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Questions about Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Chemotherapy.
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 Asked: 10/24/2016 My mom had mastectomy on 8/7/16. Oncologist suggested us to go with 6×FEC regimen and after with Hormonal therepy.
 Asked: 10/23/2016 I am 58, Stage 1a left breast.
 Asked: 10/22/2016 Diagnosed with her2 positive, stage 1a,estrogen negative age 40 recommended TCH 6 cycles every 3 weeks and herceptin for the remainder of year is this too aggressive
 Asked: 10/21/2016 Hello. I am 37 years old, Grade 2/stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma and scattering of DCIS of the right breast only, left breast was clear, tumor size 2.5, had bilateral mastectomy on 10/3/2016, no lymph node involvement, ER positive HER negative, clear margins..
 Asked: 10/19/2016 Hello, I am a healthy 55 yo, IDC, Grade 2 (3/2/1), no LVI, 95%ER, 5%PR, Oncotype 23 (ER 8.2, PR 5.5), Her2 negative +1.
 Asked: 10/18/2016 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma on 8.26.16 Had lumpectomy on 9/22.16 pathology indicated 1.4 cm tumor 1/3 nodes , 3mm macromets...
 Asked: 10/18/2016 As a follow up, (wife is 37, TNBC, no nodal impact, BRCA negative, tumor size of about 5 cm) we have completed only 2 rounds...
 Asked: 10/14/2016 54 year old, post-menopausal, Stage 1, 1.2 cm tumor, ER/PR +, HER -, Genetic study clear -- no BRCA 1 or 2.
 Asked: 10/14/2016 Wife is 37 years old - diagnosed with 2a TNBC: 4-5cm tumor, no nodal impact, BRCA negative.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 Hi Lillie my path report..
 Asked: 10/10/2016 Hi i am a 53 year old pre menopausal women with a T3N0M0 grade 2, 5.2 cm ILC ER/PR +++, Her-.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 My mother is 63 presented with a screen detected cancer on routine mammo.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 Hello! I''m 42 and I was triple positive IDC 14mm G3 lumpectomy wth clean margins and clean lynphonodes.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 Is .4mm considered clean margin for Dcis with mastectomy there was no ink on tumour is reexcision needed..Thank you.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 Is it right to do a mastectomy at this stage and get a chemotherapy drug prior to complete test results? I had a lumpectomy done for a breast lump .
 Asked: 10/9/2016 Hello... I am 29 and was recently diagnosed with invasive ductal ca.
 Asked: 10/8/2016 Hello again, and thank you for answering my question about potential chemotherapy efficacy for my IDC that is ER+/PR+/HER- and that is T2bN1M0 but low...
 Asked: 10/7/2016 Hello, I am 54 and 1 year postmenopausal.
 Asked: 10/5/2016 Just had bilateral mastectomy L breast lobular carcinoma 56 mm one LN in outer quadrant/ axillary tail + for cancer no extracapsular extension previous...
 Asked: 10/4/2016 Anything that would help make decision after intermediate Oncotype of 23. Hello, I am 55 with IDC, grade 2, 1.6cm.
 Asked: 10/3/2016 43 year old woman - stage 1c, grade 1, ER+PR+, HERS(2) -.
 Asked: 10/1/2016 I am ER/Pr positive her2 negative oncotype 18 with 1 known positive lymph.
 Asked: 9/26/2016 I completed neoadjuvant chemotherapy (AC, taxol, Tykerb, & Herceptin,which I will complete 1 yr total) followed by a bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 9/25/2016 For those deciding on chemo in the intermediate score, I understand Genomic Health has a tool that includes clinical & pathological info to enhance the...
 Asked: 9/24/2016 Lillie, I am the mom who asked a question about my daughter''s diagnosis of adriamycin induced cardiomyopathy.
 Asked: 9/23/2016 I have pr+ er+ HER- breast cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 9/22/2016 If PR+ only 5% (moderately staining), is my BC considered PR+ or PR- ? .
 Asked: 9/22/2016 My daughter finished ACT chemo and radiation for stage 3A breast cancern summer of 2014.
 Asked: 9/19/2016 While doing chemotherapy I was told to not take a multivitamin or vitamin C is that correct? Why?
 Asked: 9/15/2016 58yrs, multicentric ILC, tumor sizes 8mm and 5mm.
 Asked: 9/15/2016 continuation..... Onco score of 26 ER+ 11.7 PR+7.1 HER2-9.9 Chemo is recommended.
 Asked: 9/15/2016 Had my first round of AC last week.
 Asked: 9/14/2016 I am premenopausal , Stage 2b , 1-3 positive nodes .
 Asked: 9/11/2016 I have been diagnosed with stage 2a breast cancer.
 Asked: 9/8/2016 im stage 2b with oncotype score of six,ER positive,PR positive,Her Negative.
 Asked: 9/8/2016 Hello my significant other had trouble with nipple sparing double mastectomy/reconstruction.
 Asked: 9/7/2016 I have undergone 5 rounds of TCHP for a 3cm HER+ tumor no node involvement per biopsy performed before chemo on 2 swollen nodes.
 Asked: 9/6/2016 I had a lumpectomy and SNB in June.
 Asked: 9/5/2016 Oncogene score of 20 with 12% chemo and tamoxifen and 12% tamoxifen.
 Asked: 9/5/2016 Hi Lillie I want really thank you for your time and guidance and helping distressed women on this site..l''m 36 yrs old was diagnosed with...
 Asked: 9/5/2016 Age 62 ILC, 1.1 cm, ER+ 100%, PR+ 5% (PR neg.
 Asked: 9/5/2016 Re IDC, if only sentinel node was cancerous - no other affected lymph nodes - is it unlikely that cancer cells have traveled elsewhere in...
 Asked: 9/3/2016 Does DDC have application in 57-yr old following lumpectomy, one affected node, ER+, onco score 28? .
 Asked: 9/3/2016 I had cancer in my left breast behind the nipple 1.7 cm immediately started in chemo adjuvant therapy mastectomy on left breast advanced radiation.
 Asked: 9/2/2016 Age 39 after breast radiotherapy ( six months ) have a block of solids such as stone chest Is this normal ?
 Asked: 9/1/2016 I''m 40 years old DX at 39.5 yrs with ILC original diagnosis was atypia then lump was removed.
 Asked: 8/29/2016 I had DCIS grade 3 & After mastectomy surgery IDC was found 1.2mm in the breast...also 1mm cell found in a sentinel node (my luck)...
 Asked: 8/29/2016 What was general prognosis, before Herceptin''s arrival in 1998, for HER2-positive patients? I am trying to convince a friend that Herceptin is not an option...
 Asked: 8/28/2016 Hi, the decision for chemotherapy is being left to me, as I am borderline for the benefits outweighing risks.
 Asked: 8/26/2016 I had been daignosed with breast cancer, I did a mastectomy on my right breast.
 Asked: 8/25/2016 Is it possible to regain periods after a year and some months without one? I have had PCOS since my 20s with irregular periods and hirsutysm.
 Asked: 8/23/2016 Are there chemotherapy pointers for nails? During chemotherapy is it okay if I have fake nails over my real ones and wear nail polish? I...
 Asked: 8/22/2016 have stage IIb Grade , tumor size 2.5 IDC grade 2, clear margin- bilateral mastectomy, 2 of 3 sentinel nodes positive for micro metastases...
 Asked: 8/22/2016 I had a mastectomy on July 28, 2016 for stage 2N1aMo Invasive lobular cancer.
 Asked: 8/22/2016 My 36 year old wife diagnosed with invasive carcinoma with poorly formed infiltrative tubules.
 Asked: 8/22/2016 I have stage IIb Grade , tumor size 2.5 IDC grade 2, clear margin- bilateral mastectomy, 2 of 3 sentinel nodes positive for micro metastases...
 Asked: 8/19/2016 My 77 year old friend just found out that she has breast cancer (5 cm) with lymph node involvement.
 Asked: 8/19/2016 I have had lumpectomy for triple negative grade 3 invasive ductal cancer, tumor was found to be 5mm stage 1A, four nodes tested and no...
 Asked: 8/19/2016 To Chemo or not to Chemo. I''m in that gray area in which study results are not in.
 Asked: 8/18/2016 I had right mastectomy for 2 IDC tumors 7cms and 10cms, clear margins, no nodes and recent clear PT CT.
 Asked: 8/17/2016 I have been reading you telling others that chemo is not very effective for ILC breast cancer is that true? thank you.
 Asked: 8/17/2016 Hi Lillie-you gave me peace of mind in April-hope you can do it again! Here is my info-IDCgrade 3, Lymph node neg., Lymphovas.
 Asked: 8/17/2016 I am a 46 year old premenopause just had double mastectomy for stage 2 b tumor 4cm /2 positive nodes out of 6 taken oncotype...
 Asked: 8/17/2016 My mom is 62yo and has been diagnosed with stage 2 ILC.
 Asked: 8/16/2016 Staging question. "...tumor showed a 1.1 cm invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 8/16/2016 Hello I underwent chemotherapy for stage 1 bc.
 Asked: 8/16/2016 Post menopausal, bilateral lumpectomies. ER+, PR+, Her2-, grade 2, stage 2B, 2/3 +nodes, extremely dense breasts, left atypical ductal hyperplasia, right tumor 2.1 cm w/lymphovascular invasion.
 Asked: 8/15/2016 I am 62 years old, IDC 8mm Stage 1 Er and Pr + Her -,NO oncotype 9, lumpectomy followed by 20 rads with boost.
 Asked: 8/15/2016 My wife was diagnosed with TNBC a year ago.
 Asked: 8/14/2016 My oncodx score was 23 with a 3 %benefit from chemo.
 Asked: 8/13/2016 I am a 67 year old female and have been diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3, triple negative in my left breast.
 Asked: 8/13/2016 with stage1 grade1 invasive ductal carcinoma of breast, is chemo effective on grade1 tumor?
 Asked: 8/13/2016 54 years old, diagnosed on 5/16/2016 with invasive ductal carcinoma, 1cm in size stage1 grade1, node negative, oncotype score 13.
 Asked: 8/13/2016 Hi! I''d like to know what are the short term and long term side effects and health risks, health issues of having gone through a...
 Asked: 8/13/2016 I''m 62 with ILC 2.3 cm (pT2N0M0) stage 2, grade 2, no lymph nodes involved (bilateral mastectomy).
 Asked: 8/12/2016 I am a 67 year old with In situ and invasive ductal carcinoma, Estrogen Positive, 90% moderate to strong intensity staining, Progesterone receptors Positive 75%...
 Asked: 8/11/2016 I just submitted the question about the significance of a 4% benefit of chemo with an oncotype score of 22.
 Asked: 8/11/2016 60 years old. Stage 1c IDC, grade 3.
 Asked: 8/11/2016 37yo wife diagnosed with DCIS, 5cm, 0.1 invasive, ER+ and PR+, nodes seem to be negative.
 Asked: 8/11/2016 I''m 62 with ILC 2.3 cm (pT2N0M0) stage 2, grade 2, no lymph nodes involved (bilateral mastectomy).
 Asked: 8/11/2016 Good morning.I''m very grateful you take your time to answer our doubts.
 Asked: 8/11/2016 How many chemo give for a first stage breast cancer and if give a lot chemo to patient what effect on the patient .
 Asked: 8/8/2016 61 years old from greece, Could you please advise me what chemo drugs should be better , Because Ive visited 3 doctors two of...
 Asked: 8/8/2016 Is it common to give taxotere, carboplatin, herceptin and perjeta together in infusion as a neoadjuvant treatment? .
 Asked: 8/8/2016 Hello im 61 years old woman with , 2,5 cm tumor that contained insitu herbs microcalcifications and idc grade 3 her negative er positive...
 Asked: 8/8/2016 is chemo recommended for 77 year old female, otherwise in good health, with 1.7 cm tumor, no lymph node involvement, no spreading in margins, triple...
 Asked: 8/7/2016 Lillie, I am the "dense" patient who asked about the 60% recurrence.
 Asked: 8/5/2016 Just had a reoccurrence of breast cancer 22 yrs.
 Asked: 8/5/2016 Lillie, please forgive how dense I am but I am still confused.
 Asked: 8/5/2016 With an OncotypeDX score of 20 (low intermediate) should a weak Pr% play a role in my chemo/no chemo decision? If so, how should I...
 Asked: 8/5/2016 41 year old woman with 5cm lesion, unilateral matectomy, estrogen + progesterone + her 2 negative, 9 of 10 nodes had tumors, stage 3a, chemo...
 Asked: 8/5/2016 Hello. You told a patient who is stage 3A, 6cm tumor and 5/10 positive nodes, that she is very high risk for mets later.
 Asked: 8/4/2016 Hello! I''m 42 and I had a lumpectomy with clear margins 14 mm IDC, Grade 3, triple positive, no lynphonodes involved.
 Asked: 8/4/2016 I have been diagnosed with ILC, stage 3A (6+ cm), grade 2, with 5 out of 10 positive nodes with 10 mm of cancer cells...
 Asked: 8/3/2016 I received an oncotype score of 26.
 Asked: 8/3/2016 I received an oncotype score of 26.
 Asked: 8/2/2016 My cousin is in her 60''s and has breast cancer, HR+ but has five nodes infected.
 Asked: 8/2/2016 68 yo with infiltrating ductal grade 2 receptor positive HER negative, 2/4 nodesl positive What is likely survival with radiation/estrogen blocker? What impact of chemotherapy...
 Asked: 7/31/2016 Chemotherapy or no chemotherapy? Can you predict what percent chemo would reduce the risk of recurrence? 62yoF TAH and BSO Invasive Ductal 11mm Grade 2 Node negative ER pos PR pos HER2...
 Asked: 7/29/2016 hi its me again...i think its axillary dissection only upto level 2 nodes are dissected and sent for histopathology..she led a normal life la ?..

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