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Questions about Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Chemotherapy.
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 Asked: 10/29/2017 I have TNBC grade 3, tumor 4cm.
 Asked: 10/27/2017 My mother finished chemo on Sept.1,2017 when is the latest she can have her mastectomy done?
 Asked: 10/27/2017 Hello, How long do you have to wait get your CT Scan results..
 Asked: 10/27/2017 Hello, Didn’t know that you’re Oncologist and Surgical Onocologist schedule you’re surgery? I thought it was your surgical onocologist and plastic surgeon.
 Asked: 10/26/2017 I am scheduled to start chemo soon.
 Asked: 10/26/2017 Having trouble choosing chemo regimen. I am 47 years old (premenopausal) and have been diagnosed with IDC.
 Asked: 10/26/2017 I just received call from my surgeon, lumpectomy with clear margin.
 Asked: 10/26/2017 Taxol vs. Taxotere with Cytoxen? I am 47 years old (premenopausal) and have been diagnosed with IDC.
 Asked: 10/26/2017 Hello, My mom has stage 2B /3 triple negative breast cancer grade 3 finished chemo September 1,2017 and she will have a CT Scan on October...
 Asked: 10/26/2017 Hello, Maybe you can help me understand what this means or did this every happen to any patients at John Hopkins this is what my mom...
 Asked: 10/23/2017 Hello, My mom is having CT scan on October 25 surgery is scheduled for October 30 for Scan what’s a picture of her chest and stomach...
 Asked: 10/23/2017 I was diagnosed with IDC and had lumpectomy to remove 1.1cm triple negative cancer in left breast, no lymph node involvement and clear margins.
 Asked: 10/21/2017 Hello, My mom finished chemo on September 1 she has stage 2B/3 triple negative grade 3 breast cancer her mastectomy is scheduled for October 30 instead...
 Asked: 10/20/2017 Hi! I am a 42 year old woman with invasive ductal breast cancer/DCIS.
 Asked: 10/18/2017 More news about my mom she finished chemo September 1 and will have her Pet Scan on October 25 and surgery on October 30-31.
 Asked: 10/17/2017 Hello, My mother is finished chemo September 1 and will have surgery on October 30 and not October 16 because surgical onocologist and plastic surgeon schedule...
 Asked: 10/16/2017 Hello, How long do you have to wait after chemo to get a mastectomy? Chemo finished on September 1 .
 Asked: 10/16/2017 Hello, My mother has stage 2B/3 triple negative grade 3 breast cancer she finished chemo September 1 and a breast ultrasound on September 14 and a...
 Asked: 10/16/2017 I have triple neg infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 2 stage 1.
 Asked: 10/15/2017 Hello, How long do you have to wait to get pet Scan after chemo?
 Asked: 10/15/2017 Chemo? And if so, which? I am 47 years old (premenopausal) and have been diagnosed with IDC.
 Asked: 10/15/2017 Many patient''s refer to their Ki-67. I do not have that from my core biopsy or surgical specimen from my HMO. I did get an Oncotype DX from Genomic Health but it did not have a Ki-67 either.
 Asked: 10/13/2017 Hello, My mother is stage 2B/3 triple negative grade 3 breast cancer she finished chemo Sept.1 her surgery I hope is Oct.30 but her BRCA is...
 Asked: 10/13/2017 Hello. I''m a 49 yo diagnosed with a 5mm IDC.
 Asked: 10/13/2017 Hello, I am 32 and diagnosed 8/22/17 with Triple Negative.
 Asked: 10/13/2017 I''m currently going through chemo - 4 AC (just completed 2nd round), then moving on to Taxol.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Hello, You answered my question from 10/11/17 wondering why my mothers surgery date is so far out.
 Asked: 10/12/2017 Hi My Mom finished chemo September 1 her surgery was October 16 and now changed to October 30.
 Asked: 10/11/2017 Hi, On my mother''s pathology report it states Tissue and location left breast 5-7cm FN,3:50x2.50.2.60cm.And than it''s says diagnosis: Invasive poorly differently ductal carcinoma, EN score...
 Asked: 10/11/2017 Hi. Dx stage IIB infiltrating ductal TNBC, grade 3 w/1.8 mm sentinel involvement (1 node only, rest clear).
 Asked: 10/11/2017 Hello, You answer question about my mother earlier.
 Asked: 10/11/2017 Hello my mom has stage 2b/3 triple negative breast cancer grade 3 here is everything in order: September 1 finish chemo September 14 Breast ultrasound September...
 Asked: 10/10/2017 Hello, My mom will have a PET exam on October 13 and her Mastectomy on October 16 is this normal..
 Asked: 10/10/2017 I have invasive micropapillary carcinoma stage 2 and dcis diagnosed on 8/9/17.
 Asked: 10/9/2017 Hello, My mom have stage 2B triple negative breast cancer grade 3 here is everything in chronological order for my mom: September 1 finished chemo September 14 had...
 Asked: 10/9/2017 I am 54. IDC tumor 9mm, clean margins, clear lymph nodes.
 Asked: 10/8/2017 I have invasive micropapillary carcinoma stage 2 and dcis diagnosed on 8/9/17.
 Asked: 10/3/2017 Trying to decide if chemo is the best treatment option.
 Asked: 9/29/2017 In your opinion...
 Asked: 9/28/2017 Hi. I have what feels like nerve damage in my elbow but shoulder aches also and my hand get tingly and/or numb at times.
 Asked: 9/28/2017 I have been prescribed ACT(1st opinion) or CT(2nd opinion) for IDC stage 2b grade 1/111 in a 50 yr old premenopausal woman.
 Asked: 9/28/2017 In response to a previous post from 9/27/17 from 50 year old premenopausal woman with bilateral masectomy completed on 8/16/17. 50 yr old premenopausal post op...
 Asked: 9/27/2017 I am 50 years old and premenopausal.
 Asked: 9/27/2017 I had a 16mm grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma with intermediate grade DCIS, no lymphovascular invasion seen.
 Asked: 9/27/2017 I had stage 2 IDC breast cancer 2cm, had surgery August 25th 2017, double mastectomy with 2 out of the 8 nodes extracted were positive.
 Asked: 9/26/2017 Had my first AC treatment of 4 last week.
 Asked: 9/25/2017 I have conflicting medical opinions on whether or not i need chemo.I am 66 years old.
 Asked: 9/23/2017 Hi, My mom finished chemo September 1 and will have surgery on October 2 or 3.
 Asked: 9/23/2017 Long story short - IDC grade 1 stage 1b no lymph nodes - surgery completed, radiation completed - oncotype dx 22 - Was told to...
 Asked: 9/20/2017 How long after finishing chemo can the tumor start to have growth/activity again if there is not a complete response? Curious because I did neoadjuvant...
 Asked: 9/18/2017 I had a oncotype of 13 with multifocal stage 2a breast cancer with NO nodes.
 Asked: 9/17/2017 What are the odds that I''ll lose my hair when I start CMF chemotherapy? Should I consider using the Penguin cold cap?
 Asked: 9/17/2017 I had a lumpectomy. Stage IA, Grade 1, lymph nodes clear, oncotype score 20.
 Asked: 9/15/2017 Hi, I''ve read that aprx 34% of people with TNBC will have a distant recurrence.
 Asked: 9/14/2017 Hi, I am triple positive with 7mm grade 2 invasive duct carcinoma , clear lymph glands will I have chemo ?
 Asked: 9/14/2017 I was diagnosed with IDC (and some DCIS), Stage 1 Grade 2, clinically node negative but with micromets, er/pr+, her2-.
 Asked: 9/14/2017 Hello. My age 47, pre-menopausal.
 Asked: 9/14/2017 Hello. My age 47, pre-menopausal.
 Asked: 9/14/2017 I was diagnosed with tnbc and had a lumpectomy.
 Asked: 9/13/2017 I finished neo adjuvant dose dense AC & taxol.
 Asked: 9/13/2017 Do chemo drugs continue to work weeks after treatment ends or do they stop working once they are out of your system? If they do...
 Asked: 9/13/2017 I am post menapausal stage2 erP, Pr+ ,her2-, neg nodes and will be soon starting docetaxel and cyclophosphamide for 4 cycles.
 Asked: 9/13/2017 Hi, I am a 42 year old women diagnosed with Er+(70%) Pr+(60%) Her- invasive ductal cancer Stage 2 Grade 3.
 Asked: 9/13/2017 I had an invasive area of DCIS measuring 6mm (IDC).
 Asked: 9/13/2017 I finished neoadjuvant chemo 4 weeks ago, dose dense AC and Taxol.
 Asked: 9/13/2017 Diagnosed with tnbc stage 2b, 2 lymph nodes removed, one had a .6cm tumor. Does the Oncotype DX work with tnbc, or do you need the...
 Asked: 9/9/2017 This is a follow up to my previous question, I am adding some information based on the reply. Hi, My wife has been diagnosed with Stage1...
 Asked: 9/8/2017 Hi, My wife has been diagnosed with Stage1 breast cancer and is HER2 positive.
 Asked: 9/7/2017 One more question on my mother case in term of her outlook regarding her 11 oncotype score.
 Asked: 9/6/2017 Hi Lillie, I hate to bother and ask another question as you have answered my question just before this.
 Asked: 9/6/2017 Hi. I did neo adjuvant and have 8 weeks between last treatment and my surgery date.
 Asked: 9/6/2017 Hello, My mom lost appetite during chemo because everything taste like metal.
 Asked: 9/6/2017 Hi Lillie I am writing for my mother as you have helped us tremendously in the past and we owe a lot of information and...
 Asked: 9/6/2017 I am 48 years old, premenopausal. I was diagnosed with metaplastic triple negative BC, stage 2A and had a left mastectomies With clear margins and no lymph node involvement.
 Asked: 9/1/2017 Hello, My mother last Chemo was September 1 next will be her breast MRI.
 Asked: 9/1/2017 I was Dx Aug 22 TNBC .
 Asked: 8/30/2017 I have been diagnosed with Stage 1, grade 3 IDC.
 Asked: 8/30/2017 Hello, I am waiting for my Oncotype score. Age 62, ER/PR pos./HER neg lumpectomy (3 tumors, largest 2 cm) Radiation and endocrine therapy to follow. 2/5 node with micromets...
 Asked: 8/28/2017 Hi I forgot to ask if age (43) and the fact that I''m in premenopause should make a difference in a chemo decision.
 Asked: 8/28/2017 Hi, I am 43 years old I was diagnosed with IDC.
 Asked: 8/27/2017 I am 56 yo dx BC in June.
 Asked: 8/26/2017 Hello, My mom had chemo on Aug.18 and she linking from her nipple on Aug.24 is this bad or good?
 Asked: 8/25/2017 I was recently dx triple negative with a 6.2 cm mass, no nodes involved, thank God.
 Asked: 8/22/2017 Hello, I would like to know how long does Taxol stay in your system?
 Asked: 8/22/2017 Hello, My mom last Taxol treatment is September 1 she has leg pain.
 Asked: 8/22/2017 I''m diagnosed with ILC ER/PR positive, HER-2 negative, right side only Grade 3 multicentric, multifocal with main tumour 1.8 cm and 2 satellite tumours 0.8...
 Asked: 8/22/2017 hi what is the guide lines to chemo on tumor size.
 Asked: 8/18/2017 I was dx with Triple Negative BC in June on left breast and had a mastectomy three weeks after dx on that breast only.
 Asked: 8/18/2017 Hello All, I am still in real shock since i heard that my mom has breast cancer.
 Asked: 8/16/2017 What is the criteria for Oncotype DX in post menopausal, invasive, er+, pr+, her2 -, grade 2b, tumor 2.1cm, 2/3 positive nodes? One MD...
 Asked: 8/17/2017 I''m triple positive .8 cm no nodes stage 1 grade 3.
 Asked: 8/10/2017 No progesterone high ER stage one no nodes Mamaprint high risk.
 Asked: 8/10/2017 Is CMF useful in high risk ER+Progesterone- stage one node free.
 Asked: 8/10/2017 My 42 yr old wife was diagnosed with triple negative Stage 2b breast cancer.
 Asked: 8/10/2017 I have an Estrogen positive tumor that has significantly shrunk from the ACT chemotherapy treatment.
 Asked: 8/9/2017 Should patients have an oncotype DX test with positive nodes 2/3.
 Asked: 8/8/2017 The first oncologist I met with ordered Oncotype test.
 Asked: 8/6/2017 I thought when I choose to have a lumpectomy for my pr/er+ her- 24mm tumor that chemotherapy would not be needed because the her test was negative.
 Asked: 8/5/2017 I am currently taking Xeloda and my tumor markers have been steadily going up recently.
 Asked: 8/2/2017 Hi, I have TNBC (IDC & DCIS).

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