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Questions about Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Chemotherapy.
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 Asked: 1/18/2017 Is chemotherapy (TCH) or TH alone the recommended? Having lumpectomy followed by TCH 6 rounds, or TH 4 rounds, then radiation.
 Asked: 1/18/2017 Hello, I have invasive ductal carcinoma , stage 2, size 4.5 cm.
 Asked: 1/18/2017 Went to dentist for a check up.
 Asked: 1/15/2017 Thank you and just to follow-up on the question I posted earlier tonight about the Mammaprint test concerns, what is the general thinking about the...
 Asked: 1/15/2017 THanks for answering so quickly, but should he make her agreed upfront to no chemo, is that a reasonable request?
 Asked: 1/15/2017 Dear Lillie, I have a friend that has been diagnosed with IDC Grade 2 ER+, HER2-.
 Asked: 1/15/2017 Hi - I''m facing chemo in less than 2 weeks and was wondering what your opinion of the Mammaprint test was since it''s not widely...
 Asked: 1/15/2017 Can an oncotypeDX test be performed in pre-menopausal females (IDC, stage II, Grade 2, PR+, ER+, HER2-, 37% proliferation)?
 Asked: 1/15/2017 I am age 68, had a unilateral mastectomy, ILC, Stage 2B with clean margins, no lymph involvement, tumor size 7cm, ONC DX score of 8.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 I am a 65 yr old woman diagnosed with 1.8 cm grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 You told a recent questioner that an Oncotype DX score of 11 was cutoff betweeen low and intermediate.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 I have had a lumpectomy on Dec.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 Diagnosed with stage 1 invasive mammary carcinoma of no special type (1cm) nuclear grade 3 (tubule formation score=3) mitotic rate is 2.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 1 am 46 and was diagnosed with breast cancer.
 Asked: 1/13/2017 Hello. I''m 47 with Dx 3/4/16 IDC ER/PR+ HER2- stage 1a, node negative, LVI present, grade 3.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 Im 46 was diagnosed with stage 1 IDC, er/pr +, HER2-, one positive node.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 Hello I am 60 yrs old, I have stage 1 9 mm in size Grade 3 Invasive ductal breast cancer and pathology shows estrogen neg,...
 Asked: 1/11/2017 I am 78 and had a lumpectomy for invasive lobular cancer, stage 2 grade 2, er positive.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 Hello, I have stage 1 9 mm in size Grade 3 Invasive ductal breast cancer and pathology shows estrogen neg, progestren neg , and HER2 Positive.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 Hi Lillie, I sent 3 e-mails to you about my unusual case, and you answered so patiently, As a quick remember I had triple neg ...
 Asked: 1/10/2017 Hello. My mom recently completed her chemotherapy for stage 1a breast cancer.
 Asked: 1/10/2017 I have had a lumpectomy with a Grade 1, clear nodes and clear margins, tumor was 1.3 cm, hormone positive, HERs neg.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 Was diagnosed with stage 2 IDC. Prosigna score came back a 70.
 Asked: 1/8/2017 I am 60 years old with a grade 1 tumor clear sentinel nodes 1.3 cm tumor estrogen & progesterone positive HERS negative with an oncotype score of 25.
 Asked: 1/8/2017 I have been diagnosed with Stage IA IDC grade 2.
 Asked: 1/7/2017 I am 57 years old with an oncotype of 20.
 Asked: 1/6/2017 Do a majority of BC patients choose to undergo chemo if Oncotype DX shows a 3% benefit? I realize this is a personal decision but...
 Asked: 1/4/2017 I have stage 1 invasive Ductal breast cancer and it has not spread to my lymph nodes.
 Asked: 1/2/2017 I had lcis dcis and invasive bc.
 Asked: 1/2/2017 I had lcis dcis and invasive bc.
 Asked: 1/2/2017 30F Left breast IDC, stage 1b, 1.4cm, 87%ER/65%PR positive, neg Her2/neu, Ki67 5%, neg fam bx, neg Brca or other gene mutation, oncotype DX score 23.
 Asked: 12/29/2016 Have ILC. Er/Pr+ HER2-.grade 2 Stage 3B.
 Asked: 12/28/2016 Do practitioners think that chemotherapy in a patient that had only invasive breast cancer prevents the onset of DCIS later on?
 Asked: 12/20/2016 Is a complete cure hopeful for IDC breast cancer, 3.41 cm, Stage II, Grade II, Triple positive, 1/5 positive nodes from a SLNB?
 Asked: 12/20/2016 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma that is ER positive and Her 2 neu negative.
 Asked: 12/19/2016 Hi. I have diagnosed BC .
 Asked: 12/19/2016 Is it true that highly er+ breast cancer does not usually respond well to chemotherapy? Thank you..
 Asked: 12/19/2016 I have had 2.4 cm tumor, one sentinel node removed metastasis 3mm.
 Asked: 12/15/2016 Hi Doctor, I am 51 years old and not menopause yet.
 Asked: 12/14/2016 Completing 4 cycles every two weeks of AC - Nox for the T - choice of 4 cycles every two weeks or 12 weekly...any thought? Pros and cons?
 Asked: 12/14/2016 Since slow growing cancer does not respond well to chemo, does cancer that responds quickly to chemo tend to be faster growing? .
 Asked: 12/14/2016 I turned 50 in January and diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in October.
 Asked: 12/12/2016 Hi Lilli I really thank you from bottom of my heart for the support you are giving to the distressed women..I''37 years old diagnosed with...
 Asked: 12/12/2016 Dose-Dense AC-T versus TC? Diagnosis: I am 36, left breast, grade 3, stage 1 T1CN0MO IDC.
 Asked: 12/12/2016 My Mom who is 72 years old and is diabetic for past 45 years, has high blood pressure and GERD problem too.
 Asked: 12/12/2016 Age 61. IDC left breast lumpectomy.
 Asked: 12/11/2016 My 76 year old mother recently underwent a masectomy.
 Asked: 12/11/2016 My sister is 60 years old, 5 cm tumor removed during lumpectomy with oncoplastic reduction, PR and ER positive, HER equivocal in tests performed after...
 Asked: 12/9/2016 Is chemotherapy always recommended with Her2 +? Diagnosis: 1cm, grade 3, ER+.PR+.
 Asked: 12/8/2016 I''ve never seen an explanation of why chemo should be started within a certain amount of weeks 12?) after surgery.
 Asked: 12/5/2016 Can you explain what this means: "There is persistent minimal irregularity in the area with increased density on the spot image.
 Asked: 12/3/2016 48 years old diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer.
 Asked: 12/2/2016 I have IDC ER+ PR+ HER-. 1.7 CM negative nodes clean margins.
 Asked: 12/2/2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer , under went mastectomy left side nodes were negative, cancer was positive to both hormones but her neg they...
 Asked: 12/1/2016 I am 36, recently diagnosed with left breast, grade 3, stage 1 T1CN0MO IDC.
 Asked: 11/30/2016 I am a 53 year old healthy female (and RN) recently diagnosed with invasive Ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 11/30/2016 My wife is 63 years old. Mammogram, Ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging show a solid tumor 1.4 x 1.7 x 1.5 cm in her left breast with a larger cluster DCIS 4.2 in greatest dimension linear heterogenous calcifications.
 Asked: 11/30/2016 I am 48... was diagnosed with IDC and had segmented mastectomy and oncoplasty recently.
 Asked: 11/29/2016 Hi Lillie, I''m in the UK but hope I can still ask a question?! My wife had a mastectomy recently.
 Asked: 11/29/2016 Hi Lillie! What do you think of the Create-X study (Xeloda), that showed taking Xeloda after a less than PCR reduced distant recurrence.
 Asked: 11/28/2016 Dear Drs, my mom has left infiltrating ductal carcinoma(1.7cm), grade3, MBR score=8/9, ER and PR negative, HER2 3+.
 Asked: 11/28/2016 I''ve been watching for a response to a question I submitted over a week ago.
 Asked: 11/27/2016 In 2000 I was diagnosed with a well differentiated 1.0 tumor.
 Asked: 11/22/2016 I am 64,had mastectomy but did not have clean margins (my tumor 1.3cm went into my axilla and had a fibrous web that engulfed 8...
 Asked: 11/22/2016 I am a 56 yo female, intra ductal invasive carcinoma, stage 1, N- ER+ recurrence score of 24, tumor grade 3.
 Asked: 11/21/2016 My husband has Grade 3, ER+/PR+/Her 2- invasive ductual cancer in his right breast.
 Asked: 11/19/2016 I am 64,had mastectomy but did not have clean margins (my tumor 1.3cm went into my axilla and had a fibrous web that engulfed 8...
 Asked: 11/17/2016 Have just been placed on endoxan 500mg inj / bevelex inj 200mg on weekly basis for 12 weeks .
 Asked: 11/17/2016 I am 72 and had lumpectomy with no nodes and a 9mm tumor. ER10.1 Pr *.1 Her2 neg Oncotype score 25 .
 Asked: 11/17/2016 Er+ pr+ her2- stage 1a (with metal hip joint) scheduled to start 4X chemo per oncotype-DX score. Thank you very much for your response.
 Asked: 11/16/2016 Er+ pr+ her2- stage 1a scheduled to start 4X chemo per oncotype-DX score. I have a 8 months old right hip joint.
 Asked: 11/15/2016 Oncotype 17-ER +, HERs-, Nodes0/6 negative.
 Asked: 11/15/2016 I had Stage1,grade3 breast cancer,ER,PR positive,HER neg.Had lumpectomy 10/3 and will start chemo 1/2017.
 Asked: 11/15/2016 Hi Lillie, I just can not get rid of the fear of cancer come back anytime, I am the who ask you a question yesterday...
 Asked: 11/15/2016 I am a 47 year old female who was recently diagnosed with a 4mm triple negative breast cancer.
 Asked: 11/14/2016 Hi Lillie, do you know anybody who had stage1 grade1-2, ER PR positive, Her2 negative , low oncotype score like below 15 breast cancer( ductal...
 Asked: 11/13/2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3, 6 cm with one lymph node involvement on the left.
 Asked: 11/13/2016 I am a 54 year old with invasive carcinoma, stage 2A, sentinel node positive, 11 other nodes negative.
 Asked: 11/12/2016 In If I had one sentinole node positive for macromatastis.
 Asked: 11/11/2016 I am a healthy 51 year old female, stage 2, Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer, 2cm tumor, 2 positive lymph nodes, had a bilateral...
 Asked: 11/11/2016 I am stage 2b 70 year male breast cancer patient. Treatment started on 21 Dec 2015 - - had 6 cycles of TCH - after 4th cycle had...
 Asked: 11/11/2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer, tumor was of 3.7 cm, grade 1, ER and PR positive and HER2 negative.
 Asked: 11/11/2016 i am a 46 year old was recently diagnosed with ILC had a lumpectomy to remove.
 Asked: 11/10/2016 I was dx on 10/20/16 with IDC and from other biopsies also have LCIS.
 Asked: 11/9/2016 I am the Onco score 2 with 7% Tamoxifen alone and 10% Tamoxifen and Chemo.
 Asked: 11/9/2016 I''m so confused! Have ILC. ErPr+hER2-tumor size on MRI 6.5cm.
 Asked: 11/8/2016 Hi, I wrote in about being 45 y/o and the 12% risk of recurrence.
 Asked: 11/8/2016 Hello - I had posed a question before abt additional lymph node removal - diagnosed Oct 3 with IDC, 1 CM, ER/PR+ (94%), Her2 -.
 Asked: 11/7/2016 Hi, I am 45 y/o, diagnosed with IDC in Sept 2016.
 Asked: 11/6/2016 Surgeon said if I did BMX & hormone treatment I would be fine.
 Asked: 11/6/2016 I had dense chemotherapy regime every 2 weeks (4 AC and 4 Taxol) at 42 (premenopausal and on average healthy weigth at that time).
 Asked: 11/6/2016 Our 40 year old daughter was diagnosed with DCIS, had a mastectomy and they found a tumor .1cm and she is HER2 positive.
 Asked: 11/3/2016 I am 49 years old – clinical diagnosed with stage 2, Grade 2, 4-5cm tumor, no nodal impact, ER positive: 95%,PR positive 50%,Her Negative (BRCA...
 Asked: 11/1/2016 First, thank you for your valuable service. I wonder why you often recommend a consult with oncologists "at an academic medical institution"? Do you feel...
 Asked: 10/31/2016 37 years old. I''m stage 1A BC.
 Asked: 10/30/2016 I''m 61years old. Have ILC grade2 Stage 2b or 3.
 Asked: 10/30/2016 I am a 40 year old first diagnosed with DCIS and had a mascectomy.
 Asked: 10/30/2016 My Oncotype test was done before biopsy revealed I have lymph node involvement, would that variable have affected my score which was 19.
 Asked: 10/28/2016 What percent of breast cancer patients choose to do chemo with a 3% benefit (per OncotypeDX report)? I know it''s a personal decision and...
 Asked: 10/28/2016 Hi there, 58 years old,IDC nos, 11 mm tumor, ER+,PR+, HER -, 1/3 sentinel nodes (3mm macro deposit), grade 3 (was grade 2 at biopsy and...

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