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Questions about Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Chemotherapy.
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 Asked: 12/22/2014 Thanx, so when you take Tamoxinfen does this cause hair loss or thinner hair always? Why do ladies say hair is thicker and cy then?
 Asked: 12/21/2014 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I''ve been diagnosed with TNBC and a recommended chemo treatment is ACx4 and TAXOL x12 OR TAX x 6.
 Asked: 12/21/2014 Hi is it true that FEC combined with Taxol is often associated with the issue of your hair not growing back at all? .
 Asked: 12/20/2014 Am age 57 had left breast lumpectomy 11/20/14 - IDC, grade 3, tumor size = 3.3 x 3.1 x 2.8.
 Asked: 12/19/2014 Is oncotype dx validated in invasive ductal ca I if the tumor is less than 0.5mm.
 Asked: 12/18/2014 I am 69 yrs old, 6mm DCIS removed by lumpectomy, 2 of 16 nodes positive.
 Asked: 12/18/2014 41 year old, 2.2 cm IDC left breast only.
 Asked: 12/15/2014 Oncotype 23 13% chance w/chemo 14% w/o.
 Asked: 12/15/2014 Will my brain get back to its "normal" self after chemotherapy? I can''t remember anything, long term memory and short term are messed up,...
 Asked: 12/15/2014 Hi, my wife was diagnosed with a grade 3 IDC and had a lumpectomy with extended margins.
 Asked: 12/14/2014 Hi I''m starting Dosetaxel, can you please tell me what it effect, etc teeth? Organs? Thanks again and keep up the great work! Regards ..
 Asked: 12/14/2014 I have a grade 3 ER+ ILC and two DCIS areas all in the same breast, and one positive node, awaiting BRCA test results.
 Asked: 12/14/2014 my mother is 60 years old and underwent left breast lumpectomy,frozen section,wide excision,axillary clearance and latissimus dorsi pedicled flap breast reconstruction on 10.12.14,please let me...
 Asked: 12/12/2014 My mother is 60 year old, with mucinous carcinoma of Right breast, Modified radical mastectomy was done.
 Asked: 12/12/2014 I''m 44 years old. recent diagnosis of ILC grade 2 tumor (4.7cm), axillary lympy node positive with core needle biopsy, lymphovasc invasion negative, ER/PR strong positive, Her2 negative.
 Asked: 12/12/2014 I am a 56 yo recently post-op left breast biopsy and implant exchange.
 Asked: 12/11/2014 I''m 68 yrs old and just had a lumpectomy to remove a 2.5 cm ILC tumor.
 Asked: 12/11/2014 I had a mastectomy 5 years ago as of Jan 2015.
 Asked: 12/11/2014 My sincere thanks for your response. My Onco score is back and it''s 16.
 Asked: 12/9/2014 IDC 2.5cm, ER+ , PR++, HER2 equivocal ( after IHC and FISH) - 1.51 ratio and 4.18 in HER2 .
 Asked: 12/8/2014 I got diagnosed breast cancer at age of 50 called poorly differentiated invasive ductel carcinom ,had a lumpectemy ,,9cm size biopsy and extra margins...
 Asked: 12/8/2014 you have stated that chemotherapy works on fast growing/splitting cells.
 Asked: 12/7/2014 just Dxed with IDC 1.9 cm. Clear margins after mastectomy (7 mm from chest wall).One mammary node and two sentinel nodes negative.
 Asked: 12/6/2014 I just had mastectomy on left breast with immediate expander.
 Asked: 12/6/2014 I am very interested in taking Artemisinin while I am on my Docetaxel chemotherapy.
 Asked: 12/4/2014 I am a 52 year old female.
 Asked: 12/3/2014 I am 67 years old. I had a lumpectomy on a tumor of 1.5 cm that is ER+, HER2-, Grade 2,No node involvement, Oncotype score of 21.
 Asked: 12/2/2014 I am 58 years old.
 Asked: 12/2/2014 On the fence on chemotherapy treatment. Oncotype score 18, stage 1 no nodes.
 Asked: 12/1/2014 I''m 45 with pT1B(m) N0(i-). I''ve had bilateral mastectomy and starting 4 cycles of chemotherapy soon (Oncotype score=31).
 Asked: 11/30/2014 Hi, my Aunt is 55yrs old and detected with TNBC, 4 cm tumour and KI67 score is 90.
 Asked: 11/30/2014 Does a ER+ 100% and a PR+ 3% make a difference in suggesting chemotherapy and tamoxifen/AI? I am HER2 negative by FISH as well.
 Asked: 11/29/2014 What is best way to decide chemo or Arimidix in a 66 year old woman with recent mastectomy of right breast and onco score of 24?
 Asked: 11/29/2014 I had a lump 1.2 cm found in August and removed in Sept.
 Asked: 11/29/2014 back to your response to, 59 yo 1.5 cm grade 2 onoctype 18 mitotic rate 1 ki67 low (7) lumpectomy clean margins oncologist recommends chemo.
 Asked: 11/28/2014 59 yrs old, had lumpectomy and sn biopsy.
 Asked: 11/28/2014 I was diagnosed three years ago (in Europe) with stage one Er & PR negative, HER-2 "weakly positive" BC, and had a quadrantectomy followed by...
 Asked: 11/28/2014 Recently diagnosed stage 1, grade 2, IDC.
 Asked: 11/28/2014 My 46-year-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1 with no lymph node involvement and clear margins after lumpectomy.
 Asked: 11/26/2014 Is it true that chemo must start no longer than 6 weeks from lumpectomy? dose chemo differ from place to another? Could one place miss someone...
 Asked: 11/25/2014 Hi, Thank you so much for responding to my question on 11/21. I have a follow up question, just to basing my decision of "no...
 Asked: 11/25/2014 11/24/2014I have invasive lobular cancer with bone mets, 99% estrogen positive, 90%progesterone positive, her2+++, brca2+.
 Asked: 11/24/2014 I have invasive lobular cancer with bone mets, 99% estrogen positive, 90%progesterone positive, her2+++, brca2+.
 Asked: 11/23/2014 I am 41 woman. 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma after screening of a lesion unchanged in a 1 year period.
 Asked: 11/23/2014 I have had TC chemo (neoadjuvant) prior to 2 surgeries, reduction ressection & axillary clearance.
 Asked: 11/22/2014 Oncotype score 16, age 39, 20mm grade 3 tumour with LVI, N0.
 Asked: 11/22/2014 Diagnosed with stage 1 grade 2 ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 11/21/2014 Hi, I am 45yo, diagnosed with multicentric IDC (1.5cm,1.4cm,.08cm).
 Asked: 11/20/2014 I am a 56 yr old s/p DCIS left breast 1997, estrogen positive.
 Asked: 11/19/2014 I am 72yrs old.two weeks ago .l had a infiltrating duct carcinoma Nos, grade lll Score 8/9 and pr negative.
 Asked: 11/15/2014 Do you treat patients with ER-/PR+ breast cancer with hormone therapy? If so, any data for this? Which hormone therapy?
 Asked: 11/15/2014 Stage 1 grade 3 invasive ductal ca 2 lesions 1.3 and 1.6.
 Asked: 11/15/2014 I am a 45 yr old with IDC, 3.5cm tumor, ER+PR+HER2-, ultrasound on lymph nodes was negative.
 Asked: 11/15/2014 REVISED.... There is no cancer in the Lymph nodes....I am a 52 year old and pre-menopausal.
 Asked: 11/15/2014 Is chemotherapy necessary for treatment of DCIS high grade type?
 Asked: 11/15/2014 I have Stage 2A Grade 1 ER+ PR+ HER2-, lumpectomy is suggested.
 Asked: 11/14/2014 I am a 52 year old and pre-menopausal.
 Asked: 11/13/2014 I was diagnose with IDC on Oct, 24 2014.
 Asked: 11/12/2014 Is it normal to have elevated liver enzymes (ALT =47) after finishing chemo in April, rads in August of this year? Also, post chemo, I...
 Asked: 11/11/2014 What happens when your taxol is held for 3-4 weeks?? Due to a URI sounds ridulous but I think cancer should come first over holding...
 Asked: 11/10/2014 Are there any targeted chemo treatments for stage IIb, grade 3, Estrogen+,Progesterone +, HER2- breast cancer that can be used in a pre-menopausal women of...
 Asked: 11/10/2014 Follow-up to "59 , 1.5 cm...oncotype/chemo ques... Yes, know it''s personal but having a tough time deciding/understanding as I''m not sure if 4% is enough for...
 Asked: 11/10/2014 AM 59, 1.5CM IDC, stage 1b (microstat in sentinel node 1, not 2) grade 2, ER & PR+, Her-2neg, lumpectomy, oncotype score 27. My oncotype test...
 Asked: 11/9/2014 I am 60 yo women dx with IDC er+ pr+ stage 3a , 2.5cm tumor with 4 lymph nodes positive largest .9cm ( 1 just...
 Asked: 11/8/2014 My mom is 73 yrs old...her2+ and estrogen driven BC.
 Asked: 11/6/2014 DX with BID CA in August, stage 1 have undergone lumpectomy with sentinal node removal, report 1.3 CM moderately differienciated tumor, grade2, Estrogen Positive, Prog
 Asked: 11/6/2014 I am 30 years old Dx IDC (with small areas of DCIS within the tumor) 4cm, ER/PR positive, HER2 negative right breast.
 Asked: 11/6/2014 My sister had a breast biopsy last week and they diagnosed a 9 mm tumor as invasive ductal with micropapillary features.
 Asked: 11/5/2014 I am 36 years old, DX IDC, left breast, Stage I, multifocal, biggest focus had 0,6mm (total tumor area estimated in less than 1,5cm), Grade2,...
 Asked: 11/5/2014 It seems that OncotypeDx testing is trumping all other pathology markers.
 Asked: 11/5/2014 In a cancer diagnosis of breast cancer "Stage 3 double negative" what does the "double negative"mean?
 Asked: 11/4/2014 Follow-up to ques to response below re: 59 yr old CMF vs TC Are the side effects worse with TC and what can I expect? A little scared..
 Asked: 11/4/2014 Need help deciding between CMF & TC chemo tx Am 59, 1.5 cm IDC, stage 1b (micrometastisi in sentinel node 1, not 2..both removed), grade 2,...
 Asked: 11/4/2014 I am 61 years old, BRCA 2 mutation positive, Stage1 invasive ductal carcinoma, size 6mm, Her2 negative, Estrogen 100% positive, PR Alfred score 3:8,...
 Asked: 11/3/2014 I am 67 years old, ER+ & PR+, HER2-, 2 Class-1-positive tumors, double mastectomy on 7/29/14, positive lymph node + 1 removed.
 Asked: 11/2/2014 My ONCOdx test cited 1% benefit from chemo, so I decided not to do chemo.
 Asked: 11/2/2014 I have been diagnosed wiht breast cancer and have just undergone total mastectomy and sentinel node .
 Asked: 11/1/2014 Will an anthracycline and taxane based regime deliver any prognostic benefit other than achieved by amenorrhea? I''m pre-menopausal with a resected 20mm tumour, grade 3,...
 Asked: 10/31/2014 Hello, Does chemo always cause problems with the salivary glands even if they are not the focus of treatment? I''ve heard of people getting dry throats...
 Asked: 10/30/2014 I am age 56. Had left breast simple mastectomy (2.5cm invasive carcinoma) in May 2014.
 Asked: 10/29/2014 I have triple negative invasive ductal anenoid cystic breast cancer.
 Asked: 10/29/2014 I asked a previous question about being triple negative prior to mastectomy and PR positive after and you asked how positive is the PR? ...
 Asked: 10/29/2014 Before mastectomy the diagnosis was Triple negative per the breast biopsy but after mastectomy the pathology report states ER negative PR positive.
 Asked: 10/29/2014 Hello, I am 68, good health stage 11A invasive bc, onotype score 26, 15/13% risk range er 98% strong staining, pr 2% weak staining, negative fish...
 Asked: 10/29/2014 42, stage 1A, invasive ductal carcinoma, grade ll (intermediate), sentinel node negative, tumor size 0.9cm, ER positive, PR positive, HER-2 negative.
 Asked: 10/28/2014 Hello, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago.
 Asked: 10/28/2014 I am trying to decide if I should get chemo therapy.
 Asked: 10/28/2014 Had a 9mm breast ca in left breast.
 Asked: 10/28/2014 Relative (42) just diagnosed with stage IIb, 2 cm, 1 lymph node (T1N1), ER+, PR+, equivocal HER2.
 Asked: 10/26/2014 If oncotype score is 19, are the percentages with/without chemo accurate? Mine are same 12 and 12, yet doctor recommends chemo If percentages are...
 Asked: 10/26/2014 Does JHU ever make a treatment decision based on mammaprint? How often? Why or why not?
 Asked: 10/26/2014 can I trust mammaprint low score with one positive node? Why would my doctor order this if she was not going to change decision based on...
 Asked: 10/25/2014 Oncotype score 19, mammaprint result low!! Tumor was 1.5 cm, ER + with 1 lymph node-positive. Both doctors recommend RXPonder trial for me where I have...
 Asked: 10/25/2014 have stage 1, grade 3, er-, pr+, 9mm left breast ca.
 Asked: 10/24/2014 I read many women/tumors don''t respond to Taxanes.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 Does duration of filgrastim matter very much? I have one onc telling me to start 1 day after infusion and administer for 3 or 4...
 Asked: 10/22/2014 My mother is 71 yrs and recently detected to have Ca breast MRM done with axillary clearance.
 Asked: 10/20/2014 51 year old. Had 9mm lump removed in July 2014.
 Asked: 10/19/2014 what is an academic breast center? Is Smillow at Yale an academic breast center? Are there any in CT? How can I find a list?

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