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Questions about Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Chemotherapy.
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 Asked: 8/2/2016 68 yo with infiltrating ductal grade 2 receptor positive HER negative, 2/4 nodesl positive What is likely survival with radiation/estrogen blocker? What impact of chemotherapy...
 Asked: 7/31/2016 Chemotherapy or no chemotherapy? Can you predict what percent chemo would reduce the risk of recurrence? 62yoF TAH and BSO Invasive Ductal 11mm Grade 2 Node negative ER pos PR pos HER2...
 Asked: 7/29/2016 hi its me again...i think its axillary dissection only upto level 2 nodes are dissected and sent for histopathology..she led a normal life la ?..
 Asked: 7/28/2016 my mother is 47yrs old.diagnosed as DCIS 6months back.she undergone wide excision and axillary dissection.stage pT1N0M0.node negative but er/pr neg and her2neu+ ki67 50% now...
 Asked: 7/27/2016 I had lumpectomy for stage 1 invasive ductile breast cancer with 2 negative lymph nodes and no cancer in margin.
 Asked: 7/27/2016 I have stage 1 invasive left breast cancer with neg nodes x2, clear margins, ER,PR pos,her2neg, 1cm, ki67 30, oncogene 27, mammaprint high risk, I...
 Asked: 7/27/2016 left breast lumpectomy, invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 2, stage 3A, 12 lymph node removed 4 positive .
 Asked: 7/27/2016 What is the latest thinking regarding treatment for Triple Negative breast cancer which has metastasized to the lymphatic system? .
 Asked: 7/27/2016 I am 49years old premenopausal Breast cancer stage 2A ER+ PR+ HER2 negative with 3 lyhph node positive out of the 19 removed at my mastectomy.
 Asked: 7/26/2016 In 2009 I had right Mastectomy for extensive DCIS grade 3 with comedo necrosis.
 Asked: 7/25/2016 diagnosed 6 weeks ago with invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 7/25/2016 What does Johns Hopkins consider as the minimum number of millimeters acceptable for a clear surgical margin? (Clear enough so that re-excision isn''t...
 Asked: 7/24/2016 I had a biopsy on 6-24-2016 showed er 100% or 90% ihc 2t.
 Asked: 7/24/2016 My wife did a lumpectomy - 1.5 cm x 1.0 cm, IDC, grade 2, stage 1.
 Asked: 7/24/2016 Per your question, I think it is stage 1a, grade 1.
 Asked: 7/22/2016 I had a lumpectomy - 1.5 cm, IDC, grade 1, stage 1.
 Asked: 7/22/2016 My wife is 60 years old with triple positive breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/22/2016 I had a 7mm IDC tumor, ER+/PR-, HER2-.
 Asked: 7/21/2016 I mistyped earlier. I have a 2.3cm invasive lobular carcinoma, Stage 2, GRADE 2 Estrogen positive, Progesterone Positive, Her2 Negative, that was found in my right lower breast (rather deep) after a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 7/20/2016 Hello all. I have a 2.3cm invasive lobular carcinoma, Stage 2, Grade 3, Estrogen positive, Progesterone Positive, Her2 Negative, that was found in my right lower breast (rather deep) after a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 7/20/2016 I am 42 years old. Diagnosed with invasive DCIS ER+ PR- HER2 + Five lymph nodes removed 2 of them positive.
 Asked: 7/17/2016 Dear Lilie i was reading on net that oncotype DX predicts both recurrence likelihood and the sensitivity of tumor on chemo drugs to decide if chemo...
 Asked: 7/12/2016 Hello. I am 30 years old and recently underwent a lumpectomy which showed clear margins and no node involvement.
 Asked: 7/12/2016 I am mid 60''s female with T1A (.4cm) breast cancer which is also Her 2 positive/ ER negative.
 Asked: 7/12/2016 There were three test for Her2 and first two were equivical.
 Asked: 7/11/2016 I am 50, stage one, 1.1 cm tumor, grade 3, node negative, er/pr+,Her2 neg, completed double mastectomy 5 weeks ago.
 Asked: 7/10/2016 Oncogene 20, 2/3 nodes positive, no further axillary surgery p/Z11 studies.
 Asked: 7/10/2016 Triple negative BC , ki57:42%, no lymph node involvement , no vascular involvement ,2.3cm .
 Asked: 7/10/2016 65 year old, er+, pr+, her2neu-, 2 out of 3 nodes positive for cancer.
 Asked: 7/10/2016 56 yr old woman, 3.0 cm grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma, six negative lymph nodes, ER 50% with intermediate staining, PR 1-5% with strong staining,...
 Asked: 7/6/2016 I have stage 1, 1cm clear margins, neg nodes x 2,.
 Asked: 7/6/2016 I have a grade 2 small tumour and it was removed via lumpectomy it is invasive and estrogen loving.
 Asked: 7/6/2016 Age 72 was diagnosed with stage 1 and had a lumpectomy.
 Asked: 7/6/2016 I am 47 years old, premenopausal, and diagnosed with stage 3a Grade 1 invasive lobular carcinoma.
 Asked: 7/5/2016 2 months ago I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer (size 2cm x 3 cm, had a lumpectomy and pathology found Estrogen positive (11.8) and...
 Asked: 7/5/2016 Hello , i am a 37 year old women diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma , tumor was 0.8 mm and micro metastasis was found in 2 sentinel nodes.
 Asked: 7/3/2016 Bilateral mastectomy in Jan 2016. Micro metastasis in 1 sentinol node.
 Asked: 7/1/2016 Hello My mother had MRM last week Pathological stage is -T2 N0 M0. The other report says ( Report from India) CASE FOR IHC ,Breast Carcinoma (Received two...
 Asked: 6/30/2016 Hello, I am a 58 years old, post-menopausal, tumor 1,4cm grade2,N0, ER+ 80%, PR+ 80%, Her2 neg.
 Asked: 6/29/2016 hi i''m 55 with ILC 2 lesions 4mm and 13mm, margins not clear more BCT surgery planned with radiation and hormonal treatment.
 Asked: 6/28/2016 Hello I have a question about delay to Adjuvant treatment due to complications for nipple sparing mastectomy.
 Asked: 6/27/2016 I''m conflicted whether or not to elect chemotherapy in addition to radiation + endocrine therapy following partial mastectomy...My Oncotype RS was 11 (w/ notation recurrence...
 Asked: 6/26/2016 Hi iam having age 51 years 2.5 cm of invasive breast carsinoma tumer triple nagative no lympyponodes effected and surgery done mrm.
 Asked: 6/26/2016 Invasive mucinous carcinoma grade 2 4 cm, no lymph node.
 Asked: 6/24/2016 Hi: I am 50 years old pre menopausal.I was Dx with ILC grade 1 pT1c (sn)pN0(I+).
 Asked: 6/23/2016 Hi, I am 42 female with the following history: BRCA 1 and 2 negative Diagnosed with lymphoma in 2008 in my stomach -> R-CHOP as treatment...
 Asked: 6/23/2016 My mom was dx in November 2014 and it recurrence in a year with stage IV , she has mammograms every six months on both...
 Asked: 6/23/2016 Hello, I am 64 age diagnosed with IDC grade 2 tumor 1cm, limp nodes clear ER+(8.7), PR+ (7.4), HER2 Neg, Ki-67 69.23, Ck5/6 not over...
 Asked: 6/23/2016 44 years old 8mm grade 2 tumor hormone receceptor positive Her2 negative, high risk according to mammaprint,pre-menopausal,2 sentinel nodes found to have micrometastis
 Asked: 6/23/2016 44 years old 8mm grade 2 tumor hormone receceptor positive Her2 negative, high risk according to mammaprint,pre-menopausal,2 sentinel nodes found to have micrometastis
 Asked: 6/22/2016 Hello my sister was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.
 Asked: 6/21/2016 I am a 54 year old woman that just had a left mastectomy with SLNB(-ve) to remove infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 3 found in my...
 Asked: 6/18/2016 I have invasive ducal Breast cancer - stage 2 grade 2 with 2 positive lymph nodes which showed high cancerous activity.
 Asked: 6/18/2016 HELLOW! I''m 52 years old and I have left NST carcinoma with ER 95% positive, PGR 85% positive, HER 2 neu negative, Ki 67 positive...
 Asked: 6/18/2016 I am 35 y/o with a BC is 20% IDC and 80%Muscinos ...
 Asked: 6/18/2016 My wife 41 (premenopausal) was diagnosed with ILC, (grade 2, stage 2) she initially underwent Breast Concervation Surgery, however after pathology was done, the surgeon...
 Asked: 6/18/2016 I asked this question earlier and forgot one important test that was done. "I am 64 with LBC 2.2 cm tumor ,1 lymph node , ER+ PR+ HER2 - .
 Asked: 6/17/2016 I am 64 with LBC 2.2 cm tumor ,1 lymph node , ER+ PR+ HER2 - .
 Asked: 6/17/2016 I am 35 y/o with a BC is 20% IDC and 80%Muscinos ...
 Asked: 6/17/2016 I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my right breast.
 Asked: 6/15/2016 I am 56, diagnosed with Grade II invasive ductal carcinoma, ER/PR+, HER2+ by dual ISH (ratio 3.5).
 Asked: 6/15/2016 My stage 1, grade 2 ILC was 1.1cm.
 Asked: 6/15/2016 Age 62. ILC, 1.1cm ER+ 100% , PR+ 5% HER2 neg (+1).
 Asked: 6/14/2016 I''m 50. Had lumpectomy 5/27/16.
 Asked: 6/14/2016 i am 50, diagnosed idc breast cancer, stage 1, grade 3, 1.1 cm er/pr+, Her2 equiv.
 Asked: 6/13/2016 I am being treated for breastcancer, Taxotere/Cytoxan/Herceptin every 3 weeks.
 Asked: 6/13/2016 I am a 66 year old woman with a newly diagnosed Stage 1 Grade 3 breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/13/2016 3 months out from 4 cycles of TC that I handled with very little side effects.
 Asked: 6/13/2016 My wife is 61, had a stage 2a tumour in one breast,ER/PR positive HER negative, 3 lymph nodes involved- had axillary node dissection.
 Asked: 6/12/2016 My tumor was ER positive, Her-2 negative and Oncotype Dx score was 16: indicating a 10% risk of reaccurrence at 10 years.
 Asked: 6/10/2016 My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 74.
 Asked: 6/9/2016 Why would I need chemo if my Oncotype Dx score is 16? My tumor was ER positive, Her-2 negative..
 Asked: 6/9/2016 Do you consider chemo for 3mm id with micrometasis to one lymph node and it is tnbc stage 1 what will be my prognosis I''m 36 years...thank you...
 Asked: 6/6/2016 I am 55, had lumpectomy on 5/4/16, 1.2cm lump removed, started in duct but broke through duct.
 Asked: 6/6/2016 My wife is 35, with a 4.5 cm IDC ER+/PR+, her2 negative, grade 2 with sentinel node negative.
 Asked: 6/6/2016 I''m 48, had bilateral mastectomy, ILC pleomorphic pattern, multifocal, mBR grade III (of III), max invasive tumor dimension 4.4cm, margins & lymph nodes - negative,...
 Asked: 6/2/2016 my wife has just been diagnosed with her2 breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/2/2016 I am 76 years old. I have been diagnosed with IDC left breast.
 Asked: 6/2/2016 I''m 45 with IDC, 2 masses 12mm & 9mm in same general area, both grade 2, ER+, PR+, HER2-, BRCA 1/2 negative.
 Asked: 6/1/2016 I am 49 yrs old, diagnosed with DCIS 1.2 mm invasive stage 1 her2 positive, grade 3. I had a bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 5/31/2016 I am 60 yrs.old.diagnosed with mucinous breast cancer.
 Asked: 5/30/2016 Tnbc recurrence in same breast,original dx 2009 abraxene and cisplatin,cpr,lumpectomy,radiation.
 Asked: 5/29/2016 HER2 positive, ER+, PR+ with small 1mm or less invasive carcinoma and one 1.5 DCIS.
 Asked: 5/29/2016 In last answer you mentioned about genetic testing I had genetic test and the result was my doctor suggests chemo 4 rounds dice taxol...
 Asked: 5/29/2016 I have stage 3 TNBC. Surgery for large tumor and nodes showed clear margins.
 Asked: 5/29/2016 On my Mammoprint my chance of reoccurrence is -0.329 which they state is high risk.
 Asked: 5/25/2016 Hi! I just finished my 6th visit for chemo for Her2+, Progest+, estrogen+, stage 2 invasive ductal breast CA.
 Asked: 5/25/2016 I''m 67 yo with R breast 13 mm idc (ER 98% HER2+ and 7 cm DCIS, L breast 5.6 mm IDC ER 100% HER2- .
 Asked: 5/23/2016 I was diagnosed in January with Breast Cancer.
 Asked: 5/23/2016 I''m 53, IDC, 1.5cm, Lymphnode neg, HER2-, 100% ER+ and 100% PR+, no BRCA1 or 2.
 Asked: 5/23/2016 Age 46 grade 3, idc stage 2a lumpectomy clear margins nodes negative her2 positive.
 Asked: 5/23/2016 I just completed my final cycle of tc chemotherapy for breast cancer.
 Asked: 5/21/2016 46 yrs pre-menopausal. Stage 2A Invasive DC, 2.3cm grade 2.
 Asked: 5/21/2016 My surgeon & onc suggested I get chemo (taxotere & cytoxen) first to shrink the tumor before surgery w/o knowing my OncotypeDX number.
 Asked: 5/20/2016 47 year old multifocal ILC largest mass 30mm node 0(+i) MammaPrint low risk- er + pr+ Her 2- should I forgo chemo recommended 4x t and C.
 Asked: 5/19/2016 My mother age 55. Diagnosed with a 1cm RT breast mass on mammogram and ultrasound.
 Asked: 5/19/2016 I was diagnosed with DCIS 7 years ago and had a double mastectomy.
 Asked: 5/19/2016 I have stage 2A DIC ER+ PR+ Herp -.
 Asked: 5/19/2016 Hello my mother is 58 years of age and has osteoporosis.
 Asked: 5/19/2016 Idc grade 2 ,3mm and extensive dcis measuring grossly 5.5cm one lymph node micrometases er negative or pr 4.8 her2 negative..

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