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Intraductal Papillomas
General questions about intraductal papillomas.
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 Asked: 12/15/2014 I have two breast lesions, one is cancerous, the other an intraductal papilloma.
 Asked: 12/12/2014 Would a 6-9 mm intraductal papilloma be viewable by a pathologist in a sample from a surgical biopsy?
 Asked: 12/11/2014 I am 20 yrs old..i have got a 1 small boil underarms and 1 small boil on left dis due bacterial infection or a...
 Asked: 12/10/2014 20 years ago I had surgery on both breasts due to Papillomatosis.
 Asked: 12/8/2014 Excisional biopsy diagnosed intraductal papilloma. The pathologist''s report explained how sections were made but then noted that no mass was grossly identified.
 Asked: 12/6/2014 Following biopsy, I was diagnosed with an intraductal papilloma.
 Asked: 12/3/2014 Hi, I had an excisional biopsy of what I was told was Juvenile Papillomatosis 9 years ago.
 Asked: 12/2/2014 After surgery to remove a papilloma is it ok if the steri strips are still on three weeks later because they won''t budge .
 Asked: 12/2/2014 If an excisional biopsy report comes back as benign would you recommend sending the slides to another institution to confirm the pathology? Do patients...
 Asked: 12/2/2014 2 years ago I had a core needle biopsy (with 2 markers left in place)with the only significant result of "one small intraductal papilloma with...
 Asked: 12/1/2014 Do I need the surgery? Please see below for my Biopsy result: Left breast, 3 o''clock, 4 cm from the nipple, MRI-guided core biopsy: Fragments of...
 Asked: 11/28/2014 a patient in my ward has bloody discharge from left breast but mammogram showing BI_RADs 4 in both.
 Asked: 11/28/2014 I had a breast biopsy, and was told I have papilloma that needs to be surgically removed from my right breast.
 Asked: 11/26/2014 how long does it take to get the report from a biopsy on an ductal excision?
 Asked: 11/25/2014 I went for my annual mammogram which coincided with leakage from my right breast.
 Asked: 11/25/2014 Based on an MRI guided Biopsy I was diagnosed with Intraductal Papillomas and have been advise to have surgery to remove the area.
 Asked: 11/24/2014 The radiologist told me I have multiple intraductal papillomas in size up to a dime.
 Asked: 11/24/2014 I have recently had some medical tests done and am very confused about the results.
 Asked: 11/24/2014 I had papiloma surgery. After three days I was told by the surgeon that the pathology report showed a need for a second surgery to scoop the rest of the papiloma out.
 Asked: 11/23/2014 I had excision surgery on 11/18. This morning (11/22) I noticed a small hardened & protruding area next to my nipple.
 Asked: 11/22/2014 I thought papilloma was a sexually transmitted disease.
 Asked: 11/15/2014 She did say Atypia, and she sounded like it was an emergency.
 Asked: 11/13/2014 For a papilloma biopsies using fine needle aspiration (no atypical cells found), would the next step be surgical removal through excisional biopsy, a core needle...
 Asked: 11/13/2014 I just received word from the doctor who did my biopsy, that the pathology results say that I have a papilloma, and her advice was...
 Asked: 11/12/2014 i was diagnosed with intraductal papilloma. but i am going on a trip 12/20-12/30.
 Asked: 11/10/2014 Why isn''t there a "wait and watch" approach with what appears to be normal intraductal papillomas? Why is there a rush to surgery?
 Asked: 11/9/2014 I had intraductal papillomas as result of MRI breast biopsy.
 Asked: 11/8/2014 I have had bloody discharge for 2 weeks.
 Asked: 11/7/2014 Hi I had a breast papilloma removed almost 2 months ago.
 Asked: 11/7/2014 My daughter is twelve and had an intraductal papilloma removed earlier this year.
 Asked: 11/6/2014 I had a mammogram and ultrasound of my left breast today because of a retracted nipple.
 Asked: 11/3/2014 I had an intraductal papilloma removed today and am anxiously awaiting the biopsy results.
 Asked: 10/31/2014 I had a needle biopsy over two months ago, which was benign.
 Asked: 10/30/2014 I have to have an intraductal papilloma removal surgery and was told I''d first need to go to the women''s imaging center for another mammogram,...
 Asked: 10/29/2014 I have to have an intraductal papilloma removal surgery and was told I''d first need to go to the women''s imaging center for another mammogram,...
 Asked: 10/28/2014 HI! How long is the surgery for an intraductal papilloma? Does it take long? Am I under for a while? Also, Do you know anything about...
 Asked: 10/27/2014 I have to have an intraductal papilloma removal surgery and was told I''d first need to go to the women''s imaging center for another ultrasound...
 Asked: 10/26/2014 I had a nipple smear done through my obgyn because of nipple discharge, also a mammo and ultra sound.
 Asked: 10/24/2014 I had a needle core biopsy. Report below: 1.
 Asked: 10/23/2014 I had a cyst aspiration last week and the doctor called today and said I needed a core biopsy because some papilloma cells were found.
 Asked: 10/22/2014 Hello! I had an intraductal papilloma excised in April 2013.
 Asked: 10/20/2014 I just had two intraductal papillomas removed last month from behind my right nipple.
 Asked: 10/19/2014 I had an intraductal papilloma in July my breast still hurts and the nipple area is still somewhat swollen.
 Asked: 10/19/2014 i am 07 months pregnant. since last five days i observed some bloody discharge from my left nipple.
 Asked: 10/15/2014 I want to explore if a papilloma could be removed through core biopsy instead of excisional biopsy.
 Asked: 10/16/2014 I am 65. One year ago I had red blood drops spontaneously appear from right nipple while just sitting in my chair one evening - rushed out and had bilateral diagnostic mammo and right sided ultrasound that showed nothing wrong.
 Asked: 10/9/2014 My sister-Inlaw was found to have multiple papilomas with atypical cells on biopsy, her doctor has stated that she will need excisional biopsy that would...
 Asked: 10/7/2014 Can breast papillomas grow back after removal.
 Asked: 10/7/2014 I had a benign intraductal papilloma removed 3 1/2 years ago without incident.
 Asked: 10/7/2014 After recently having two core biopsies, one in my upper right breast (benign fibro changes) and the second under my arm which turned out to...
 Asked: 10/2/2014 I feel like I just had two breast hysterectomy''s! All that is left is the shell''s! I had to get two prosthesis! They wanted me...
 Asked: 9/26/2014 What is the state of the question regarding radiation after surgical excision of an intraductal papilloma which was found to be DCIS?
 Asked: 9/26/2014 I have had one benign cyst and then later an intraductal papilloma that was also completely benign removed from my left breast.
 Asked: 9/24/2014 I''ve had several nipple biopsies due to an intraductal papilloma and trying to r/o Paget''s Disease of the nipple.
 Asked: 9/23/2014 Hi. Is removal ever done with local plus light sedation (I.e.
 Asked: 9/22/2014 Hi, I''m 36 and pregnant, before I became pregnant I had milk and bloody discharge from right breast only, no pain as before pregnancy I was...
 Asked: 9/21/2014 Had Intraductal Papilloma surgery a week ago.
 Asked: 9/21/2014 Is there any harm in not having noncancerous papilloma removed? The wire is in but I have decided I don''t want to have the surgery..
 Asked: 9/16/2014 I am 60 years old and just had a biopsy and needle aspirations done on my right breast for 2 cysts and an intraductal papilloma.
 Asked: 9/14/2014 I''m a 62 year old post menopausal woman.
 Asked: 9/9/2014 I met with the breast surgeon today about a recently discovered IDP under my arm that was found by vacuum assisted biopsy after I felt a lump.
 Asked: 9/7/2014 I had a needle aspirational biopsy that indicated intraductal papilloma.
 Asked: 9/6/2014 I am 62 and had clear nipple discharge from left breast in 2013.
 Asked: 9/6/2014 how is an intraductal papilloma removed that is found in a duct under my arm (vs behind the nipple as I had a few years...
 Asked: 9/2/2014 I had a fine needle aspiration biopsy after papilloma was seen during routine screening.
 Asked: 9/2/2014 I had an intraductal pap removed in 2011 and ADH was found in the surrounding tissue.
 Asked: 9/2/2014 Hi, I am a 39 year old female and have been diagnosed with multiple intraductal papillomas.
 Asked: 9/1/2014 Does your center ever do vacuum assisted core biopsy instead of excisional biopsy for papilloma?
 Asked: 9/1/2014 I have seen some recent research suggesting that ongoing surveillance rather than immediate surgical excision may be appropriate for papillomas less than 1.5 cm that...
 Asked: 8/30/2014 I am 56 y/o post menopausal and 4 months ago had a sclerocising papilloma with mild atypia diagnosed from a vacuum assisted biopsy.
 Asked: 8/27/2014 Report of FNA said the findings were suggestive of fibrocystic changes with possible intracystic papillomas.
 Asked: 8/25/2014 I had a excision biopsy to remove an atypical ductal hyperplasia.
 Asked: 8/23/2014 Three years ago, a mammogram and ultrasound showed a very small Intraductal Papillomas.
 Asked: 8/23/2014 Does having a papilloma removed make it more likely it or something else will grow in the area? Is there a risk of a...
 Asked: 8/20/2014 Hi. On another page, I think you said a metal biopsy clip is left in the breast after excisional biopsy.
 Asked: 8/19/2014 Calcifications found in January. Stereotactic biopsy done - was diagnosed with intraducatal papilloma.
 Asked: 8/18/2014 I am 31 yrs old single lady having a yellowish to brownish watery discharge on pressure from my left nipple and the nipple is looking...
 Asked: 8/16/2014 3 years ago benign intraductal pap was removed.
 Asked: 8/16/2014 Hello, I submitted a question yesterday regarding my surgical biopsy and the results I received.
 Asked: 8/16/2014 Routine mammogram/ultrasound found two suspected papillomas. Fine needle aspiration did not show cancer.
 Asked: 8/14/2014 I need help, suggestions, an educated opinion...
 Asked: 8/14/2014 Can u describe the surgery involved in removal of a small pea sized intraductal papillloma? Duration, scar, recovery, how much tissue is removed beyond margins...
 Asked: 8/14/2014 Generally how long is a needle localization biopsy to remove introductal papillomas? .
 Asked: 8/14/2014 In February 2013, I had Intraductal Papilloma surgery on my left breast.
 Asked: 8/11/2014 What causes papillomas and is there anything that can be done to prevent them? Same questions for fibroanenomas.
 Asked: 8/11/2014 Are papillomas always intraductal? After discovering a cluster of calcifications a core biopsy was performed and though the calcifications were benign, a papilloma was...
 Asked: 8/7/2014 I have UDH involving papillary lesion/papilloma is this considered to be breast cancer.
 Asked: 8/6/2014 I am having a ductal excision for suspected papilloma next week (I had an episode of bloody discharge a few months ago).
 Asked: 8/6/2014 What is the recovery time after papillomas removal please?
 Asked: 8/1/2014 At the bottom of the findings it says tissue description NP, previous report follows NP, addendum NP, addendum comment NP.
 Asked: 7/30/2014 My radiologist found an increase and changes in microcalcs.
 Asked: 7/30/2014 I have been found an intraductal papilloma in my right breast, which had been bleeding after doing a mammogram.
 Asked: 7/26/2014 I had stage 1 breast cancer 15 years ago, I had a lumpectomy ,a few weeks ago I started to get a bloodstained nipple discharge...
 Asked: 7/26/2014 Had intraductal papilloma removed 3 yrs ago from right breast.
 Asked: 7/26/2014 I have a 1.1cm intraductal papilloma on my left breast at 10:00 o''clock.
 Asked: 7/26/2014 I just finished six months worth of chemo for PMP.
 Asked: 7/24/2014 I had a intraductal papilloma removed from behind my right nipple April 24 2014 Surgery went fine, no pain meds.
 Asked: 7/24/2014 Is the surgery asociated with the removal usually an OP surgery?
 Asked: 7/23/2014 Two years ago I had two intraductal papillomas removed from my left breast via an excisional biopsy.
 Asked: 7/22/2014 I received a diagnosis of having a 3mm intraductal papilloma after an ultrasound.

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