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Concerns about Breast Cancer Family History
Questions on genetics, family history & breast cancer.
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 Asked: 8/28/2005 At age 48, I will be having a mastectomy for multifocal DCIS.
 Asked: 8/17/2005 My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 92 and died at 95, her sister was diagnosed at 85 and is now 89 and my...
 Asked: 8/14/2005 I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/29/2005 I am 59 years old and a 2 year survivor of breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/8/2005 how does a prophylactic mastectomy work? I recently had a bileteral mastectomy and everything was removed including my nipple on the non cancerous side
 Asked: 6/28/2005 I was diagnosed with IDC with lymph node involvement in Nov 2004.
 Asked: 6/21/2005 Hi. I am 34 years old and was diagnosed with Pagets disease last summer.
 Asked: 6/15/2005 I live in Ireland but would be very keen to have surgery for a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction done in Johns Hopkins depending on...
 Asked: 5/31/2005 My wife''s sister had breast duct carcinoma in-situ of the comedo and cribriform types at age 44.
 Asked: 5/31/2005 I am 44years, premenopausal, diagnosed with stage 2b IDC.
 Asked: 5/22/2005 I am 36 and wonder if I should have a check up for BC.
 Asked: 5/17/2005 Hello, I am 37 years old...both my maternal grandmother and mother had post menopausal breast cancers...grandmother with bone mets...she lived to be 93
 Asked: 5/17/2005 I am 49 and have Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma, 1.7 cm.
 Asked: 5/12/2005 I am 37 years old and have been considering a profilactic mastectomy.
 Asked: 5/2/2005 My mother recently died of cancer at age 76.
 Asked: 5/2/2005 Hi, I am 40 years old and would like to have another child.
 Asked: 5/2/2005 Does mild atypia detected in a ductal lavage inevitably lead to breast cancer ? Can the changes in the breast be reversed ? Will an...
 Asked: 4/29/2005 Where might I find a genectic couselor in CO? Also, is the couseling session going to red flag me with health insurance providers? Do I...
 Asked: 4/28/2005 I have been diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, two growths in my left breast, 1.5cm and 1.7cm.
 Asked: 4/28/2005 I met with a medical oncologist to discuss my risk.
 Asked: 4/24/2005 My 17-year-old daughter is currently taking oral contraceptives (Ortho Tricyclin low).
 Asked: 01/31/2005 I recently read that there is a new theory that breast reduction surgery to remove the glands can be an effective choice in reducing chances...
 Asked: 03/18/2005 i have some sores under my breast & i have family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 02/21/2005 My mom''s sister, my dad''s sister, and my grandmas on both sides have all had breast cancer.
 Asked: 02/02/2005 I just found out that I am a carrier of the mutated gene brac 2.
 Asked: 01/06/2005 My mother has Imflammatory Breast Cancer, it is in the breast and lymph nods, the other organs seem clear.
 Asked: 02/04/2005 I''m 32, had fibroid adenoma removed several years ago.
 Asked: 01/18/2005 I have a history of Ductal carcinoma, and a very strong family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 01/25/2005 Hello,I was a fertility patient for seven years and took many fertility medications.
 Asked: 02/17/2005 Do you have any information regarding patients that have tested positive for the BRAC 2 gene and options for hormones after a hysterectomy? I am...
 Asked: 04/21/2005 How does your mother having breast cancer twice, once in each breast effect your risk as oppose to only having it once?Thanks..
 Asked: 01/30/2005 On my mother side of the FAMILY, mother''s elderly brother daughter(denise) has been tested for inherited mutated gene for breast cancer and results positive.I want...
 Asked: 02/20/2005 similar to quest.#19. i have not been diagnosed w/bc,yet mother passd of metastatic bc young.
 Asked: 02/15/2005 I have had breast cancer how much does this increase my granddaughter''s risk? How much does it increase my niece''s risk?
 Asked: 03/05/2005 My mother has had two mastectomies for breast cancer and died from pancreatic cancer.
 Asked: 04/20/2005 My sister who is 35 years old was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer late last year.
 Asked: 01/16/2005 hello two questions im 28 and have early stage breast cancer i have double masctomy with reconstruction.
 Asked: 02/02/2005 My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 49 (tubular carconinoma, 0.8cm, one node positive, ER-PR positive 3.
 Asked: 04/04/2005 My mother had breast cancer. Before being diagnosed at age 50 she had years of fibrocystic breast disease, constant noncyclical pain and very dense breast tissue that is still just as dense at age 67.
 Asked: 02/24/2005 My mom was recently diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, mets to spine, liver, lungs and bones.
 Asked: 01/27/2005 what does birads catagory 4 mean?
 Asked: 01/25/2005 4 paternal aunts all lived to the 80''s = supposedly had breast ca - but all are fine and alive - could this have been...
 Asked: 02/10/2005 In jan. 2002 I was told that I was stage4 breast cancer with high levels of the HER2 neu.
 Asked: 01/24/2005 rate of ovarian cancer in brac1 persons by age?
 Asked: 04/13/2005 My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 years old, and we have no family history of the disease anywhere.
 Asked: 02/11/2005 i have fibroadinoma since 3 years and i want to get pregnant.
 Asked: 02/11/2005 I am about to have varies out as Brac 2 aged 37(mum died of ovarian ca at 41)been advised to use HRT after op.Is this...
 Asked: 02/03/2005 latly i have been having pain in the lower inner of both my breast depending on which side i sleep on.
 Asked: 04/07/2005 I have just been diagnosed with scattered fibroglandurlar densities - mass with spiculated margins.
 Asked: 01/16/2005 Been diagnosed with IDC and Dcis-maternal aunt only family member known to have breast cancer.
 Asked: 01/03/2005 My father''s mother her two sisters, my aunt, and now my sister(36yr.old stage 4) have, had, or died of breast cancer.
 Asked: 02/24/2005 I hve breast cancer age 28 did double masctomies and do not carry the brac 1 or 2 gene.
 Asked: 02/02/2005 Do you recommend an oophorectomy in Stage2b patients who have resumed their periods to decrease chances of recurrence? How would a positive gene test affect...
 Asked: 01/04/2005 My grandmother died of breast ca,then my auntie and my sister was diagnosed of IDC stage 2 a month ago,since there was a family history...
 Asked: 03/14/2005 my sister developed breast cancer when she was 28 she is still with us 22 years later unfortunately my mother developed breast cancer at 65...
 Asked: 02/05/2005 My mother was 55 when first diagnosed with stage II BC node involvement.
 Asked: 01/19/2005 My mum had a mastectomy at age 60.
 Asked: 03/09/2005 My mother was first diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma on her right breast when she was 57(1993).
 Asked: 03/17/2005 I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma in May 2004 with no node involvement (1.4 cm).
 Asked: 02/12/2005 My grandmother died of breast cancer, my mother had it twice, both ER - as well as my her sister.
 Asked: 03/12/2005 Thank you for being there to answer my question.
 Asked: 04/15/2005 I have written to you a couple of times before and I appreciate all your prompt responses.
 Asked: 02/09/2005 I am very concerned about whether I am doing the right thing.
 Asked: 02/10/2005 I have had some nagging issues that I am hoping you can help me understand a bit better.My younger sister married when she was 40 years old.
 Asked: 02/17/2005 my question is I have breast cancer at age 28 and my husbands mom had it at age 36 and again at age 48.
 Asked: 03/12/2005 if they say barad cat 4 do you usually have cancer.
 Asked: 02/09/2005 I recently underwent a core needle biopsy for suspicious cluster of micro calcifications on my mammogram.
 Asked: 04/03/2005 I have a painful swollen left breast, with cyst at bottom and gristle by armpit, been told by doctor to take evening primrose for six months.
 Asked: 01/24/2005 Are there statistics on: if you have a lumpectomy(for poorly differentiated duct carcinoma with focal necroses)and are Brac1 and have a bilateral mastectomy statistics on...
 Asked: 04/01/2005 ihad extensive dcis and a bilateral mastectomy my sister just found out she has dcis she had a lumpectomy they sent her for a brac1...
 Asked: 02/01/2005 i recently had a blood test done, due to some bruising that was occuring on my thighs only for no apparent reason.
 Asked: 01/12/2005 Hi, I have one first degree relative with breast cancer (mother).
 Asked: 04/11/2005 Grandmother, age 80, died of uterine cancer.
 Asked: 11/29/2004 I am 61. 1 year post op endometrial cancer.
 Asked: 10/25/2004 My mother died of breast cancer at age 52.
 Asked: 10/25/2004 I am a 35 year old woman living in Ireland (am a US citizen) My mother has had 2 mastectomies for BC , my Granmother...
 Asked: 10/22/2004 My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
 Asked: 10/05/2004 53 years old female: I had a mammogram recently which showed a spot at the 5 o''clock position...
 Asked: 09/30/2004 My father, now age 82, has had breast and colon cancer.
 Asked: 09/29/2004 My Mother had Breast Cancer at the age of 80.
 Asked: 09/27/2004 My mom passed away from lymphoma and my cousin (my mom''s sister''s daughter / my cousin) is dying of inflamatory breast cancer.
 Asked: 09/24/2004 I had breast cancer 18 years ago at age 27, had a lumpectomy and radiation and have been disease free since.
 Asked: 09/24/2004 My grandmother (maternal) developed breast cancer at the age of 88.
 Asked: 09/10/2004 What is the significance of micro-calcifications and what is implied by BI-RADS calcification: Category 5.What is meant by larger cluster is worrisome for an intraductal carcinoma...
 Asked: 08/16/2004 My mother had breast cancer when she was 45 and passed away from it at 49.
 Asked: 08/16/2004 I had Ovarian cancer in 2000, my mother or grandmother never had cancer but I had an aunt that died of Ovarian Cancer and 2...
 Asked: 08/06/2004 My maternal grandmother, her two sisters all terminal, my mother,a survivor, and her two sisters, one survivor and the other terminal have all had breast...
 Asked: 08/06/2004 at what age should baseline mammagrams be done with and without positive family history..
 Asked: 08/04/2004 Hello, I found a breast lump (small pea shaped)a week for a mammogram.The mammography recommended an ultrasound which I had done yesterday.The surgeon is certain it...
 Asked: 07/28/2004 I was recently diagnosed with infiltrating rbeast cancer.
 Asked: 06/24/2004 My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 47 ten years ago.
 Asked: 06/23/2004 I am concerned about a lump that I have in my right breast.
 Asked: 06/15/2004 I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma when I was 32.
 Asked: 06/04/2004 I am 36yrs old. I feel a lump in my right breast, but it is smooth and moves under my finger and also have in the same spot in my left breast.
 Asked: 06/04/2004 Can you explain to me the difference between an area of palpable prominence and a discrete palpable breast lump? Can a fine needle aspiration be...
 Asked: 06/03/2004 I had BC at 40 in the right breast and just diagnosed at 52 in the left breast.
 Asked: 05/27/2004 Thank you for sharing your Q&As on your website. I am 35 years old with 2 kids (first one born when I was 31) and one...
 Asked: 05/27/2004 I received a letter from my radiologist saying he found a questionable finding on my mammogram and is recommending an ultrasound.
 Asked: 05/14/2004 After my mother underwent postmenopausal hormonal therapy she developed breast cancer.
 Asked: 05/12/2004 my mother had breast cancer and died as it was so far advanced when she finally had something done.

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