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Diagnostic mammogram's and other breast imaging questions.
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 Asked: 05/19/2003 Is it the standard of care for mammograms read as extremely dense breast tissue to be followed by an ultrasound?
 Asked: 05/13/2003 My mammogram showed a very small round spot on the lower left breast.
 Asked: 05/12/2003 My Dr. wants to evaluate my arm pits for enlarged lymph nodes and discussed MRI vs.
 Asked: 05/08/2003 I am a 57 year old postmenopausal women using the Viville Patch .0375 along with prometrium 200mg 10 days q3months.I had microcalcifictions on a mamogram...
 Asked: 05/07/2003 I have had 3 routine mammograms in my life.
 Asked: 05/05/2003 Thank you for being such an informative site for women.
 Asked: 04/29/2003 I have tried several times over the last three weeks to open the section of your home page titled: "Breast Cancer Diagnosis: New Approaches wtih MRI".
 Asked: 04/29/2003 My wife was recently diagnosed with "barely" Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia.
 Asked: 04/28/2003 how can I find a breast imaging center in my area? Recent mammo & ultrasound of small pea-sized lump that can be felt but not...
 Asked: 04/28/2003 Hi: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February.
 Asked: 04/24/2003 I had a basline mammogram two weeks ago, age 35.
 Asked: 04/24/2003 I have a friend in her 70''s who has implants (surprise!) and she has asked me to do a web search to find a facility...
 Asked: 04/24/2003 I''m 44 years old and just had my second screening mammogram.
 Asked: 04/20/2003 I had a second mammogram done , I was sent a letter, telling me, there was a rounded density in my right breast.
 Asked: 04/19/2003 What percentage of pleomorphic clusters of microcalcifications turn out to be benign? (BIRADS 4).
 Asked: 04/17/2003 I had a bilateral galatogram done because of bilateral breast discharge.
 Asked: 04/16/2003 Hello and thank you in advance for you time. My Background: I am a 5''4" 127 pound 35 year old with a (?)positive family history of breast...
 Asked: 04/16/2003 Do ultrasound transducers only get pictures of the area they are directly over on a breast? My technician kept the transducer on the upper right...
 Asked: 04/15/2003 I recently had a mammogram and found to have a Br.
 Asked: 04/13/2003 After a recent breast reduction DCIS was found in one breast and atypical hyperplasia in the other breast.
 Asked: 04/13/2003 I am 44 years old and just recently had a full body CT scan (by choice).
 Asked: 04/13/2003 I recently had a mammogram, then a call back for a digital mammogram to look at an area of calcification.
 Asked: 04/13/2003 Hi: I am a 49 year old that was found to have malignant lymph nodes most likely source a left breast occult primary adenocarcinoma.
 Asked: 04/09/2003 Does liposuction breast reduction surgery (as distinguished from traditional breast reduction surgery) increase the difficulty of detecting cancer via mammography (for example, because the breast...
 Asked: 04/07/2003 Hi: I am 49 years old and have had mammograms for the past 10 years, all normal.
 Asked: 04/02/2003 I had yearly mamagram. I had to go back to have a second one done only on the left breast-a magnification.
 Asked: 04/02/2003 I just turned 70 yrs. old Dec.''02.
 Asked: 03/13/2003 i am 41 years old and had my routine mammo and ultrasound, my mom and 2 aunts had breast cancer...i have had several needle aspirations,...
 Asked: 03/11/2003 How accurate is an ultrasound in determining whether a lump in the breast is liquid (a cyst) or mass/fibre ?
 Asked: 03/11/2003 I have a 4 cm lump in my breast, and because I am breast-feeding my 4 month baby, my breast surgeon has recommended an MRI.
 Asked: 03/04/2003 My mother has a lump in her breast the size of a silver dollar.
 Asked: 03/03/2003 I am 54 years old. I had my first routine mammogram a year and a half ago and was called in for a follow-up mammogram.
 Asked: 02/28/2003 I have an 8mm solid enhancing nodule in the left breast as seen with an mri with contrast.
 Asked: 02/28/2003 Last Thursday 2/20 I had a screening mammogram (since turning 40) and was called the next morning to come in for additional pictures.
 Asked: 02/28/2003 I just had a mammogram done and doctor said my breast is very dense in fybrocystic cysts and that they need removed.
 Asked: 02/28/2003 I am 35 and still nursing my 13 month old an average 3times per day.
 Asked: 02/28/2003 Hello....I went for my yearly mammogram last week and the technician needed to do one veiw over again.
 Asked: 02/20/2003 I,too, have been misled that only 20% of clustered calcifications are malignant.
 Asked: 02/19/2003 I am sorry to keep bugging you I meant to ask this in my first question but I also wanted to know - I had...
 Asked: 02/19/2003 Is there an advantage to going to the same physician for a mammogram as last year? What if nothing was found? I live in Vermont...
 Asked: 02/19/2003 what percentage of breast cancers do mammograms miss? What percentage of invasive breast cancer (lymph node involvement) are able to be cured?
 Asked: 02/19/2003 I had a small lump discovered a little over a year ago.
 Asked: 02/11/2003 I felt a lump in my right breast about two months ago and went to my doctor two weeks ago.
 Asked: 02/11/2003 I am a 36 year old female and in Sept.
 Asked: 02/04/2003 I recently had a breast ultra sound done due to a pain in my right breast.
 Asked: 02/04/2003 Can you please tell us a bit about radiation-free clinical thermography as a breast cancer screening tool or whether thermogrpahy can provide information about breast...
 Asked: 01/31/2003 My Grandaughter has a Fibridenoma.
 Asked: 01/29/2003 I have had yearly mammograms since age 36 and they were always read as numerous microcalcifications and very dense breast tissue.
 Asked: 01/24/2003 I had a mass biopsied 18 months ago on my right breast and it was a fibroadenoma and there was a fluid filled cyst that had blood in it.
 Asked: 01/24/2003 They found "something unusual " on the nipple of my left during amammogram.
 Asked: 01/16/2003 I was told that I have a fibroadenoma the surgeon wants to remove it.
 Asked: 01/13/2003 I recently underwent a needle localization biopsy.
 Asked: 01/09/2003 After many mammogram views the Radiologist informed me that he was having a hard time determining whether the calcifications that he was seeing were on...
 Asked: 01/13/2003 Could you explain the BI-RADS categories for mammograms.
 Asked: 01/07/2003 My sister had her first mammogram, which came back suspicious.
 Asked: 01/07/2003 I''m 25 years old, a couple of years a go while exercising with a 45 pound weight I felt like I injured mysefl.
 Asked: 01/07/2003 I stopped breast feeding 4 months ago, I started to have a pressure feeling in one breast then a week later noticed small spots of...
 Asked: 01/07/2003 I had my first baseline mammogram at age 37.
 Asked: 01/01/2003 Is pain killer given for the stereotactic breast xray?
 Asked: 01/01/2003 I had my mammography in November 2002.
 Asked: 12/30/2002 After a second mammogram I was told that I would have to have a steriotactic biopsy.
 Asked: 12/26/2002 I am 49, and had my normal gynecological exam in November, including breast exam.
 Asked: 12/23/2002 i was sent for a mammogram, then sent for an ultra sound as a couple of things showed on the x-ray, the ultrasound indicated a...
 Asked: 12/16/2002 About six months ago I had two complex cysts removed from my right breast.
 Asked: 04/04/2003 Several times at my mammogram facility, the tech has retaken images during a screening mammogram due to having my eyeglasses or hair on the head...
 Asked: 11/28/2002 I am 39 and recently found a lump in my breast.
 Asked: 11/26/2002 What is MIRA LUMA imaging? How does it differ diagnostically from MRI, MRI with contrast, and US?
 Asked: 11/24/2002 I have microcalcification in both breast.
 Asked: 11/17/2002 I went to my Dr. because of discomfort and discolored left breast nipple.
 Asked: 11/17/2002 My yearly mammogram report impression was "new right breast calcifications.
 Asked: 11/11/2002 My mother is in her late 40''s and has very sensitive breasts.
 Asked: 11/06/2002 Would you recommend digital mammography compared to regular mammograms? From what I am reading it is showing more tumors at an earlier stage.
 Asked: 11/06/2002 I get a burning in my left breast.
 Asked: 11/06/2002 My wife''s doctor has prescribed "diagnostic mammography" as opposed to "ordinary mammography".
 Asked: 11/01/2002 Just prior to my lumpectomy, I will be having a needle localization.
 Asked: 11/01/2002 My mother died of breast cancer. I had a yearly mamogram and they saw a spot and did a spot compression mamo gram and the same spot showed appeared but when they did an ultra sound they didn''t find anything.
 Asked: 10/29/2002 I am a 46 year old woman who is about to have my eighth breast excision; two on the left; six on the right.
 Asked: 10/26/2002 Called back for a second mammogram. I am a 47 year old last mammogram was fine.
 Asked: 10/26/2002 On a routine doctor exam, my doctor felt a thickening in my breast, so I had a diagnostic mammogram and and ultrasound, The radiologist said...
 Asked: 10/22/2002 I have been diagnosed with a 5 by 10 millimeter "probable" fribroadenoma.
 Asked: 10/22/2002 I recently had my annual mammogram and now being called back for something called coning and an ultrasound.
 Asked: 10/20/2002 A BB was placed on the 2 cm palpable lump.
 Asked: 10/06/2002 I recently had a mammogram, then ultrasound in one breast because of a change in some tissue in that breast.
 Asked: 10/04/2002 I have a clear, orange colored discharge from my right breast that does not occur spontaneously, only when I squeeze the nipple.
 Asked: 10/04/2002 I understand you should not have a mammogram when you are breastfeeding.
 Asked: 09/17/2002 If you have a calcium deposit for 4 years and a history of breast Ca.
 Asked: 09/17/2002 At what age should I get a mammogram if I''m having a Breast reduction? Does a breast reduction require a mammogram? Is a mammogram required...
 Asked: 09/13/2002 I have a Grade 1 1.1 cm tumor.
 Asked: 09/03/2002 Has it been proven that there is any correlation at all between mammography and cause and effect in breast cancer? Also, can a core biopsy...
 Asked: 08/28/2002 I was told to get a stereotactic biopsy after a mammogram that showed some beast microcalifications.
 Asked: 08/27/2002 my doctor has ordered a "Galacto-Gram".
 Asked: 08/16/2002 The compression of my breast for a mammogram really hurts.
 Asked: 08/16/2002 Why do they tell women to not use deodorant before getting a mammogram?
 Asked: 08/16/2002 When should I begin to get mammograms?

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