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LCIS - Lobular Carcinoma In Situ
Questions about lobular carcinoma in situ.
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 Asked: 4/18/2016 I had a lumpectomy 2 years ago for PLCIS with necrosis.
 Asked: 4/18/2016 I was dx''d with LCIS in the left breast and was placed on Tamoxifen.
 Asked: 3/31/2016 I''m a 52 year old who had an excisional biopsy two weeks ago.
 Asked: 3/28/2016 After a recent core needle biopsy, the result was a benign fibroadenoma with ALH ( atypical lobular hyperplasia) inside it.
 Asked: 3/18/2016 Are few LCIS classic type cells in one breast an indication of possible cancer risk in the other healthy breast? I was diagnosed almost 2 years...
 Asked: 3/17/2016 Hello, I was first diagnosed with LCIS 4 years ago.
 Asked: 3/13/2016 Is ALH ever misdiagnosed as LCIS? I was diagnosed with ALH after a core needle biopsy, but after getting a second opinion at another...
 Asked: 3/11/2016 Is there any evidence of LCIS or ALH disappearing on their own? Thus removing breast cancer risks?
 Asked: 12/17/2015 Is LCIS genetic? From mom to daughter?
 Asked: 12/14/2015 I am 61 years old and was diagnoised 8 years ago with LCIS.
 Asked: 12/11/2015 Hello, I was just diagnosed last week with LCIS.
 Asked: 11/29/2015 Lumpectomy, rads, tamoxifen for DCIS left breast 2011 at age 44.
 Asked: 11/16/2015 I have a diagnosis of "Lobular Carcinoma in situ with microinvasion (
 Asked: 11/12/2015 I am a breast cancer survivor for 17 years Dcis with .5 invasive component and had a mastectomy with reconstruction with 4 lymph nodes removed...
 Asked: 11/8/2015 I have had lymph nodes taken from both arms.
 Asked: 11/1/2015 I found out that I have IDC as well as a LCIS and a papillary lesion with focal atypic in my left breast.
 Asked: 10/23/2015 I am 63 years old. I was diagnosed with LCIS about 19 years ago.
 Asked: 10/18/2015 I was diagnosed with LCIS, HYPERPLASIA WITH ATPIA of the BREAST AFTER A BREAST BIOPSY.
 Asked: 10/17/2015 Dx: LCIS - In June I had an excision for suspicious findings in the right breast.
 Asked: 10/8/2015 Does the presence of both DCIS and LCIS doubles the risk of IBC?
 Asked: 9/28/2015 I go to Johns Hopkins Sibley FYI lily Major major surgery and yes I hope I am done with it Only you know...
 Asked: 9/27/2015 So bc Ductal thirteen years ago,, dcis on other boob three years ago 4mm ( clear margins ) Lcis in original cancer breast but classic...
 Asked: 9/27/2015 Hi there it is me again. Lcis found last year operated am 8mm classic those,, dcis three years ago ..and ductal carcinoma 13 years ago still have both breast ,Lcis was found on original cancer breast but no cancer associated.
 Asked: 9/27/2015 I''m 35 and I was diagnosed with LCIS after a core needle biopsy and a excisional biopsy 3 months ago.I have been told that LCIS...
 Asked: 9/19/2015 This last April I had a Lumpectomy for DCIS.
 Asked: 9/18/2015 My question is regarding my LCIS diagnosis.
 Asked: 9/18/2015 I am the 68 y.o. Who asked the question re risk of recurrence if nipple sparing is part of the reconstruction procedure I will have due to LCIS..thank you for your reply..however I am still not clear on the risk factor of doing the nipple sparing, or not doing it.
 Asked: 9/17/2015 Was diagnosed with both DCIS AND LCIS was also noted on the pathology report.
 Asked: 9/16/2015 I am 68y.o. Had partial mastectomy for removal of stage one 3mm dic in May/15 with no lymph involvement and good margins but multifocal LCIS.
 Asked: 9/15/2015 If I am diagnosed with LCIS and then with a breast cancer on one side -- and get that cancer treated -- are my 1)recurrence...
 Asked: 9/11/2015 I am 46 years old and just recently was diagnosed with LCIS.
 Asked: 9/6/2015 I am 53 yrs old Have extensive LCIS with focal atypical ductal hyperplasia in right breast from biopsy done 8/26/2015.
 Asked: 8/31/2015 thank you for answering,my father was treated in sloankatering 6yrs back underwent BRCA genetic test which was negative,i am treated in aghakhan karachi and we...
 Asked: 8/31/2015 im a radiologist and 40yrs old,underwent mammo in december 2014 cos my dad is dx as breast ca,also my aunt died of breast ca as...
 Asked: 8/28/2015 I was diagnosed with ADH and now LCIS...
 Asked: 8/14/2015 When is it best to get a second opinion: in between core needle biopsy with dx LCIS/ALH and before the excisional biopsy? Or after excisional...
 Asked: 8/14/2015 Do stat''s.
 Asked: 8/13/2015 How long after LCIS, removal of affected tissue in 2 sites in right breast and the full 5 year Tamoxifen regimen does Tamoxifen continue to...
 Asked: 8/10/2015 Core needle biopsy path report says: "Lobular neoplasia encompassing atypical lobular hyperplasia transitioning to lobular carcinoma in situ (LIN 1-2)
 Asked: 8/10/2015 Should perimenopausal or menopausal women newly diagnosed with LCIS stop using any Vagifem tablets or other topical/local estrogen preparations they take for vaginal dryness? Are...
 Asked: 8/10/2015 Diagnosed with LCIS after core needle biopsy last week.
 Asked: 8/8/2015 I had a lumpectomy to remove a papillary carcinoma.
 Asked: 8/8/2015 My results read pT 1mi,pNO (sn)(1-), pMX can you explain please?
 Asked: 8/7/2015 Stereo biopsies revealed intraductal and lobular hyperplasia and atypical lobular hyperplasia, and microcalcifications.
 Asked: 8/6/2015 I was just diagnosed with LCIS. Eight years ago i had ALH and was on evista for 6 years.
 Asked: 8/3/2015 I am a little confused as to the risk of having both LCIS and ALH.
 Asked: 7/27/2015 Diagnosed with LCIS Variant Type with 2 foci of microinvasion (0.1cm each).
 Asked: 7/27/2015 I had a history of dcis treated 9 years ago in the left breast with lumpectomy and wide excision.I had my right breast reconstructed down...
 Asked: 7/13/2015 I am 70 years old. I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast last year and had a lumpectomy and radiation.
 Asked: 7/9/2015 Sterotactical biopsy done a year ago for suspicious microcalcifications showed LCIS in right breast.
 Asked: 6/27/2015 DX Excisional Biopsy: Breast, Lumpectomy Lobular Carcinoma in Situ and Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia present within an area of elastosis, fibrocystic change, papillomas, sclerosing adenosis and usual...
 Asked: 6/15/2015 I was called by the radiologist with the biopsy report, biopsies were positive for cancer and it was about 4mm, lobular.
 Asked: 6/11/2015 Diagnosed with Stage I ILC ER/PR+ HERS2-, LCIS tumors and an unseen ILC tumor discovered during lumpectomy.
 Asked: 6/8/2015 Have there been any further studies indicating which women with LCIS are most likely to go on and develop breast cancer? Thanks for your input.
 Asked: 6/4/2015 I was diagnosed with LCIS on core needle biopsy (tumor size 3.5x3x1.5 sm), and the subsequent MRI showed a couple more lesions that could be LCIS.
 Asked: 5/26/2015 LCIS, age 69. Taking Aromasin.
 Asked: 5/20/2015 After a spot was found on my mammogram last November, I was diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma in situ, Intraductal papilloma with focal atypic, and...
 Asked: 5/19/2015 At 41 I was diagnosed with LCIS/ADH in 2008.
 Asked: 5/16/2015 I was diagnosed with LCIS in 2013 and had a lumpectomy.
 Asked: 5/13/2015 I was diagnosed with lcis after a core needle biopsy.
 Asked: 5/11/2015 Hi I was just dx''d with Lobular R breast cancer (Stage 1A 2GR).
 Asked: 4/20/2015 I was diagnosed with LCIS in 2006 and participated in the STAR trial.
 Asked: 4/14/2015 Hello: Which is the most effective ht today for early stage 1, grade 2, no node involvement cb, post lumpectomy, but also with DCIS and LCIS?
 Asked: 4/13/2015 I was diagnosed in January with DCIS, but with an MRI and 3 further biopsies, another site was labeled LCIS, leading specialist to question whether...
 Asked: 4/11/2015 Hello: I have early stage 1, grade 2 BC, with an oncotype of 32, and a tumor of 6mm as well as having DCIS and lcis in the same breast.
 Asked: 4/10/2015 I''m 46 hrs old & in great Health.
 Asked: 4/8/2015 9 years after mastectomy and full auxilliary clearance I have developed a discolouration reddish Mark on my reconstructed breast. I had the flap and muscle taken...
 Asked: 4/7/2015 Just diagnosed with LCIS..not sure I want to take tamoxifen..should I consider having breaststroke removed as a preventative .
 Asked: 4/6/2015 I started getting Mammograms after I turned 40 regularly.
 Asked: 3/18/2015 Hi, follow up/clarification to the question I asked a couple of days ago.
 Asked: 3/18/2015 I am 35 yrs old. No family history of bc.I had been diagnosed with LCIS on core biopsy, then had excisional biopsy with a pending pathology report showing 2 .4mm areas of invasive lobular carcinoma.
 Asked: 3/16/2015 I had LCIS diagnosed after core biopsy.
 Asked: 3/14/2015 I saw a response to one question that surgical excision is not always necessary after a diagnosis of LCIS.
 Asked: 3/14/2015 My daughter age 34 was just diagnosed with pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in situ, with lymphatic invasions, high nuclear grade DCIS, positive estrogen and positive progesterone,...
 Asked: 3/13/2015 I had a surgical excision last week because of a previous diagnosis of LCIS, to check to see if any cancer was lurking.
 Asked: 3/12/2015 I had a mastectomy last February at age 69 for invasive lobular carcinoma.
 Asked: 3/12/2015 Was diagnosed with LCIS, pathology report said something about "columnar cell change".
 Asked: 3/11/2015 Hi Lillie, I submitted my question back in January 2015 and received the following response from you on 1/21/2015: To figure this out we need...
 Asked: 3/11/2015 52 yr old with calcifications in lobular id''d on mammo.
 Asked: 3/5/2015 I am 56 years old dx.
 Asked: 3/5/2015 Hello and thank you for your opinion.
 Asked: 2/23/2015 Due to her own illness, my Breast surgeon abruptly closed her practice following my excisional biopsy (lumpectomy?).
 Asked: 2/22/2015 Had skin sparing right mastectomy for extensive DCIS 7 mos.
 Asked: 2/19/2015 Hello. I was diagnosed with intraductal papilloma with focal atypia, lobular carcinoma in-situ, and fibroadenomatoid hyperplasia after excisional biopsy.
 Asked: 2/19/2015 I had non invasive dcis breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/15/2015 Age 73 and newly dx''d. will meet with surgeon next week.
 Asked: 2/14/2015 So found LCIS on a mri mammo after a biopsy ..going for a lumpectomy for the LCIS..
 Asked: 2/13/2015 Diagnosed with LCIS as well as Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia.
 Asked: 2/9/2015 I was diagnosed 2 years ago at age 49 with DCIS (comedo stage 3) in my right breast - it was found as result of...
 Asked: 2/3/2015 i already have medullary carcinoma on my left breast..done with lumpectomy, chemotherapy and i have LCIS on my right breast..should i do the mastectomy?..
 Asked: 1/21/2015 LCIS determined following stereotactic biopsy. Final diagnosis per pathology report by the Mayo Clinic: LCIS with associated calcifications arising in a background of collagenous spherulosis.
 Asked: 1/18/2015 I have invasive pleomorphic lobular adenocarcinoma, grade II.
 Asked: 12/24/2014 I have been diagnosed with: "Lobular carcinoma in situ with pagetoid extension to ducts, columnar cell change and pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia" Huh? can you explain?
 Asked: 12/19/2014 I have been diagnosed with LCIS via sterotatic biopsy.
 Asked: 12/6/2014 I had breast surgery due to insitu 17 years ago followed by many more biopsies, The path test after the reconstruction of both breast...
 Asked: 11/28/2014 Hi I had Gr 2 2.5cm IDC and 2.6cm DCIS removed in BCS.
 Asked: 11/26/2014 I was diagnosed with LCIS and ALH stage 0 in 2011 and had a partial mastectomy on my left breast.
 Asked: 11/25/2014 I had a unilateral mastectomy with diep reconstruction last spring due to widespread aggressive DCIS.
 Asked: 11/8/2014 I was dx''d with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and sub areolar Invasive Carcinoma 4.2 mass was taken out at the time of my bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 11/3/2014 Hi. I am 36yrs old and recently had a 4cm lump of solid LCIS removed, which I have now been informed is pleomorphic.

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