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Metastatic Breast Cancer
Questions about advanced metastatic breast cancer.
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 Asked: 12/2/2016 Best sister/friend diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.
 Asked: 12/1/2016 Diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2014 July.
 Asked: 12/1/2016 My Mother had a lumpectomy ~2 years ago.
 Asked: 11/30/2016 What is the average life expectancy for someone with spinal collapse, two vertebrae, no visceral mets, with er+ her2- grade 2 breast cancer?
 Asked: 11/30/2016 My sister has Stage 4 TNBC. Originally diagnosed in 2008 had double mastectomy and became stage 4 in 2013.
 Asked: 11/29/2016 Are BC mets to spine the worst or best place for life expectancy if you are ER+ & HER-?
 Asked: 11/26/2016 stage 4 cancer with widespread bone and spine mets at time of diagnosis 3 years ago.
 Asked: 11/23/2016 What is the data on reconstruction surgery (DIEP FLAP) on patients with MBC and progression? I have an understanding of a potential surgical activation...
 Asked: 11/21/2016 Hello,My mother is 68 years old & she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in April 2016 with ER postive & HER 2 negative (being...
 Asked: 11/18/2016 11yrs. Cancer free--now have Mets to Sternum-- ER and Prog.
 Asked: 11/17/2016 Hi, my sister in law was diagnosed with inflammatory tnbc in July,with 7 nodes involved.
 Asked: 11/13/2016 How common is oliogmetatasis in the people you have come in contact with over the years? Lung? Breast? Liver? Since monoclonal antibodies in use? Thanks, N
 Asked: 11/13/2016 After 10 years CA free My sister Breast Ca back with a vengeance.Beint treated at UPMC.
 Asked: 11/13/2016 Hi Lillie, Thanks for all that you do.... ( Retreat participant, 66, etc.
 Asked: 11/13/2016 I also want to ask about the percent of reoccurrence with Stage 2a, grade 3 with one positive lymph node with triple negative breast...
 Asked: 11/13/2016 I am 6 months post chemo AC and taxol and 4 months post radiation for triple negative breast cancer, grade 3, stage 2A with Bilateral...
 Asked: 11/13/2016 Thank you for your prompt response to my question re immunotherapy for ER+ HER- MBC however is Keytruda an option? .
 Asked: 11/12/2016 Hi.
 Asked: 11/11/2016 I am 69 yo female with multicentric IDC x five lesions and DCIS> 15 cm.
 Asked: 11/9/2016 I am 4 years post-double mastectomy, rt breast was in situ, left breast had infiltrating tumors and there was cancer in several of the 25-30...
 Asked: 11/6/2016 I had triple negative breast cancer 2 years ago.
 Asked: 11/6/2016 Thank you so much for your prompt response re my SIL with stage IV triple negative and a malignant fungating wound in her right breast...
 Asked: 11/3/2016 My relative has metastatic triple negative that has spread to skin and now the other breast with new mets on PET in pelvis ribs and...
 Asked: 11/3/2016 I have written to you a couple of times about my mom.
 Asked: 10/31/2016 Can bone scans on their own differentiate cancer from non cancer spots or determine the difference between arthritis and cancer in the bone?
 Asked: 10/31/2016 Are bone scans in general definitive to determine metastatic breast cancer? How reliable are bone scans ?
 Asked: 10/31/2016 Can carpel tunnel syndrome be the cause of hot spot showing on bone scan - upper arm bone area?
 Asked: 10/31/2016 Is the breast cancer curable if metastasis is in only one spot in the humerus bone?
 Asked: 10/31/2016 I''m a TNBC survivor for approx 2 years now.
 Asked: 10/30/2016 How rare is my cancer....
 Asked: 10/30/2016 Ibrance (my fifth line) is not working (after 3 cycles increase in mets in bones and liver, CA 15-3 increased from 150 to 280)).
 Asked: 10/30/2016 Hi I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer 2 years ago - got 100% pathological response from chemo treatment.
 Asked: 10/30/2016 I wrote a while back when my mom developed liver mets after presenting with bone mets (now in almost every bone).
 Asked: 10/27/2016 How long can someone live with a liver functioning at 10%? (It is 90% damaged by cancer.) My mom has HER2 positive breast...
 Asked: 10/25/2016 My aunt has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer with a 4cm left breast mass(invasive ductal carcinoma), with L-axillary lymph nodes (also biopsy proven +...
 Asked: 10/23/2016 My dear friend has TNBC mets in lungs and brain, and has been deemed too frail post surgery to remove brain mets for further treatment.
 Asked: 10/22/2016 I''m new to navelbine. On Day 5 of navelbine, I had muscle spasms on my right side where my cancer is then another treatment on day 9, now the pain is in the middle of my lower back where the cancer is.
 Asked: 10/22/2016 I have just started on a trial in the UK for Ibrance and Letrozole.
 Asked: 10/22/2016 Does Hopkins have a support group for Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer lifers?
 Asked: 10/20/2016 Hi how long does it take for Mets to occur after chemo.if they do....
 Asked: 10/20/2016 Hi how long does it take for Mets to occur after chemo..
 Asked: 10/19/2016 My best friend was first diagnosed with breast cancer (had a lumpectomy) two years ago.
 Asked: 10/16/2016 ILC metastatic to bone only. Have been on AI for 3 years with no progression.
 Asked: 10/16/2016 Do you have an opinion on the use of Alpha-lipoic acid in injection with peripheral neuropathy related to treatment at stage IV?
 Asked: 10/16/2016 On my last question about being put back on Abraxane I didn''n mention that I have also been on Pertuzamab for the last 2 years as well.
 Asked: 10/16/2016 Peritoneal mets. Hi I was diagnosed 2007 with primary BC and secondary in liver.
 Asked: 10/15/2016 When i was first diagnosed with breast cancer I was put on abraxane for 6 months or so It then spread to my liver and...
 Asked: 10/15/2016 Just Dx stage iv Mets to spine 12 years after primary ER+ HER2-.
 Asked: 10/14/2016 Thank you so much for answering my question! (see below) I wanted to reply on the lung mets, and see if your opinion stayed the same.
 Asked: 10/14/2016 I have classic ILC. I have somatic TP53 missense mutation, A ZNF703 amplification, and a FGFR1 amplification.
 Asked: 10/13/2016 My sister (who is 50 years old right now) was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer three years ago.
 Asked: 10/13/2016 I was rediagnosed stage 4 Her2+ on May 2016 with mets to sacrom and L1 and L2 and several very small mets in lungs.
 Asked: 10/12/2016 Dx MBC de novo, 01/2016. MBC is ER/PR +, HER2-.
 Asked: 10/12/2016 My daughter had a double mastectomy for stage3 metastatic ductal breast cancer and was in lymph nodes.
 Asked: 10/12/2016 My sister was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer last week and it has spread to her liver.
 Asked: 10/11/2016 Dear Expert I am a mother and concerned about the future for my child.
 Asked: 10/10/2016 Many thanks for answering my earlier question! My sister in New Zealand has advanced breast cancer with multiple liver mets & 1 solitary brain met...
 Asked: 10/7/2016 My friend was dx''ed w/ Stage IV TNBC in June 2016.
 Asked: 10/6/2016 My Cousin has had her cancer spread to her lungs and brain.
 Asked: 10/5/2016 What options exist if you have become chemo resistant ?
 Asked: 10/4/2016 My history is as follows: Breast cancer diagnosis: 8/16/2010 at age 51 Original breast cancer: Stage IIb, Grade 3, 3.9 cm mass removed from...
 Asked: 10/3/2016 What is the best way to monitor stage 4 Lobular MBC, 3rd recurrence ? PET, CT, MRI, Mammogram, blood work, etc? How often should one visit...
 Asked: 10/3/2016 I was diagnosed with Stage IIB breast cancer in April 2016.
 Asked: 10/3/2016 My wife has metastatic breast cancer to the bone.
 Asked: 10/1/2016 My 67 year old mom was diagnosed with late stage 3 TNBC.
 Asked: 9/29/2016 I''m 47, primary dx 2007 lobular BC grade 2, ER/PR+ HER2- I had FEC chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy and 5 yrs tamoxifen. Oct 15 to Jan 16 rapidly...
 Asked: 9/28/2016 lob er/pr neg in 1989.mets in bone /uterus 1 yr ago er/pr pos her2 equivical.faslodex improved bones.just found 1cen met in grim is prognosis...
 Asked: 9/27/2016 My friend was diagnosed with stage IV about 2 years ago.
 Asked: 9/26/2016 My wife is stage 4 TNBC, started trial on pembro/eribulin on 4/25/16, progressed by the end of July.
 Asked: 9/23/2016 breast mets liver 12/15. completed carbo chemo 4/16.
 Asked: 9/22/2016 Hello, I recently asked your opinion on prognosis for triple negative mets to lungs, liver, and bones and you replied, stating that it would depend "on...
 Asked: 9/22/2016 I was initially diagnosed with ER/PR+ her2- IDC (colloid type) breast cancer when I was 39.
 Asked: 9/20/2016 My triplet sister was diagnosed with TNBC in June 2015 (43 yrs old).
 Asked: 9/19/2016 My daughter has a collision tumor that consists of neuroendocrine carcinoma of the breast and invasive ductal breast cancer.
 Asked: 9/19/2016 Hi, I was diagnosed with stage IV invasive lobular ,er/pr +, multiple organs, peritoneal space(acites) and bone.
 Asked: 9/19/2016 Metastatic breast cancer 6cm Ryan middle love , 2 lymph nodes station 7 diagnosis metastatic adencarcinoma , inoperable ? Any hope ?
 Asked: 9/17/2016 My 47 year old friend: TNBC with brain mets with following tx so far: Lumpectomy, TAC regimen, capecitabine had brain mets in Jan 2016.
 Asked: 9/14/2016 3 years ago I had a mastectomy left breast 1.7cm tumor removed along with tumor in sentinel node had 7 out of all positive breast margin clear.
 Asked: 9/14/2016 I have mets to lungs, liver, spine, and ribs (er/pr+ and her2-).
 Asked: 9/13/2016 I just asked a question about my 38 year old friend.
 Asked: 9/13/2016 My lifelong friend 38, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2014, she had a double mastectomy followed by chemo.
 Asked: 9/13/2016 My 37-year-old wife has MBC and has been NED for the past 2 years.
 Asked: 9/11/2016 SIL has type 2 diabetes with stage 4 breast cancer in liver, lungs, spine and brain.
 Asked: 9/9/2016 I have a friend,42, who was diagnosed in Oct.
 Asked: 9/8/2016 My wife has triple negative inflammatory breast cancer and she is brca2.
 Asked: 9/7/2016 diagnosed breast mets-liver 12/2015. after chemo completed 4/16, started ibrance/fulvestrant.
 Asked: 9/7/2016 My wife was diagnosed in 2012 T3N1M0 and subsequently with MBC in 2014.
 Asked: 9/5/2016 My wife has stage 1V b.c spread to lung and two nodes .
 Asked: 9/3/2016 Wife has TNBC, first DX July 2014.
 Asked: 8/30/2016 I sent a question earlier today re: if making it two years NED means anything when you have a stage 4 diagnosis - I should...
 Asked: 8/30/2016 Is there any significance to staying NED for two years? My case is I had one very small spot show in the sacrum that they could not biopsy.
 Asked: 8/30/2016 New release of peptide CT 20 to begin testing the drug by SEVA this year with clinical trial testing Q4 2017 specific to metastatic breast.
 Asked: 8/29/2016 Triple negative metastasized to the bones and in a clinical trial using eribulin and pembrolizumab.
 Asked: 8/27/2016 Thank you for answering my past question.
 Asked: 8/27/2016 My mom was dx with stage 1 breast cancer about 6 years ago and underwent surgery/radiation therapy.
 Asked: 8/26/2016 Hello, Triple Negative Breast Cancer that has metastasized to lungs, liver and bones.
 Asked: 8/25/2016 I was diagnosed with IDC two years ago.
 Asked: 8/25/2016 what has been the experience of metastatic tnbc patients at johns hopkins to keytruda, both in terms of effectiveness and in terms of side effects? Thanks
 Asked: 8/23/2016 My mom now has stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her liver.
 Asked: 8/19/2016 Have widespread bone mets. On Ibrance, femara & xgeva.

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