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Mastectomy without Reconstruction
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 Asked: 3/29/2017 Dear team, i have just had a lumpectomy for high grade 7mm DCIS and am now due radiotherapy to the whole breast (right breast).
 Asked: 3/21/2017 I had widespread high-grade DCIS in my right breast, aged 48 (treated with mastectomy) and was told that this greatly increased my risk of developing...
 Asked: 3/10/2017 I''m 62 y/o, BRCA2 gene mutation, post lumpectomy, clear lymph nodes (stage 1a), DCIS and IDCIS.
 Asked: 2/28/2017 Had a mastectomy with Sentinel Node Biopsy several years ago.
 Asked: 2/25/2017 Hello Would you consider three CT scans too many within 12 month period and risk of cancer/cognitive problems...potential risks and benefits ?? last two CT...
 Asked: 2/21/2017 41 yo diagnosed 2/13/17 with DCIS. 3 cm tumor grade 1 with some microinvasion.
 Asked: 1/31/2017 I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 How long is the time period when adhesions form in the breasts after mastectomies?
 Asked: 12/15/2016 My Mother is 71 years old and got diagnosed with Stage 1 TNBC a month ago.
 Asked: 12/14/2016 I had Left breast mastectomy. Every thing is gone with no reconstruction and only sential nodes remove 2 no cancer found in either in September 2015.
 Asked: 12/11/2016 First--big thank you for answering my question in May re my right nipple bleeding.
 Asked: 10/4/2016 my wife had a double mastectomy about a year ago and now has extremely high blood pressure.
 Asked: 9/24/2016 Had a double mastectomy in november 2015.
 Asked: 9/9/2016 Where do paramedics put the blood pressure cuff when taking a blood pressure of a patient that has had a bilateral mastectomy? Thanks much! .
 Asked: 8/30/2016 I have had a double mastectomy, with reconstruction.
 Asked: 7/24/2016 6/8/16 was diagnosed with left breast cancer invasive dutal carcinoma grade 2 with measurement of 2cm, with lymphnode negative, done left mastectomy.
 Asked: 7/17/2016 Just wanted to thank you so much for this service.
 Asked: 7/14/2016 had simple mastectomy of right breast: invasive ductal carcinoma with lobular features, Nottingham grade 1 (tubules = 3, nuclear grade = 2, mitoses = 1)...
 Asked: 6/15/2016 Had bilateral mastectomy, no radiation, no reconstruction.
 Asked: 6/13/2016 hi... referring to doctor did ask to take amoxicillin potassium clavulanate for 5 days.
 Asked: 6/12/2016 hi... referring to our conversation My surgeon has already reinserted the axillary drain.
 Asked: 6/11/2016 hi... once a large seroma (200-300ml every 4 days) is developed after mastectomy with axillary node dissection, what is more likely to cause infection - reinserting drain pipe in axilla or needle aspiration every few days.
 Asked: 6/6/2016 My RT is delayed due to large seroma formation (aspirating 200-300ml every 4 days). What are the ways to reduce seroma early? Will reinserting drain pipe...
 Asked: 5/25/2016 multi-focal invasive ductal carcinoma - left side, largest mass spiculate and 2.0 x 1.8.
 Asked: 5/23/2016 Hi Lillie, Back again. Great response with Perjeta/Herceptin for Mets.
 Asked: 4/1/2016 I recently had a mastectomy with sentinel node bx, 5 nodes tested all negative, breast bx shows DCIS cribiform solid grade 3 no necrosis clear...
 Asked: 3/29/2016 Should I have a pet scan before surgery to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body?
 Asked: 3/4/2016 I had a bilateral mastectomy in August 2015 with immediate tissue expander placement.
 Asked: 2/28/2016 Hi, Double mastectomy no reconstruction brca1 positive no cancer also salpingo-oopecyomy? Just curious when would I be able to work part time, (library assistant)...
 Asked: 2/6/2016 Since my mastectomy I have noticed my arm on that side getting numb when I''m in bed at night.
 Asked: 1/12/2016 Hi Lilly, I had a mastectomy without reconstruction.
 Asked: 1/3/2016 should I have the mastectomy done with hysterectomy, or have them done separately? no reconstruction cancer free for 4years 9 months,wondering if I will be...
 Asked: 12/13/2015 How long is surgery and recovery with a bilateral mastectomy along with removal of ovaries and tubes.
 Asked: 12/7/2015 My surgeon may recommend that I get bilateral mastectomies.
 Asked: 12/1/2015 Hi, i am from India. My mother is suffering from breast cancer, her tumor was about 5 cm but after 4 chemotherapy it has been reduced to 2.5-3 cm, we taking treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.
 Asked: 11/23/2015 Diagnosis 6.3 cm dcis intermediate/high grade, 2 lumpectomies.
 Asked: 11/21/2015 My 82 yr old mother is scheduled to undergo surgery on November 25 th a " radical mastectomy ,including pectoral muscles and axilliary lymph...
 Asked: 11/7/2015 Do women who decide against reconstruction ever get nipple/areola tattoos?
 Asked: 11/2/2015 Is it common to have various discomfort throughout your diaphram after having a mastectomy without reconstruction..
 Asked: 10/30/2015 Q re node-testing in contralateral mastectomy: I''m having a bilateral mastectomy soon, with the left side being prophylactic and thus no sentinal node dissection...
 Asked: 9/27/2015 It has been 20 years since I had right side Mastectomy without reconstruction.
 Asked: 9/6/2015 A friend had mastectomy without reconstruction three years ago.
 Asked: 8/31/2015 I had a mastectomy on my left breast with 16 axillary nodes removed 23 years ago.
 Asked: 8/23/2015 I had a bilateral mastectomy, one side prophylactic on 7/2 at Hopkins.
 Asked: 8/10/2015 I read the question submitted on 1/14/2015.
 Asked: 8/5/2015 How many women diagnosed with dcis (noninvasive, any grade, following appropriate treatment choices) wind up, sooner or later, having either mastectomy or chemo? obviously,...
 Asked: 7/17/2015 When doing a mastectomy, how does the surgeon tell if there are clear margins, by looking at the tissue of by measurement of the original tumor.
 Asked: 7/14/2015 Lillie, thank you for your answer. I said ER negative because I am only ER positive by 5%.
 Asked: 7/13/2015 I was diagnosed two years ago with stage 4 Her 2+ and ER and Pr negative, had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and now still on Herceptin and Arimidex.
 Asked: 7/7/2015 My 86 yr old mom was recently diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma, 3 cm, stage 2b, She just underwent a lumpectomy and the pathology...
 Asked: 7/2/2015 in 2006 I had a mastectomy with full clearance of axilliary lymph nodes.
 Asked: 6/28/2015 Is it possible/reasonable to have bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction at the same time as a hysterectomy? I am 44 years old and in excellent...
 Asked: 6/24/2015 4 weeks post bilateral without reconstruction. One side is softer than the other.
 Asked: 6/24/2015 I will be having a mastectomy June 29th with a Latissimus Dorsi flap, but not having breast reconstruction.
 Asked: 6/24/2015 I have stage IIA BC and had mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, 4 rounds of TC and now I''m taking Exemestane.
 Asked: 5/31/2015 I had a bilateral mastectomy about a year ago.
 Asked: 5/27/2015 I read on the Johns Hopkins website that they had been able to reduce the nausea and vomiting from mastectomy surgery and recovery from 85% to 1%.
 Asked: 5/18/2015 I am due to have mastectomy and am concerned about the amount of pain to expect immediately after surgery.
 Asked: 4/29/2015 I''m recently diagnosed BRCA-2 with low grade tumor scheduled for bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 3/31/2015 Folllowing a new case of DCIS in the same breast as 7 years ago, my surgeon recommends either another lumpectomy and radiaton, or a...
 Asked: 3/28/2015 I had mastectomy without reconstruction about 8 years ago.
 Asked: 3/23/2015 My90 yr. old mother had her mastectomy at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Hospital after her diagnosis and biopsy at Johns Hopkins.
 Asked: 1/21/2015 Many may think I am crazy for feeling this way but I am so upset.
 Asked: 1/14/2015 My surgeon has asked me to see a plastic surgeon now, prior to my lobular breast cancer surgery.
 Asked: 1/12/2015 I had bilateral mastectomies 15 months ago and had 33 treatments of radiation in right breast due to the fact that I had positive margins...
 Asked: 1/6/2015 I am triple neg. stage 3.
 Asked: 12/22/2014 Is it possible to have a mastectomy without reconstruction? If yes, will the absence of reconstruction pose any potential health risks in the future?
 Asked: 12/22/2014 I am 46 yrs old. I had a lumpectomy.
 Asked: 12/9/2014 Hello, I am 35 years old and was diagnosed with dcis, 5mm, 1mm from the margin.
 Asked: 11/25/2014 What is the recovery time.
 Asked: 11/5/2014 My mother aged 62 has been diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in right breast.
 Asked: 9/25/2014 Oncotype Score 16/no recurrence 3 years later Mastectomy Arimidex for 5 years Overweight How should a patient be feeling three years after this? Still experiencing joint ache, depression...
 Asked: 9/21/2014 is mastectomy a life threatening surgery or i can go to sleep and not worry about it.
 Asked: 9/7/2014 I had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction 7 1/2 weeks ago.
 Asked: 8/24/2014 I left out 2 factors from earlier question today.
 Asked: 8/23/2014 I am 3 weeks post prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.
 Asked: 8/5/2014 Two weeks ago had mastectomy on left breast and two lymph nodes removed one of which had tiny hair size tumor just turning aggressive from...
 Asked: 7/20/2014 I have another question. In review, I have IDC 3.5cm ER+(+3, 90%) PR+(+3, 60%) HER-2 NEU(0).
 Asked: 6/26/2014 I had bilateral mastectomies in May 2013.
 Asked: 6/13/2014 treatment for hematoma mastectomy surgery, three weeks out of surgery and my wound is puffy and that is spreading.
 Asked: 6/2/2014 I have invasive ductal breast cancer. I have opted for a mastectomy with node biopsy.
 Asked: 5/28/2014 My mother is 73 years old and was just diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 5/20/2014 I am 10 weeks post prophylactic mastectomy without reconstruction.
 Asked: 5/19/2014 I am a 73 year old who had bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy in 1976 with saline implants. The implants were explanted (because of one rupturing) 5/6/14
 Asked: 5/15/2014 I am scheduled for a Bilateral Mastectomy due to DCIS.
 Asked: 4/21/2014 I have DCIS, intermediate-high grade, solid and cribiform.
 Asked: 4/7/2014 I had prophylactic bilateral mastectomies 03/10/14, both JP drains pulled 9 days later.
 Asked: 4/6/2014 Is rate of recurrence more in mastectomy without reconstruction.
 Asked: 4/1/2014 I was diagnosed with a 1 cm lump dcis through mammogram ultrasound and mri and biopsy.
 Asked: 3/28/2014 I am 17 days post op bilateral prophylactic mastectomy without reconstruction.
 Asked: 3/26/2014 Re: Double radical mastectomy on an 83 year old who is very active and healthy (stage of CA unknown) What are the risks of a...
 Asked: 3/24/2014 I have had a TUG reconstruction. How long should I wait before resuming kayaking? This is my 2nd TUG operation and after the first operation, I was weaker on that side.
 Asked: 3/24/2014 I am having upper back pain since my simple double mastectomy done two weeks ago.
 Asked: 3/21/2014 I had bilateral mastectomies without reconstruction 03/10/14, and both JP drains pulled 03/19/14.
 Asked: 3/5/2014 I was diagnosed with DCIS after needle localizing mass biopsy.
 Asked: 3/1/2014 I had a modified radical mastectomy on left breast, simple mastectomy on right side.
 Asked: 2/17/2014 I was told that when I have a mammogram I also have to have a xray on the old surgical axillary site otherwishe Medicare won''t pay for it.
 Asked: 2/12/2014 I recently read online that a mastectomy can lead to a heart attack.
 Asked: 2/2/2014 Hi there, I was treated with tamoxifen in 2004 for LCIS.
 Asked: 1/25/2014 my mother had a tumor in the left breast at lower outer quadrant position of about 2*2*1.5 cm.

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