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Diagnostic mammogram's and other breast imaging questions.
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 Asked: 1/30/2017 What does incomplete with a possible 15 mm mass mean? I am 40 with dense breast tissue.
 Asked: 1/29/2017 Are these results concerning? Sonographic evaluation of the right breast in its entirety, was performed, including each of the four quadrants and the retroareolar region,...
 Asked: 1/29/2017 What does "Subtle area of architectural distortion and suspicious calcifications..." mean?
 Asked: 1/29/2017 My breast imaging result showed a small nodular asymmetry in the subareolar right breast. I have scheduled an ultrasound.
 Asked: 1/29/2017 I had a CT scan on Friday and a 8mm ump on my left breast has been discovered.
 Asked: 1/29/2017 I have a cluster of punctuate and coarse calcifications in one breast.
 Asked: 1/29/2017 I have had a 3D mammogram with ultra sound.
 Asked: 1/28/2017 What does this mean? There is a 1.1 cm rounded nodular density in the superior right breast, middle/posterior depth junction.
 Asked: 1/28/2017 I had my first mammogram 40 yrs old, now need left spot compression and ultrasound for1cm posterior nodular density well circumscribed also dense breast parachynema.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 Had an abnormal screening mammogram with normal diagnostic and u/s follow up.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 is an oval nodule in the left breast with smooth margins .7cm X.3cm typically cancerous?
 Asked: 1/27/2017 I have had a right upper anterior 2cm lobulated ovoid benign looking mass that has been stable for at least the last 5 years.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 Last mammogram was 2 years ago, only thing noted - Stable circumscribed left upper outer quadrant mass previously documented cyst.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 I have a 1 cm architectural distortion on screening mammo.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 Please help! Left breast demonstrates focal asymmetry middle third 12:00 radian more prominent than previous.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 I''m 48 and I''ve had regular mammograms since age 39.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 Got results of mammogram.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 I have gotten my first screening mammogram done and here are the results: Bilateral screening mammogram shows your breasts to be very dense.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 I am 61. I have always had annual mammograms.
 Asked: 1/25/2017 Can u please tell me the difference between an annual mammogram.
 Asked: 1/25/2017 What does this mean, please? There are developing calcifications in the upper outer right breast.
 Asked: 1/25/2017 My question: Is hypoechoic mass with calcification is harmful ? I am 40yrs.
 Asked: 1/25/2017 Mammogram showed a 15mm nodular focal asymmetry in central left breast at mid depth and a 6mm faint nodular focal asymmetry seen in the central...
 Asked: 1/25/2017 What does it mean??? "focal asymmetry at the inferior aspect of the right MLO view in the mid depth".
 Asked: 1/24/2017 I just had a breast MRI with the following findings: 1.4cm homogenously enhancing mass at 9 o''clock,12 cm from the nipple that is dark on...
 Asked: 1/24/2017 Can Someone Help me understand this. Cancer runs like water in my family. Standard and 3-D tomographic mammographic views were obtained.
 Asked: 1/24/2017 Should I be concerned about grouped calcifications?
 Asked: 1/24/2017 What is "hyperdense asymmetry"? This was found in left breast on mammogram..
 Asked: 1/24/2017 Just received a call from my Gynecologist with my mammogram results.
 Asked: 1/24/2017 I''ve read that fibrocystic breast disease (or mammory dysplasia) goes away after menopause.
 Asked: 1/24/2017 The tissue of both breasts is heterogeneously dense.
 Asked: 1/23/2017 Received my results on my mammogram. This is what it said.
 Asked: 1/23/2017 Recent mammogram indicated "Possible developing nodularity, spot compression and ultrasound are recommended." I have never had a call back on a mammogram and am very...
 Asked: 1/23/2017 Last year I had a surgical biopsy of Left breast which was diagnosed as Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia.
 Asked: 1/23/2017 0.9 cm x 1 cm x 0.7 cm asymmetric density with architectural distortion in the retroareolar aspect of the right breast anterior depth 2.6 cm,...
 Asked: 1/23/2017 I sent this question earlier, but did not get an answer.
 Asked: 1/22/2017 I am a fairly obese women. I am 4 feet 8 inches tall.
 Asked: 1/21/2017 Hi I received today the impression and recommendation of my Digital Bilateral Mammography with CAD analysis and...
 Asked: 1/21/2017 I was asked to return for additional screening, A 29 millimeter focal asymmetry is present in the upper outer quadrant at posterior depth.
 Asked: 1/20/2017 My Tomosythesis 3D screening mammo showed Poorly defined asymmetry seen in the slightly lateral breast at middle depth on cc slice #26 raises question of...
 Asked: 1/20/2017 First ultrasound was in 2014 - showed 7-8 hypo echoic, well marginated lesions in each breast (BIRAD 2 and 3) Follow up (which was supposed to...
 Asked: 1/20/2017 My 3D mamogram showed a 1 cm Developing asymmetry and a 2 cm Developing asymmetry in my left breast.
 Asked: 1/20/2017 My result shows right breast 9:00 density with subtly increased spiculation.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 My ultrasound results In the right breast there is a 8mm heterogenous hypoechoic nodule.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 Just had a 3D mammogram today and got a call back saying they want to do additional images and a ultrasound.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 I am a 50-year-old female and have gotten results of my annual mammo (2nd year having a 3D).
 Asked: 1/19/2017 Hello again further to my last entry the mammogram showed the 8mm hypoechoic nodule to have smooth margins..
 Asked: 1/19/2017 Hello Results of my mammogram and ultrasound In the right breast there is a 8mm heterogenous hypoechoic nodule.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 My mammogram report reads: The asymmetry with possible architectural change in the right upper breast on the MLO view is a developing asymmetry and may correspond...
 Asked: 1/19/2017 My mammogram results came back stating below.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 Does architectural distortion mean cancer?
 Asked: 1/18/2017 Some sources say that mammogram can over-diagnose breast cancer, as a result many women underwent needless treatments such as radiation and chemo.
 Asked: 1/18/2017 Results from my mammogram show: Can you tell me if this is worrisome? Full-field digital mammography was performed with CAD.
 Asked: 1/18/2017 I am 52 years old,, I have done with my mammography just this month and the results says: Cranio-caudal and medio lateral oblique images of both...
 Asked: 1/18/2017 Hi. I received mammogram results stating "there is an asymmetry in the MLO projection in the superior region of the right breast located 6 centimeters from the nipple." I am scheduled for follow-up imaging.
 Asked: 1/18/2017 I just got my results from a breast ultrasound and it states the following findings: In the right breast 10:00 axis, 5 cm from the...
 Asked: 1/18/2017 callback mammogram unilateral left using spot compression findings: cluster of microcalcifications which do not layer and appear to be associated wit an irregular nodular density and...
 Asked: 1/17/2017 I am 46 and had a 3D mammo yesterday.
 Asked: 1/17/2017 Comparison: 10/1/2014 and previous dating to 11/17/2011. Findings: Routine full-field digital and tomosynthesis mammography of both breasts was obtained
 Asked: 1/17/2017 Hi lillie, I recently asked you about a sonogram report as follows " I just received the results from that.
 Asked: 1/17/2017 This is what my test result said - The breasts have scattered areas of fibroglandular density.
 Asked: 1/16/2017 Hi, I''m 45 and have a sister who is a BC survivor.
 Asked: 1/16/2017 I had a low-dose digital breast tomosynthesis exam with 2D and 3D acquisitions.
 Asked: 1/15/2017 I got the results of my Mammo conducted last Dec.
 Asked: 1/15/2017 I went for a follow up mammo and sonogram for several areas.
 Asked: 1/15/2017 My recent 2D mammogram revealed: There are benign appearing calcifications both breasts.
 Asked: 1/15/2017 I have a very strong history of breast cancer in my family.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 hi Lillie...What kinds of changes show up on a post-tx mammogram after lumpectomy and radiation? Thanks.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 Is it typical to see lymph nodes on a breast ultrasound? AND, why did the report only note them on one side? Birads 2.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 Hi, I''m having pain in both sides of breasts along underwire into armpit.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 50 years old. Had a Mamogram and report stated 1cm noncalcified asymmetric density projecting over righ pectoral muscle in MLO view.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 diagnosed with extremely dense breast tissue (both breasts) as a result of 3D mammogram.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 13 mm well marginated mass in the lower inner right breast.There is a 13 mm soft tissue density mass in the inner lower right breast.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 Hi, Today I got a call from the radiology department to go back in on Tuesday for spot compression and further imaging.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 I had a mammogram about a week ago and received a letter requesting I come in for more images.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 Hi there. Is it common to be called back for additional imaging if you were called back after your last mammogram too? Both were 3D mammograms done at the same place.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 Hi further to my question I got a bi-rad score of 4 after ultrasound and additional imaging and they want me to go for a biopsy.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 Hello I got a call from the radiologist that he wants me to go for more testing.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 My mammogram showed a subcentimeter nodular asymetry in the superior posterior left breast that may be located in the lateral quadrant.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 MRI report: there is a 7mm rim enhancing mass seen in the central right breast.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 Hi! I am a little confused on what happens if the mammogram shows an assymetry? I was told to come now for a 3-d mammogram and an ultrasound.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 Hello, I am the one with this question/ here is a small architectural distortion with spiculated margins in the slightly inner right...
 Asked: 1/11/2017 I am concerned about my mammogram results.
 Asked: 1/10/2017 FINDINGS: Right Lymph Node: There is a 7 mm axillary lymph node seen in the right breast at 11 o''clock at a depth 7 cm from the nipple.
 Asked: 1/10/2017 My Mammo results...Im kinda concerned about cancer.
 Asked: 1/10/2017 When I did the mammography, they said the breast was folded so they took another image right then and there.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 My mammogram results found s 12 mm developing density within the medial left breast not seen previously.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 My mammogram result was indeterminate and was told my breast was folded so they could not get a good image.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 My mammogram last week revealed two asymmetries in the mid left breast so I need further screening.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 I was called back for a spot compression due to a small area of asymmetry noted in the anterior aspect of the right breast notable...
 Asked: 1/9/2017 Should imaging be done after a skin sparing/nipple sparing (SS/NS) mastectomy? The site states yes, because there is quite a bit of breast...
 Asked: 1/8/2017 There are scattered areas of fibroglandular density. There is a questionable spiculated density adjacent to the palpable marker the central left breast on the CC view
 Asked: 1/9/2017 My Rad Report says "Vague nodular asymmetry on the the current study of the lower inner left breast, corresponding to palpable changes on exam, represents...
 Asked: 1/8/2017 second question they said it is small.
 Asked: 1/7/2017 There is a small architectural distortion with spiculated margins in the slightly inner right breast 3 o''clock about 3 cm from the nipple.
 Asked: 1/7/2017 Hello I got the results of my first mammogram.
 Asked: 1/6/2017 Hello, I had my first mammogram and I need to go back for additional views on both breasts and an ultrasound.
 Asked: 1/6/2017 Calcifications on posterior on CC view extending over 3 mm showed up on right breast.

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