1/2016 I had a breast biopsy on Thursday 9/22 "ultrasound breast biopsy core of the right breast" this was determined as a recomendation from the results...
 Asked: 10/1/2016 What is Grade 2 to 3 micropapillary carcinoma confirmed.
 Asked: 10/1/2016 On the magnification views there are indeterminate grouped calcifications in the right upper outer breast.

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