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Diagnostic mammogram's and other breast imaging questions.
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 Asked: 4/3/2018 Nodular density in the retroareolar region of the right breast require spot compression views and possible ultrasound.
 Asked: 4/3/2018 What is the significance of this finding in 3d mammography: "Asymmetry in the right breast posterior depth inner region seen on the craniocaudal view...
 Asked: 4/3/2018 What does a 5mm PROGRESSIVELY ENHANCING NODULE in the upper left breast approximately 5.5 cm posterior to the nipple line mean? Please note I...
 Asked: 4/3/2018 I had a diagnosis of LCIS in left breast incidental to breast reduction.
 Asked: 3/30/2018 Nodular density in the right breast at 12''0 clock middle depth 8 cm from the nipple could this be cancer? I''m so worried!
 Asked: 3/30/2018 Concerned! Diagnostic mammogram results confirmed 12mm nodule with obscured margins in the superior outer aspect of the middle depth of the right breast
 Asked: 3/30/2018 What is the chance that this could be cancerous..I am 35yrs old INDICATIONS: 4 months of left bloody nipple discharge.
 Asked: 3/30/2018 what does this mean? Developing retroareolar density of the right breast MLO view..
 Asked: 3/30/2018 What does this mean,small course calcifications noted 5 mm.
 Asked: 3/30/2018 What does this mean? 40 mm x 18.5 mm x 13.1 mm oval, parallel, hyperechoic mass with indistinct margins seen in the upper outer quadrant...
 Asked: 3/28/2018 Report says "There is stable appearing ovoid sub centimeter posterior third right breast density seen on MLO view, likely representing intramammary lymph node." Unfortunately, I...
 Asked: 3/28/2018 My mamo is normal. I get ultrasounds due to breasts cysts.
 Asked: 3/27/2018 My report says ill defined margins, mixed echogenicity mass.
 Asked: 3/27/2018 Hello I had my first mammogram last week I''m 41 I got a letter that showed a finding that requires additional imaging the findings say...
 Asked: 3/27/2018 Ultrasound shows the following: Mixed echogenicity mass measuring 7x6x9mm 5cm from nipple.
 Asked: 3/27/2018 The breasts are heterogeneously dense, which may obscure small masses.
 Asked: 3/27/2018 A few small enhancing oh psi are seen in the left breast.
 Asked: 3/27/2018 my results say right breast has a 1cm focus with irregular margin.
 Asked: 3/26/2018 hypoechoic mass measuring 1.1 x 0.7 cm with indistinct margins at 2 to 3:00 position and 5 cm from nipple.
 Asked: 3/26/2018 Hi, dense breasts. Mammogram showed 12mm oval nodule with well circumscribed borders on posterior position at 4o''clock.
 Asked: 3/26/2018 Hello, I am 53 yrs old. My ultrasound showed the following: indeterminate Oval mass with both an indistinct and circumscribed margin in the left breast middle depth.
 Asked: 3/26/2018 What does this mean? My dr did not call to follow up with me but this is posted in my online chart IMPRESSION: RIGHT BREAST:...
 Asked: 3/26/2018 Radiologist Found focal asymmetry within the inferior medial right breast anterior depth measuring 18 mm.
 Asked: 3/23/2018 3D showed a stable inferior nodule projecting laterally in left breast.
 Asked: 3/23/2018 What is the ideal time of your menstrual cycle to have a breast MRI?
 Asked: 3/23/2018 These are the results of my screening.
 Asked: 3/23/2018 I had a 3D mammogram and the results revealed a mass with obsurced margins.
 Asked: 3/22/2018 What does small low density modular assymetry mean?
 Asked: 3/22/2018 What does this mean? There are scattered areas of fibroglandular densities (density B). There is a 10 mm asymmetry with associated architectural distortion seen in the medial...
 Asked: 3/22/2018 I am 51 and I just had a stereotactically guided biopsy overall assessment Bi-RADS 4 Suspicious there are heterogeneous calcifications with clustered distribution seen in...
 Asked: 3/22/2018 The breasts demonstrate scattered fibroglandular tissue. There is been interval increase in the 1.5 cm mass within the retroareolar plane, 5.6 cm from the nipple
 Asked: 3/22/2018 My screening mammogram was done with tomosynthesis (3-D) and the report says there is a "question of architectural distortion." Does that mean that it''s there...
 Asked: 3/22/2018 I have a 9 mm density in my right breast and have to go for a mammogram and a ultrasound.
 Asked: 3/20/2018 3D Mamo came back saying ''architectual distortion".
 Asked: 3/20/2018 Does nuclear med use lidocaine in the radioisotope injection to minimize pain for the patient? Elma cream?
 Asked: 3/20/2018 Nodular asymmetry and calcifications are seen in the upper anterior left breast for which further evaluation is necessary What does this mean? Is it true most...
 Asked: 3/20/2018 I had ILC in my left breast in two spots and one lymph node Stage 2b.
 Asked: 3/20/2018 What does a dominant density retroareolar area of the right breast measuring approximately 1 cm mean? I am scheduled for further mammography and possible...
 Asked: 3/20/2018 My screening mammogram reported: "There is questioned asymmetry with possible architectural change demonstrated in the medial mid left breast..." Two years ago, they found cysts...
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Is radioisotope injection preop done under general anesthesia a best practice?to.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 what is minimal nodular asymmetry in the central retroareolar left breast.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Mammogram show dense breast and asymmetrical glandular tissue left upper outer quadrant.What does means? .
 Asked: 3/19/2018 I received these results from an ultrasound: Ultrasound of the right breast from the 7 to 8 o''clock position demonstrates a hypoechoic mass with irregular...
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Received Radiology report somewhat concerned. Interval development of a 14mm nodular asymmetry in the right breast middle depth in outer aspect f the breast seen primarily in craniocardial view definitely not appreciated on the MLO view.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 What does this mean? I had 3D mammography and why did it say 2D. 9 mm partially circumscribed partially obscured mass is noted in the outer...
 Asked: 3/19/2018 I had a mammogram 3/13/18. It states there is a 1.5 cm oval density with scattered calcifications in the left breast at 8 o''clock posterior depth 1.1 cm from the nipple.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 I am 67, should I request further examination base on this statement: Right breast : "There is a 9 mm lobulated nodule in upper the upper...
 Asked: 3/19/2018 A 11mm nodule in my right breast was found during a mammogram screening.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Mammogram showed questionable architectural distortion at a middle depth on the right breast.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Please explain "indeterminate microcalcifications in the upper central right breast"..
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Is nodular focal assymetry a mass?
 Asked: 3/19/2018 My mammogram says in MLO projection there is focal increasing nodularity projecting posterior and somewhat inferior to the percutaneously placed marker indicating site of...
 Asked: 3/19/2018 what does it mean when they say lower inner quadrant 9.3mm smoothly marginated structure.several calcifications may represent a portion of blood vessel?
 Asked: 3/19/2018 What does this mean: Lateral left breast asymmetry warrants further evaluation.
 Asked: 3/19/2018 Thoughts...? I am a 48 y/o with hx of left breast lumpectomy due to anaplasia, maternal grandmother died of breast cancer.
 Asked: 3/14/2018 should I request further examination based on this statement a stable 5mm intramammary node in the left breast at 2 oclock in the posterior depth.
 Asked: 3/14/2018 My mammogram can back with these findings:A suspicious microcalcifications or architectural distortion seen in the right breast. Ultrasound was performed
 Asked: 3/14/2018 Mild asymmetrical increase in fibro-glandular parenchyma in retro-areolar region of right breast..
 Asked: 3/14/2018 My MRI with contrast, shows an area of 5 mm by 2.1 mm of calcifications all in my duct, in the 3 o''clock position deep posterior area.
 Asked: 3/13/2018 120’click pos 6cm isodense round 1cm mass which has lobulated margins and no associated calcifications.
 Asked: 3/13/2018 37- Breastfeeding 2 year old. Dr wanted baseline mammo done due to elevated family history despite not weaning yet.
 Asked: 3/13/2018 what does architectural distortion in the outer left breast on the CC projection.
 Asked: 3/13/2018 I just got this report tonight. How worried should I be? Thank you! The tissue of both breasts is heterogeneously dense.
 Asked: 3/12/2018 Hi. What does it mean that a subcentimeter module also favors an intramammary lymph node? Also what is an interval mitral lymph node? It is a first for me.
 Asked: 3/11/2018 I had a lumpectomy, 10/2016 and had Chemo and Radiation 11/16 through 08/2017.
 Asked: 3/11/2018 Left breast: There is a 6 mm grouping of calcifications in the posterior superior central breast. What does this mean? What part of my breast are...
 Asked: 3/11/2018 This time the mammogram was not like the other 4 times and they found a 24mm heterogeneous calcification in the lower-inner quadrant of the left...
 Asked: 3/11/2018 There is a stable axillary tail lymph node on the right measuring approximately 7 mm.
 Asked: 3/11/2018 58 year old "Subcentimeter irregular density int he posterior right breast" Could someone please explain this to me.
 Asked: 3/9/2018 Definition of 9 mm irregular high density asymmetry left breast? That is the only info in the report.
 Asked: 3/9/2018 What does it mean when the results say, New developing bilateral nodular asymmetries in the posterior central aspect of both breasts and medial right breast...
 Asked: 3/8/2018 what does persistent nodularity in the outer right breast mean? .
 Asked: 3/7/2018 USC in Los Angeles is piloting a clinical trial, phase one, for a full, breast ultra sound soft view in water for dense breast patients.
 Asked: 3/7/2018 Multiple asymmetries within central and superior left breast? Further diagnostic testing needed?
 Asked: 3/7/2018 Mammogram came back unreadable and breast ultrasound came back normal.
 Asked: 3/7/2018 What does it mean if my report states that there is an asymmetry in the right breast on the CC view laterally at posterior depth..
 Asked: 3/6/2018 What does it mean if my mammogram report stated there is punctuate calcifications that have gotten bigger from previous mammogram last year? Thanks .
 Asked: 3/5/2018 I had a 2 D mammagram with extremely dense breasts.
 Asked: 3/5/2018 I received a call back for additional views and possible ultrasound.
 Asked: 3/2/2018 PROCEDURE: MAMMO BREAST SCREEN TOMOSYNTHESIS BILATERAL Computer aided detection was utilized for the interpretation.
 Asked: 3/2/2018 My mother (age 47) received a mammogram a few days ago.
 Asked: 3/1/2018 In fibrocystic disease is it possibly normal to find a solid mass with indistinct margins? .
 Asked: 3/1/2018 I had an my first mammogram last Dec since I turned 40.
 Asked: 3/1/2018 I have a Parental Hx of Pancreatic Cancer.
 Asked: 2/28/2018 Hi! I''m 20 years old and has irregular menstruation.No history of breast cancer in our family.
 Asked: 2/28/2018 I have had 3 breast excisions.
 Asked: 2/28/2018 my report says Birad 0(this was my first mammo as I am 40 years old).
 Asked: 2/28/2018 Good afternoon. I have had an area of architectural distortion that was core needle biopsied 1.5 years ago with discordant results.
 Asked: 2/28/2018 I am a 36yo with no family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/28/2018 I am 66 years old. I recently had a mammogram, and was then sent to a diagnostic mammogram, which showed an oval mass with indiscreet borders, and a bi-rad category of 4A.
 Asked: 2/27/2018 I''m 58 years old, get yearly mammograms and never had questionable results.
 Asked: 2/27/2018 They found a 3 mm dense tissue on my right breast and another dense tissue on my left.
 Asked: 2/27/2018 Mammogram results of right breast indicate a Bi-Rad 0, Density C, and minimal speculation contour of soft tissue as seen from front view, not visible...
 Asked: 2/27/2018 I have had 2 mamos,an US and not going for MRI.Left breast with a 5mm hypoehoic isodense mass in 1/3 middle posterior aspect at 1:00.
 Asked: 2/27/2018 What does serpiginous asymmetry within the subareolar region of the right breast, more conspicuous than on prior studies mean.
 Asked: 2/26/2018 At Johns Hopkins Imaging centers, what is the total radiation dose of standard 2-D screening mammograms versus the new 3-D screening mammograms? I''m told that...
 Asked: 2/26/2018 I''m 62, never been on HRT and have been in menopause for years.
 Asked: 2/26/2018 I am a 58 year old woman with history of 2 sisters (ages young 50s) having breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/26/2018 I have a persistent 1cm oval asymmetry superiorly in the middle depth on right breast.

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