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 Asked: 10/31/2017 I had my annual mammo done in August.
 Asked: 10/31/2017 What does this mean? It came back on my mammogram results.
 Asked: 10/31/2017 No 3 dimensional dominant mass, spiculation, architectural distortion, converging lines or typical malignant calcifications are seen Yes this is exactly what my report read
 Asked: 10/31/2017 No 3 dimensional dominant mass, spiculation, architectural distortion, converging lines or typical malignant calcifications are seen What does this mean?
 Asked: 10/31/2017 What does this mean? I have to go in for additional mammogram. There is an irregular high density focal asymmetry in the right breast at 11...
 Asked: 10/30/2017 For the first time ever, my annual mammagram results came back with this: “There is an asymmetry in the left breast posterior depth, inferior region...
 Asked: 10/30/2017 I am 68 years old and have had regular mammograms from the time I was 40.
 Asked: 10/30/2017 How rare is accessory breast tissue and how rare is it to have a mass with in the tumor.
 Asked: 10/30/2017 Hello I just got my response back today.
 Asked: 10/30/2017 what does it mean by intermediate mass?
 Asked: 10/30/2017 my body did not react well to MRI with contrast (Gadolinium).
 Asked: 10/30/2017 This is what it was and I still have the pain and almost seems like the lump,i feel is larger my boyfriend thinks so too...
 Asked: 10/29/2017 Went for a routine screening mammogram. Received a call from my primary care physician that they would like to do additional imaging due to "scattered fibroglandular densities." I had received that report before without needing additional imaging.
 Asked: 10/29/2017 Should I be concerned for a focal asymmetry with spiculated margins in the UROQ?
 Asked: 10/29/2017 right breast lposterior and lateral to the nipple invasive tumour of no special type composed of small nests of pleomorphic cells in a fibrous stroma...
 Asked: 10/29/2017 33 year old. Right breast mammogram results: BB placed on patients lump in r.
 Asked: 10/29/2017 I read about focal asymmetry being less than 1% of being cancerous.
 Asked: 10/29/2017 My recent and first mammogram is stating: There is a nodular density in the right breast anterior depth medial region.
 Asked: 10/29/2017 Just rec. my ultrasound and mammo results -Indertiminant 8 mm moderatly complicated cyst.
 Asked: 10/29/2017 Ultrasound is performed in the area of mammographic concern at 10 o''clock 4 cm from the nipple demonstrating a hypoechic irregular mass with posterior shadowing...
 Asked: 10/29/2017 How worrisome is this finding? I am scheduled for further tests on Monday, Oct 30. A new 4 mm asymmetry is present in the lateral right...
 Asked: 10/29/2017 I am 54 and have had regular screenings with no issues but this month I had the 3D mammogram and got a call back letter.
 Asked: 10/28/2017 What does it mean left breast, in the medial breast, middle, depth, 8 cm from the nipple.
 Asked: 10/27/2017 What does this mean on a mammogram result: Lobulated nodular density measuring up to 16mm?
 Asked: 10/27/2017 Recent mammogram results indicate scattered fibroglandular densities.
 Asked: 10/26/2017 Does this sound like an appropriate plan for this finding on a diagnostic tomo/US callback for "asymmetry"? Thank you. TECHNIQUE MAM Right Add Views Digital Mammo and...
 Asked: 10/25/2017 There are scattered fibroglandular densities. There is a possible developing asymmetry of the medial right breast at middle-posterior depth, likely superior on right MLO view..
 Asked: 10/25/2017 My 3D imaging came back with "irregular asymmetry with spiculated margin and architectual distortion" in my left breast.
 Asked: 10/25/2017 What does this mean? Category 4 but no subcategory 1.3 cm nodule appearing deep to left nipple (was not there 6 months ago) Waxing and waning...
 Asked: 10/25/2017 How worrisome is this result? I am scheduled for further images and US. COMPARISON Comparison is made to prior mammograms dating back to 2010. FINDINGS The breasts are heterogeneously...
 Asked: 10/25/2017 Is it bad to have multiple groupings of microcalificatios in or breast .
 Asked: 10/25/2017 What does it mean? There is an asymmetry involving the central right breast, seen only with certainty on the cc projection, 3.2 cm posterior to...
 Asked: 10/25/2017 47, screening 3D mammo, report is "benign left axillary lynph nodes, benign microcalcifications both breats, 4mm density left breast lateral seen craniocaudal only." Recommended...
 Asked: 10/23/2017 What does it mean additional coned down compression views are recommended in the mediolTeral and the cc projection for the multiple groupings of microcalifications identified...
 Asked: 10/23/2017 I’m 39 I had mammogram and had to have another one on left breast.
 Asked: 10/25/2017 Found a nodular density in left breast going for ultrasound and another mammo tomorrow looked at previous ultrasound from 2010 left breast where cyst was...
 Asked: 10/23/2017 Can a 3D diagnostic mammo cause shooting pains in the breast? (Almost 1.5yr after lumpectomy.)Thank you..
 Asked: 10/23/2017 Hi Lillie, what does breast MRI bi rads score 2 means did the radiologists see anything is it worrisome...Thank you..
 Asked: 10/23/2017 I recently had an ultrasound in the right breast 5:30 Position 2 centimeters from the nipple there is a 0.5x0.2x0.7 centimeter ovoid cyst with slightly...
 Asked: 10/23/2017 I''m 35. CT showed a 12mm nodule in anterior third depth of r breast.
 Asked: 10/21/2017 I got an MRI with and without contrast & it made my armpits burn & arm retain fluid - is this normal? I am now...
 Asked: 10/20/2017 What does this mean from my recent mammogram? Clustered microcalcifications near the 12:00 position to 1:00 of the anterior left breast and the inferolateral...
 Asked: 10/20/2017 Had a pre- breast implant surgery mammogram and they found a focal asymmetry on left breast? what does this mean?
 Asked: 10/20/2017 Initial Mammogram screen results: 1.5cm focal asymmetry with a spiculated margin at 4 o''clock anterior depth. Returned for diagnostic screen and ultrasound
 Asked: 10/20/2017 My screening mammo came back with a 5mm asymmetry in the upper RIght breast at posterior depth seen on MLO view.
 Asked: 10/20/2017 My mammogram came back with "possible assymetry" in left breast.
 Asked: 10/20/2017 Had annual mammogram and was told I have a 8 mm oval mass with indistinct margins seen in the lower inner quadrant of the left breast.
 Asked: 10/19/2017 what does oval density medium aspect right breast natural mean?
 Asked: 10/20/2017 I had a 3 D mammogram last week, found out yesterday they see a small spot vulated mass in left breast, going for ultrasound and...
 Asked: 10/19/2017 Regarding my question ,What is malignant neoplasm? And why would they write that in my order form? if I dont have any cancer only calcifications...
 Asked: 10/19/2017 What is malignant neoplasm? And why would they write that in my order form? if I dont have any cancer only calcifications in breast, cyst?
 Asked: 10/19/2017 it''s been 5 years since my last mammogram and i''m 57 years old.
 Asked: 10/19/2017 I had my second mammogram today. I have heterogeneously dense breast with a mass at 8:00 posterior depth.
 Asked: 10/19/2017 I had a question I recently had a mammogram and the doctor called me the next day and told me that I needed to go...
 Asked: 10/18/2017 last mammogram resulted in having 1.2 cluster of cysts at 3 o''clock position on left breast from the nipple with heterogeneously dense problem
 Asked: 10/18/2017 I just had my annual mammogram completed and this was the finding.
 Asked: 10/18/2017 My mammogram report indicated a 3 cm area of architectual distortion which appears less masslike on Tomosynthesis.
 Asked: 10/18/2017 Two findings in right breast on recent ultrasound, what does it mean? Right solid nodules - First one: Vertically oriented irregular hypoechoic shadowing 3 X...
 Asked: 10/17/2017 Findings: Small nodular density upper left breast.
 Asked: 10/17/2017 Is a 3cm architectural distortion concerning? Also focal aysemmetry noted.
 Asked: 10/17/2017 I had an MRI to follow-up on multiple papillomas identified on biopsy, as well as a CHEK2 positive result.
 Asked: 10/16/2017 I am 45 years old and had my first mammogram using the 3D imaging.
 Asked: 10/16/2017 Please advise what this means. I am going in for further testing.
 Asked: 10/16/2017 Is it possible for a round mass found on ultrasound to be the cause of the architectual distortion found on mammogram? Ultrasound showed 2...
 Asked: 10/16/2017 Report: Bilateral digital mammography with CAD including tomosynthesis with synthetic mammographic views reveals heterogeneously dense breast tissue, which may obscure small masses
 Asked: 10/16/2017 Can you please help me understand what this might mean? There is a focal asymmetry in the right breast anterior depth central to the nipple...
 Asked: 10/16/2017 I have a 4mm outer upper right quadrant on right breast, what does this mean.
 Asked: 10/14/2017 Hi Lillie, can breast MRI show some images of liver...partially I have heard people sometimes find liver mets on Breast MRI....Thank you.
 Asked: 10/14/2017 I just had my first mammogram at 51.
 Asked: 10/13/2017 mamogram indicates a mass-like density deep module aspect in right breast .
 Asked: 10/13/2017 May I kindly ask your opinion on the following results I recieved: Right Mammo and US,further evaluation for abnormal screening mammogram.
 Asked: 10/13/2017 From my annual mamo results are I have a 5mm new asymmetry in the medial left breast and a sonogram and ultra sound has been ordered.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Thank you for your response. Following up to my earlier question about my follow up mammogram for asymmetry, which found the asymmetry had become less defined than the previous mammogram, I should note the BI-RADS is 3 and I am scheduled for another diagnostic in 6 months.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Thank you very much for you response.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 My 6 month follow up mammogram for asymmetry noted that it had become less defined than in the previous mammogram.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 5 MM NODULAR DENSITY IN THE POSTERIOR CENTRAL LOWER LEFT BREAST - what does that mean .
 Asked: 10/12/2017 There is a 5 mm nodular density in the superior aspect of the right breast anterior depth  approximately 9 cm from the nipple for which spot...
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Diagnostic mammo and u/s positive for focal asymmetry, persistent architectual distortion and 2 hypoechoic leisions of 8 and 5mm.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 having to go back for another mammogram and ultrasound due to the finding of a new 5mm oval lesion with a circumscribed margin at left...
 Asked: 10/12/2017 After MRI, mammogram & US of left breast findings: There is probable effacement of an area of density in the interior aspect left breast slightly...
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Why does JHU not include the modifier letter on birads 4 scores? .
 Asked: 10/11/2017 have to go back for 2nd mammogram with ultrasound because of findings of 5mm oval lesion with a circumscribed margin in left breast at 11...
 Asked: 10/12/2017 What type of mammography machines does Hopkins have? How often are they calibrated? Is breast MRI concerned the gold standard for breast imaging, for high risk patients?
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Is Hopkins using glucose as a contrast agent in breast MRI''s yet? I have had breast MRI''s for the past 6 years, yearly, and am concerned...
 Asked: 10/11/2017 What does this mean. “There are scattered fibroglandular densities.
 Asked: 10/10/2017 There is a focal asymmetry in the upper outer right breast and an asymmetry in the right breast at the level the nipple.
 Asked: 10/10/2017 Could you please give your opinion on the following mammogram results: Left Breast Findings: The breast is heterogeneously dense (51% - 75% fibroglandular)
 Asked: 10/10/2017 A recent mammogram findings are as follow: Nodular densities are seen in the lateral right breast on the spot compression view.
 Asked: 10/9/2017 Diagnostic ultrasound and mammogram showed persistent architecutual distortion with 2 round hypoechoic masses of 8 and 5mm, BIRADS 4 (no indication of a,b,c) suggested biospsy...
 Asked: 10/9/2017 What do these mammo findings mean? I have had 4 mammograms and this is the only one that I have seen anything mentioned about Asymmetry. RIGHT...
 Asked: 10/9/2017 my sono & mamo came back with Asymmetric tissue in the left upper outer quadrant posteriorly and a 4mm cyst present.
 Asked: 10/9/2017 There is a 4 mm group of linear calcifications in the lower outer quadrant of the right breast.
 Asked: 10/9/2017 any info on what this may mean? In the right breast middle third 8 cm posterior to the nipple along the posterior nipple line as measured from...
 Asked: 10/9/2017 Dense breasts There is small group of round micro calcification in the posterior aspect of the right breast periareolar at the outer aspect..
 Asked: 10/9/2017 what does 6mm nodular assymetry right breast, central inferior aspect which is associated with a few tiny microcalcifications.
 Asked: 10/9/2017 Please translate the following... I do have an MRI guided biopsy scheduled.
 Asked: 10/8/2017 First mammogram and I don''t understand what these results mean.
 Asked: 10/8/2017 hi My ultrasounds said left breast 6 o clock 7 x 6 7 mm circumscribed nodule 0,55 x0.47 x 0.57 oval hypo echoic mass with posterior...

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