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Diagnostic mammogram's and other breast imaging questions.
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 Asked: 7/26/2017 Solid nodulw with benign sonological features. A follow up study is after 6 months.
 Asked: 7/26/2017 Seen on image 23 of 3D CC is an obscured oval mass that measures 1.5cm.
 Asked: 7/26/2017 "Associated Distortion" vs "Architectural Distortion" Do these terms refer to the same thing? Here''s the context: " ill-defined asymmetry with equivocal associated distortion" THANK YOU!
 Asked: 7/25/2017 Ill-Defined, associated distortion, partially circumscribed... Can you help? There is an ill-defined asymmetry with equivocal associated distortion seen in the medial mid depth left breast CC projection.
 Asked: 7/26/2017 I was just told to come back for an ultrasound and mammo view of my left breast.
 Asked: 7/25/2017 Update on Diagnostic Mammogram, I ended up not having one, they automatically did a breast ultrasound since my breasts are so dense.
 Asked: 7/25/2017 There is a new 1.5 cm oval equal density mass with an obscured and circumscribed margin in the left breast at 7 o''clock anterior depth.
 Asked: 7/25/2017 Hi, I had breast ultrasound two weeks ago.
 Asked: 7/25/2017 What is the new round mass circumscribed margins seem in the middle third central region of the right breast.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 What does this mean? : The left breast demonstrates an oval 11 x 5 mm well-circumscribed mass in the outer inferior breast at posterior depth.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 I had the radiologist quantify his statement of ovoid mass.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 What does it mean on pet/ct scan when a gray area is found in right breast.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 Just sent question : contents save catheter left in 7weeks.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 D''s with dcis 2013, followed by radiation therapy of which savi catheter was inserted with the intentions of one week reaiatiob treatment.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 Hello. Got called back for an ultrasound Bc mammogram found a 7 mm oval circumscribed equal density mass in central left breast.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 Received results from my recent mammogram. The tissue of both breasts is heterogeneously dense.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 What does this mean? Breast tissue almost entirely fat Oval,circumscribed 6mm mass in outer Central right breast (9:00 N2)..
 Asked: 7/24/2017 I have to go for a diagnostic mammogram due to these results.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 results for a biopsy: benigh atrophic mammary tissue with fibrocystic change and associated dystrophic calcification and microcalcification.
 Asked: 7/24/2017 Please what is this mean, i am 60 years old bilateral digital mammogram with tomosynthesis was compared with prior bilateral digital mammograms dating back 3/20/2010...
 Asked: 7/24/2017 My recent screening mammogram showed 1. A biopsy clip seen in the anterior third retro-areolar location of the left breast.
 Asked: 7/22/2017 Got a call back. Ovoid mass, in outer part of the upper left breast, has gotten larger and denser.
 Asked: 7/22/2017 What does "rounded focal asymmetry" anterior lateral right breast on the MLO view mean?
 Asked: 7/22/2017 THANK YOU for the wonderful service you provide.
 Asked: 7/22/2017 Should I be worried? My results read as: Bilateral full field digital mammograms were performed and interpreted from soft copy.
 Asked: 7/22/2017 I had a screening mammogram July 19 and a call the next morning stating I had to get a diagnostic mammogram because they saw a...
 Asked: 7/20/2017 Is there an image I can look at to locate where it found a "mass" in my breast? Mammogram says: Left: There is a...
 Asked: 7/20/2017 I just had a 3d mammogram and ultrasound.
 Asked: 7/20/2017 What does nodular density overlying the central breast mean? And Nodular asymmetry on the right breast mean?
 Asked: 7/20/2017 Mammogram results say: The result of your screening mammogram performed on July11, 2017, shows a finding in your breast that requires further evaluation of your left...
 Asked: 7/20/2017 What does this mean? right breast reveals a spiculated mass measuring 10 mm located in the approximate 10:00 location, 4 cm from the nipple,...
 Asked: 7/20/2017 61 years old results from Bilateral Digital screening mammogram 3D/2D with CAD Findings: scattered fibroglandular elements in both beats could obscure a lesion
 Asked: 7/20/2017 Please help I am freaking out! I had my first 3D mammogram 7/15.
 Asked: 7/20/2017 Please help I am freaking out! I had my first 3D mammogram 7/15.
 Asked: 7/20/2017 My mammogram results say...within the posterior central outer left breast is a modular focus for which further imaging is recommended.
 Asked: 7/20/2017 My mammogram showed a 5mm modular opacity involving the upper quadrant anterior position of the left breast confirms summation of the left breast confirms summation...
 Asked: 7/19/2017 There is a circumscribed, smooth, oval and relatively homogeneous mass in the central left breast, 5 cm behind the nipple.
 Asked: 7/19/2017 i just received a call back related to my 3-d mammogram.
 Asked: 7/20/2017 Was recommended to do extra mammogram and ultrasound on the right breast.
 Asked: 7/19/2017 Having follow up imaging today for asymmetry found in last week''s screening mammogram.
 Asked: 7/19/2017 Got results in and it indicates 2 lesions measuring 0.5x0.5x0.2 cm enhancing lesion with washout (type III)..
 Asked: 7/18/2017 I had a chest CAT scan.
 Asked: 7/19/2017 My mother is 49 years old, she had a mammogram in May and it showed the following: Left Breast: 7.4 x 4.7 mm lobulated or...
 Asked: 7/18/2017 recently had a 3D mammogram. These were the findings...A spiculated density identified within the central aspect of the left breast along the posterior nipple line only visualized on the left MLO view.
 Asked: 7/18/2017 What does this mean? I go back next week for another mammogram.
 Asked: 7/18/2017 What is a circumscribed mass identified within the upper outer aspect of the left breast at the 2 to 3:00 position measuring up to 10 mm.
 Asked: 7/17/2017 3d mammogram results were: "There appear to be prominent left axillary lymph nodes.
 Asked: 7/16/2017 I recently had my first mammogram and, was called back for an ultrasound of left breast.
 Asked: 7/16/2017 Do mixed tumors (lobular and ductal) have a worse prognosis than ductal tumors?
 Asked: 7/16/2017 Don''t know what it means. Asked for re-exam next week. "Full-field digital mammography was performed, with utilization of computer aided detection.
 Asked: 7/14/2017 Had a 3D mammogram in January with no findings.
 Asked: 7/14/2017 My mammogram 6/23/17 showed i have obscured irregular nodular density.
 Asked: 7/14/2017 Hello, what''s your opinion on mammogram results....
 Asked: 7/14/2017 I got a call back on Mammogram: "Findings: The breasts are composed of scattered fibroglanduar densities.
 Asked: 7/14/2017 A stable small circumscribed nodule seen in the anterior right breast. Benign calcifications are present.
 Asked: 7/13/2017 Results of mammogram say: There is moderate parenchymal density.
 Asked: 7/13/2017 I''m 30 years old my mothers side has lots of breast cancer patients at young age my grandmother passed from it at 60 she was...
 Asked: 7/13/2017 What does a nodular asymmetry in the anterior right outer quadrant, with morphology suggestive of an intramammary lymph node, that is more defined than previously...
 Asked: 7/13/2017 I had three fibroadenomas removed from my right breast in 2001, at the age of 21.
 Asked: 7/13/2017 Screening Mammogram showed scattered areas of residual fibroglandular tissue noted bilaterally.
 Asked: 7/12/2017 MRI results:There is mild-moderate background enhancement in the upper outer left breast, which may be normal background enhancement for the patient, but similar pattern may also be seen...
 Asked: 7/12/2017 I''m scheduled for a follow-up mammogram regarding: There is a focal asymmetry measuring 7 millimeters in the anterior third of the right breast at 10...
 Asked: 7/12/2017 i had a sonogram showin below: thick echogen mottled fibroglandular tissues along with hypoecho tubular structures & some small cysts implying benign changes. very low lesion compatible...
 Asked: 7/12/2017 The report states: Lobulated asymmetry in the far outer upper posterior right breast 12.2 cm from the nipple.
 Asked: 7/12/2017 Deeper in the right breast at the same location there is a circumscribed uniformly smooth margined moderately hypoechoic mass measuring 7 x 4 x 7 mm.
 Asked: 7/10/2017 Highly suspicious focal asymmetry containing highly suspicious microcalcifications projecting in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast 6.2 cm from the nipple..
 Asked: 7/10/2017 What does it mean superior aspect of right breast in middle and posterior approximately 3cm superior to nipple line there is an asymmetry noted.
 Asked: 7/10/2017 What could these results mean ? RIGHT BREAST : An equal density oval mass with circumscribed margins is present measuring 5 millimeters wide x 3...
 Asked: 7/10/2017 Thank you for the response that nothing appears worrisome.
 Asked: 7/9/2017 "there is asymmetry within the lower inner quadrant of right breast and a nodule within outer quadrant" Please let me know..
 Asked: 7/9/2017 Ultra sound showed the same 3cm infiltrating ductal carcinoma after4 months of ACT, no change.
 Asked: 7/9/2017 OVERALL BREAST DENSITY: There are scattered areas of fibroglandular density..
 Asked: 7/9/2017 Could you help to explain the report impressions - "Left Breast Findings: The breast is heterogeneously dense (51% - 75% fibroglandular).
 Asked: 7/9/2017 What does it mean when it says " Asymmetry anteriorly, spot compression".
 Asked: 7/9/2017 What does it mean when it says "grouped calcification in the upper inner quadrant poteriorly"? Should I be worried?
 Asked: 7/7/2017 what is the meaning of a finding of "irregularly marginated nodular asymmetry" on a mammogram with 3D tomo? Thank you.
 Asked: 7/7/2017 I just read my mammogram results, what does this mean in plain language? There is asymmetry measuring 10 millimeters seen in the MLO view only...
 Asked: 7/6/2017 My screening mammogram showed cluster of microcalcifications.
 Asked: 7/6/2017 I had a mammogram report that stated a tiny nodular density is stable at the outer left breast, possibly intramammary lymph node..
 Asked: 7/6/2017 I had an MRI ... On my left breast. Left breast: Following IV contrast administration, minimal background parenchymal enhancement is in noted.
 Asked: 7/6/2017 Hello I received this finding and going for core biopsy soon.
 Asked: 7/6/2017 Report states there is a questionable developing focal irregular asymmetry in the left breast posterior depth medial region seen on CC view only with no...
 Asked: 7/6/2017 I am 43 years old and have had several mammograms over the past 7 years because of a benign mass on my left breast in 2010.
 Asked: 7/6/2017 51yr old. Having mammo and sonos by same Dr.
 Asked: 7/6/2017 51yr old Had 3d mammo and ultrasound.
 Asked: 7/5/2017 I''ve been recommended to have a stereotactic biopsy under tomosynthesis guidance of suspicious architectural distortion at the 2:30 to 3:00 axis, middle third depth
 Asked: 7/6/2017 Please interpret this for me - Mammogram breast composition: The breasts are extremely dense, which lowers the sensitivity of mammography.Breast DM Screening Bil W/ Tomo W/...
 Asked: 7/5/2017 My report says "There is an asymmetric soft tissue density opacity with slighy irregular marginsseen in the medial part of the breast.
 Asked: 7/5/2017 Had a mammogram last Friday and they found a 5mm subtle asymmetric density in the 11:00 position right breast.
 Asked: 7/5/2017 I had earlier asked you this questions.
 Asked: 7/4/2017 Hello, Went and had recent breast ultrasound. The results were: Normal mixed fatty and glandular breast tissue was demonstrated bilaterally.
 Asked: 7/4/2017 My diagnostics report: "there is a multi lobulated nodule seen within the upper outer quadrant of left breast which prob.
 Asked: 7/3/2017 I recently had my annual mammogram and radiologist report says "there is a 3mm mass of the inferior slight lateral middle 1/3 depth of the...
 Asked: 7/3/2017 My mammogram found "irregular opacities in both upper breasts that when compared with 2016 test appear more prominent, likely on the basis of overlap.
 Asked: 7/3/2017 There is a focal distortion identified only on left ultrasound at 2:00 5 cm from nipple.
 Asked: 7/3/2017 My mammogram report reads grouped indistinct calcifications measuring 8mm in the upper out quatrant of the left breast at the posterior depth.
 Asked: 7/3/2017 There is a focal distortion identified only on left ultrasound at 2:00 5 cm from nipple.
 Asked: 7/2/2017 There are few mildly dilated ducts of diameter2.5mm in right breast and 2.6mm in left breast are found and few small well defined hypoechoic cystic...
 Asked: 7/2/2017 What does this mean? Asymmetry/Architectural Distortion: Possible developing masslike asymmetry within the posterior 3rd of the left breast, along and possibly slightly below nipple level.
 Asked: 7/2/2017 Hello, I have had an MRI of my left breast and a small lump is present that requires a needle biopsy.

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