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Diagnostic mammogram's and other breast imaging questions.
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 Asked: 12/31/2004 I am 32 years old. I recently had a mammogram and ultrasound due to a lump in my breast.
 Asked: 02/09/2005 I''m a 36 year old mom of three with breast implants in 2001.
 Asked: 03/13/2005 hi, I had a mammo and an ultrasound done and the findings are: on the left breast 2 small clusters composed of mildly pleomorphic calcifications.
 Asked: 02/03/2005 treatment for bilateral axillary tail hypertrophy.
 Asked: 03/17/2005 I recently participated in a breast imaging study where I had a bilateral MRI, bilateral digital mammogram, and a bilateral whole breast ultrasound.
 Asked: 02/04/2005 My radiologist indicated that he is a "Clinical Breast Radiologist".
 Asked: 03/10/2005 My wife just had her 6 month post-lumpectomy mammo and ultrasound.
 Asked: 02/02/2005 I had a mammogram this past week.
 Asked: 01/02/2005 My mammogram came back and my doctor wanted a re-take.
 Asked: 01/27/2005 i have recently lost three stone (intentionally) and also told that i am no longer ovulating.
 Asked: 04/04/2005 I am 37 years old and had a screening mammography that showed an "8mm mass-like opacity anterior right breast 11:00".I was called in for spot...
 Asked: 01/12/2005 I had invasive lobular cancer that was visible on a mammography.
 Asked: 02/17/2005 I had DCIS in rt breast and mastectomy with reconstruction.
 Asked: 01/12/2005 I just had a mammogram and an ultrasound on both breasts.
 Asked: 03/22/2005 What can a surgeon guess from viewing and feeling breast tissue/masses removed during excisional biopsies? Is there a "feel" to cancerous tissue? A particular color...
 Asked: 01/14/2005 I am having my first mamagram done in a week and i am scared to know whats going on.
 Asked: 02/03/2005 I was just called back for additional screening.
 Asked: 04/17/2005 I am 48 years old. I was called back for additional views on my mammogram this year.
 Asked: 01/26/2005 hi i am 18 yrs old and i have pain in my right breast, it''s terrible and i can also feel a lump , i was just wondering what it could be?
 Asked: 02/24/2005 What does architectual distortion mean? I just had my first mamo and received a call back.
 Asked: 03/07/2005 i got a clear liquid coming out my breast and my period been unregular lately what do that mean?
 Asked: 04/01/2005 My tests came back from my mammogram, and they want to do a retake on my left breast.
 Asked: 04/03/2005 Hi,6 months ago I had a biopsy for microcacification and the results came back negative for cancer.I''ve just had my second mammo and the result...
 Asked: 02/03/2005 I am a 38 year old female and do not know my family history of breast cancer.I have had a small (bigger than a pea,...
 Asked: 01/18/2005 I had a mammogram without knowing that I was newly pregnant...was just 2 weeks at the time.
 Asked: 02/03/2005 My mother and maternal grandmother both had breast cancer.
 Asked: 02/24/2005 I am 37 years old and had a momagram.
 Asked: 03/07/2005 Another question...When the mammo comes back saying that they found a spot that is 1cm (if cancer)is this good that it''s 1cm? (better chance of...
 Asked: 04/14/2005 I Had breast cancer in 2001. Had a lumpectomy with 1 lymph node postive.The biopsy showed ductal and lobularbut the lumpectomy only lobular.
 Asked: 01/17/2005 Had a mamogram on 8/04. Felt something mid December 12/04 and had diagnostic mammogram(with computer aided detection)and ultrasound 1/10/05.
 Asked: 02/08/2005 I had a mammography prior to a breast reduction in 2002 that noted minimal calcifications to my recollection.
 Asked: 02/01/2005 I had a mammogram done on 12/30/04.
 Asked: 04/01/2005 I don''t know if you remember, but I wrote about a lump my mom had rated at 4.
 Asked: 02/12/2005 Hello again. You may recall that my wife (age 48) whose sister died last year from breast cancer asked to be put into a high risk assesment.
 Asked: 01/23/2005 I had a Bilateral Mammogram done on January 6, 2005.
 Asked: 02/15/2005 My mom had her first mammogram at age 50,The doctor ordered an ultra sound and they found a lump with the measurements of 15/9 mm.
 Asked: 02/18/2005 i found a knot on my 3month olds breast,what could that be.
 Asked: 01/11/2005 I am 36 years old. My baseline mammogram showed "loosely grouped microcalcifications." The magnification views showed "scattered small round calcification which appear benign.
 Asked: 03/10/2005 After my ob/gyn felt a "cyst" during my annual breast exam on left breast, 12:00, I was sent to have a mammogram and ultrasound,both reports...
 Asked: 04/14/2005 hi,i need to explaine. i thought i had a msmmo every year.
 Asked: 04/21/2005 When I went for my first mammography in 2002, the findings were that my breast architecture is heterogeneously dense in consistency.
 Asked: 03/19/2005 What does it mean when your Dr.
 Asked: 03/10/2005 Dear Breast Imaging Specialist, My most previous history occurred in 2001 when I had benign right breast biopsies, stereo 2 areas; and benign left breast...
 Asked: 03/05/2005 I recently had a breast ultrasound done because my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.
 Asked: 02/19/2005 why is so much compression necessary for a mamogram?
 Asked: 03/10/2005 I am 22 yrs old. Just had first mammo and ultrasound.
 Asked: 02/10/2005 My first mammo was taken at age 36 and was normal.
 Asked: 04/07/2005 I was recalled for mammogram after they found microcalcifications on routine examination in my right breast, i hae been told i will see a surgeon,...
 Asked: 03/09/2005 I am 40 years old. In 1986, I had a lump removed in my lower inner right breast.It was found to be a benign cyst.
 Asked: 03/16/2005 i just found out they found a palpable breast mass on my mamm back in 96 but never ordered a biopsy (they said it was...
 Asked: 01/26/2005 I recently had a regular mammogram, and the radiologist suggested a follow up ultrasound (because my breasts are dense and because my mother had breast...
 Asked: 03/05/2005 I''m 49, have had 5 excisional breast biopsies in the past.
 Asked: 02/16/2005 I had my routine yearly mammo last month and due to a suspicious lesion, I had an additional one two weeks later after an ultrasound.
 Asked: 01/18/2005 I just had my 3rd ultrasound done on a breast mass and my doctor told me that the margin looks suspicious and that I will...
 Asked: 04/20/2005 I am going to be menstruating on the day I get my mammogram and ultrasound.
 Asked: 03/18/2005 There are several unremarkable lymp nodes in the left axilla.
 Asked: 02/14/2005 what is a skin BB.
 Asked: 01/17/2005 The following is a preview of your modifications.
 Asked: 03/24/2005 Special views were taken of left breast.
 Asked: 04/20/2005 I''m 36 years old and just had my baseline mammogram.
 Asked: 01/25/2005 Hi....My question is what percentage of category 4 lumps end up being cancerous and benign.
 Asked: 03/09/2005 I am 43 years old and on my second mammogram there was an area of architectural distortion in my left breast.
 Asked: 03/31/2005 Does John Hopkins have a standard recommendation on the timing of the first mammogram after benign biopsies? Can you recommend any literature on this? I...
 Asked: 03/30/2005 My wife was diagnosed with DCIS in her left breast in January 2001.
 Asked: 02/02/2005 What exactly does atypical papilloma mean?
 Asked: 01/20/2005 i am rewquested after a mammogram to return for a bilateral special view mammogram.
 Asked: 02/18/2005 I have a palpable lump on my left breast that was not detectable on mammogram or with ultrasound.
 Asked: 04/17/2005 My mom goes on her annual mammogram every year, there is no history of breast cancer in the family, she takes vitamins everyday and excersises.
 Asked: 04/06/2005 I have had 3 mammograms and one ultra sound of the right breast.
 Asked: 04/14/2005 I am a 38 year old female,I have papillary thyroid cancer, I cannott have the other side of my thyroid removed or 131 radioactive iodine...
 Asked: 04/04/2005 I went for a follow-up diagnostic mammogram on right breast due to an asymmetrical density.
 Asked: 02/21/2005 I am being referred to a surgeon..after having a second ultra sound first ultra sound came back showing a fiboreadoum and it was question...
 Asked: 02/02/2005 I have been scheduled for a needle biopsy and ultrasound of the right breast after a screening mammagram found a lump.
 Asked: 04/12/2005 My Gyne found a mass on my right breast on routine exam and requested for a screening mammogram which was normal.
 Asked: 02/16/2005 I recently had a breast mri and it shows "significant" findings.
 Asked: 01/16/2005 I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago which showed focal cluster of 7-8 microcalcifications along the outer central breast, a magnified view was suggested and...
 Asked: 01/23/2005 My Mother went for her yearly mammogram.
 Asked: 04/20/2005 I had my yearly mammo done which required more compression spots and views.
 Asked: 03/13/2005 I just had a lump surgically removed.
 Asked: 02/19/2005 What does black shadowing on an ultrasound mean? what does white shawdowing or gray mean? And also does cancer hurt at the first stages...would it...
 Asked: 03/15/2005 I had my first mamogram in Oct.04 at age 41.
 Asked: 02/25/2005 Is it true that high intake of chocolate can give false positive indicators on mammagram examination?
 Asked: 04/01/2005 What benign findings would show as a solid well circumscribed solid oval mass that was hypoechoic and heterogeneous on ultrasound? And on the otherside what...
 Asked: 02/08/2005 What does a sold nodule in the breat mean? It is necessary to remove it? How will I know its cancerous?
 Asked: 01/29/2005 I wrote before about ultrasound results, and the surgeon saying it was just hormones and to just live with the pain.
 Asked: 02/19/2005 I recently received a copy of my MRI report.
 Asked: 03/15/2005 What does "heterogeneously" dense breast tissue mean?
 Asked: 04/11/2005 I am 48 years old. I was on birth control pills until August of 2004, when my Dr.
 Asked: 03/22/2005 I am 38 years old and had a bilateral mammogram and sonogram.
 Asked: 01/14/2005 I had a lumpectomy in 7/03. I am very small chested.
 Asked: 04/20/2005 I just got a call from my GYN office.
 Asked: 02/15/2005 I just went for my second mamogram and they have found a calcium deposit.
 Asked: 03/14/2005 What is a digital memogram?
 Asked: 02/12/2005 Had pet scan yesterday, it has showed a uptake not quite an suv 1, could this be a sore or bruise or craked rib?
 Asked: 01/18/2005 My sister in law''s GP found alump in her breast at her yearly pap.
 Asked: 04/07/2005 I am almost 42 years old and the results of my first mammogram showed a 1 cm area of increased density at 9:00 in my...
 Asked: 03/17/2005 I have had breast pain in the left breast that varies in intensity on different days and times following exercise etc..
 Asked: 03/12/2005 what does calcifications appear to be linearly oriented mean.
 Asked: 03/08/2005 In Dec ''00 I was diagnosed with very early breast cancer.

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