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Diagnostic mammogram's and other breast imaging questions.
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 Asked: 10/22/2014 I am 40 years old and went for my first mammogram on 10/15/14.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 I went for my annual mammogram, was told I had an Intramammary Gland Nodule that has enlarged.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 I was diagnosed with Stage I TNBC March 2013.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 What is scattered fibro glandular, how dangerous .
 Asked: 10/22/2014 Mammogram screening report: Left Breast "There is a small questionable developing nodular density deep to the nipple in the left breast measuring about 6.7...
 Asked: 10/22/2014 Hello All - I recently had a mammo, which lead to further imaging.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 Had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound for right breast - findings are: 1.9 cm irregular density in the right breast at 3 o''clock in the...
 Asked: 10/22/2014 I am 44 and just received a call that I need to schedule a call back mammogram and possible sonogram due to asymmetry in both...
 Asked: 10/22/2014 I had my 6 month follow up tomosynthesis and ultrasound.
 Asked: 10/20/2014 Was does bilat mean.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 I am a 36 yo G2P1 (SAB 1) white female with no personal or family h/o breast cancer and am not currently having any issues.
 Asked: 10/21/2014 I had a routine mamogram screening and it showed focal asmmetry present in the suboreolar region anteriorly and have been scheduled for a ultrasound is...
 Asked: 10/20/2014 My mamm results say: abnormal, 3 benign findings.
 Asked: 10/19/2014 I recently had an abnormal mammogram with impression: new oval density in the right breast central to the nipple in the retroardiolar region".
 Asked: 10/19/2014 55 yrs old. First abnormal mammo in right breast.
 Asked: 10/19/2014 I had a routine screening mammogram first time.
 Asked: 10/19/2014 My last mammogram last week shows 2cm focal asymmetry left breast 12 o''clock anterior appears intermediate, 5mm focal asymmetry left breast depth inferior and seen...
 Asked: 10/16/2014 My mother recently had a breast biopsy and we have been told that she has an early, low grade cancer which is less than 1 cm in size.
 Asked: 10/16/2014 test Result of Mamogram,Ultrasound adviced. Why? Birads-0, Tabar Pattern -3 few poorly circumsrcibed nodular opacities are seen at bilatatal mid-quadrants? overlapping glands or lesions.
 Asked: 10/16/2014 I''ve had implant rupture, explanation and reduction surgery.
 Asked: 10/16/2014 What does "Left superior breast 6cm from the nipple is asymmetry 1.7cm." R breast is fine.
 Asked: 10/16/2014 I was dx with DCIS Stage 0 very small area invasive- Lumpectomy with Sentinel Node removal in July.
 Asked: 10/16/2014 I am a 3 year BC survivor, stage 1, grade 1.I am getting checked annually with a 3D tomosynthesis mammogram.
 Asked: 10/15/2014 This was my initial results from my 1st mammogram, waiting to hear back from them on my next appointment.
 Asked: 10/14/2014 i have had a ct scan which showed a mass of 7x7mm, a mammogram and now the second ultrasound, should i be concerned?
 Asked: 10/13/2014 what is involuted breast parenchymal pattern?
 Asked: 10/12/2014 I had both Breast MRI and ultrasound.
 Asked: 10/12/2014 What does the discordant biopsy area mean?
 Asked: 10/12/2014 I was diagnosed with DCIS in January - lumpectomy in March and 6 weeks of raadiation followed.
 Asked: 10/12/2014 I am 48 years with no children.
 Asked: 10/12/2014 got a callback stating need an ultrasound and additional angles due to right breast asymmetrical breast density. is this routine since I have dense tissue?
 Asked: 10/12/2014 Can you please ease my mind? My mammogram read "On the craniocaudal of the R breast a 4mm equal density oval asymmetry projects in the...
 Asked: 10/12/2014 first mammo age 41 -baseline. have had noted pain that starts under left arm and travels into the breast area.
 Asked: 10/11/2014 CT Scan showed two 4mm in lateral left breast.
 Asked: 10/11/2014 Would you recommend a needle biopsy if ultrasound results showed solid 13 mm x 4 x 11 mm oval, circumscribed hypoechoic nodule? I am 48,...
 Asked: 10/11/2014 I am almost a 12 yr. survivor.
 Asked: 10/11/2014 I am 41. Had my first baseline mammogram (3D).
 Asked: 10/11/2014 I submitted a question on 8/25/2014 and read your response.
 Asked: 10/10/2014 I went for a six month mammogram because I had a mass that they said was probably benign but should have a follow-up.
 Asked: 10/10/2014 What does palable abnormality unexplained by breast imaging mean? .
 Asked: 10/10/2014 What % of first time mammograms get "call backs" for further tests???
 Asked: 10/10/2014 What % of people experiencing this is cancer?????
 Asked: 10/9/2014 my mammogram came out as abnormal. My breasts are extremely dense, they found innumeral bilateral diffusely scattered obscure round and oval masses of varying sizes.
 Asked: 10/9/2014 can you help me understand this, "There are scattered fibroglandular densities.
 Asked: 10/9/2014 Right breast. The right breast is heterogeneously dense (51%-75%) This may lower the sensitivity of mammography.
 Asked: 10/9/2014 I had a mammogram done and was called back for additional views an ultrasound for the right breast.
 Asked: 10/9/2014 what is: A mass is present measuring 12 millimeters long at 6 o''clock at a middle depth?
 Asked: 10/9/2014 There was a circumscribed mass in the lower inner right breast found during my mammogram, what does that mean?
 Asked: 10/8/2014 I am a 65 year old female.
 Asked: 10/8/2014 I am 76 y old female, overweight ,have mammograms every year.
 Asked: 10/8/2014 I have been called back for compression views and possible u/s for a 7x8 mm nodule in the left breast.
 Asked: 10/8/2014 My mammogram shows a 4.1 cm asymmetry in the lower-outer aspect (posterior depth) of the right breast bi-rads category 0 - incomplete .
 Asked: 10/6/2014 Results from my additional tests following a routine mammogram callback. Spot Compression on left breast: Negative.
 Asked: 10/5/2014 I had my first mammogram last week and have a second one scheduled for next Friday.
 Asked: 10/4/2014 I reoutinely have mammograms and with the most recent one I have been called back for another compression and U/S as I have A 1.4...
 Asked: 10/3/2014 What does 0.6 cm focal asymmetry in the right breast indicate? Additional views were advised and a possible ultrasound.
 Asked: 10/3/2014 Please explain 4mm oval mass with internal microcalcifications.
 Asked: 10/3/2014 what is fibroglandular and what causes fibroglandular.
 Asked: 10/3/2014 Mammogram results said there are nodular densities in the upper outer quadrant of both breast.
 Asked: 10/3/2014 Mammogram in afternoon of 10/1. Today got a call stating mammogram report states "1cm density asymmetry lower lateral right breast.
 Asked: 10/3/2014 I have a history of breast cancer in my family (my mother passed away from) I have been referred to get a biopsy which is...
 Asked: 10/3/2014 My mother is 57 and she had a mammogram recently the results as follows: The breasts show fibroglandular and fatty densities. Prominent axillary tail of Spence is...
 Asked: 10/2/2014 I am 41 and have no family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 10/2/2014 Hi. So I had a mastectomy a few years back and have implants.
 Asked: 10/2/2014 Hi, had a routine mammo on 9/24, .
 Asked: 10/2/2014 Ultrasound screening: Evidence of small hypo reflective solid lesion measuring ~9×7 mm and showing poorly defined irregular margins , noted in lower central aspect of right...
 Asked: 10/1/2014 I had a mammogram done . N my diagnosis was ...Focal Asymmetry to the right breast.
 Asked: 10/1/2014 I received a letter following my mammogram stating: composition type D: the breasts are extremely dense lowering the sensitivity of mammography.
 Asked: 9/30/2014 I had a mammogram and it shows several nodular densities/opacities.
 Asked: 9/30/2014 I just had a call back from my mammogram, a dense area in my right breast was found.
 Asked: 9/30/2014 I have lump n R breast. Very painful.
 Asked: 9/28/2014 I had a diagnostic MRI w/wo contrast three days ago.
 Asked: 9/28/2014 I had recently mammogram and got the result as: Suspicious birads 4 mammogram, 7 mm density in the right breast.
 Asked: 9/27/2014 I just had a mammogram and it found: 13 x 10 mm asymmetric nodular density seen in the upper portion of the right breast posterior one-third depth.
 Asked: 9/27/2014 I''m almost 49, had total hysterectomy almost three years ago.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 Mammogram findings: breast tissue is average in desnsity.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 My mammogram showed assemetry on right breast on one view.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 Hi. I''m 39 years old.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 My results: Asymmetry posterior left breast seen on the mediolateral oblique only.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 My results: Asymmetry posterior left breast seen on the mediolateral oblique only.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 I''m 44 year old with natural breasts, no family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 9/26/2014 Mammogram last Monday, they called Tuesday morning because they found something and need more tests done.
 Asked: 9/25/2014 I asked a question yesterday and the response was to get a copy of the MRI report.
 Asked: 9/25/2014 I have an IDC that measured 1.8cm on ultrasound last week.
 Asked: 9/24/2014 I am 48 years old. Have had regular mammograms for about 8 years.
 Asked: 9/24/2014 Hi Sir, I''m getting Shoulder and Hand Pain for both left and Right side .This is related to Breast cancer.Again I need to consult with doctor Please...
 Asked: 9/23/2014 I am 76 and had a routine mammogram because it was recommended by my gynecologist. I received a note from the Breast Imaging Center indicating that...
 Asked: 9/22/2014 My mammogram results from 07/16/2014 indicated that my breast parenchyma is dense.
 Asked: 9/22/2014 Hi - I had the following report from my recent screening mammogram: Potential 2.5 cm focus of architectural distortion projecting in /slightly superor to the...
 Asked: 9/21/2014 I am 60 year old. I had a 3d mammogram I looked at all images I have had breast pain tenderness in the right breast.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 What does subcentimeter oval focal asymmetry within the right retroareolar region mean in a mammogram result?
 Asked: 9/21/2014 "Right breast mass 12:00, 5cm (7cm from NAC) After reviewing mammogram films and ultrasound images, it showed right breast mass 12:00, 2.2cm.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 I''m age 62 and had a screening mammogram 2 days ago.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 In the left upper outer breast there is a 13 mm mass located at a posterior depth 6.0 cm from the nipple.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 What is the implication of "The breast parenchyma is composed of scattered fibroglandular densities.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 Got a call back for diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 Got a call that my recent mammogram showed nodular density and they wanted to do a compression mammogram.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 My MRI finding : Focal asymmetry is demonstrated in the outer aspect of my right breast.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 I had re-imaging and an ultrasound on my left breast.

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