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Metastatic Breast Cancer
Questions about advanced metastatic breast cancer.
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 Asked: 7/28/2014 Is metastatic breast cancer in the lymphnode the same as lymphoma? Every time I do a search that is all that comes up.
 Asked: 7/27/2014 Are intramammary nodes palpable? I have 1 cm lump within 1/4 inch of my breastbone.
 Asked: 7/27/2014 Mom diagnosed with triple negative breast CA December 2012, lumpectomy followed by chemo and radiation completed August 2013, back pain just last week found...
 Asked: 7/27/2014 Hi, my 72 year oldmother has been diagnosed with spindle cell breast cancer with metastatis to lung right lower lobe...
 Asked: 7/26/2014 My sister begins radiation next week for a spinal compression fracture from bone mets.
 Asked: 7/22/2014 I was diagnosed with stage IIIa (> 7 cm)infiltrative lobular carcinoma with 2 positive lymph nodes in my right breast 17 years ago at 44 yrs.
 Asked: 7/21/2014 My wife had metastatic Breast cancer to bone has spread to liver & now diagnosed with multiple bone mets .
 Asked: 7/21/2014 Had bi-lat mastectomy with immediate reconstruction at Hopkins in 2005 for stage 1 ILC right breast.
 Asked: 7/20/2014 Hi! I was Stage 4 from the start with a tumor size of 6cm.
 Asked: 7/19/2014 Mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in ''2011.
 Asked: 7/19/2014 My wife is 51 years old and has been diagnosed with Metastatic Stage IV breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/17/2014 My 80 yr old mother has breast cancer metastisized rather extensively to bones and now to liver.
 Asked: 7/17/2014 I was dx with stage 2B TNBC IDC in Feb.
 Asked: 7/16/2014 Just asked question re 1 lymph nodes metastasized.
 Asked: 7/16/2014 If the lobular stg 4 BC travels beyond the bone will it be detected on a CT scan.
 Asked: 7/16/2014 What is the probability of cancer having metastases to other organs and/or bones with 1 lymph nodes +.
 Asked: 7/16/2014 My sister in law is 44 with TNBC.
 Asked: 7/13/2014 Hi, My mother has been diagnosed with Metatastatic breast cancer with cancer metastasizing to bone, liver and spleen.
 Asked: 7/13/2014 I was diagnosed with with 1 supspious lesion on my iliac wing 1 year ago.
 Asked: 7/13/2014 I was only a little over a year out of treatment for stage 2 breast cancer when I got diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/13/2014 When discussing Metastatic Breast Cancer with my oncologist he said some women live as long as 5 years and when I got upset he said...
 Asked: 7/9/2014 I was dx with metastatic breast cancer that had spread to numerous bones 1 yr ago.
 Asked: 7/9/2014 From last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer (carcinoma lobular invasive)with liver methastasis.
 Asked: 7/6/2014 I have stage 4 Met cancer to the lungs.
 Asked: 7/6/2014 Hi...I''m am 2 years out from diagnosis of TNBC Stage 1, no lymph node involvement, no LVI, grade 3, had 2 tiny 0.5cm tumors and some DCIS.
 Asked: 6/26/2014 I have stage 4 breast cancer with mets to bones only .
 Asked: 6/22/2014 Just DX with Stage 1, grade 3, NO LYMPH NODE involvement, but triple negative.
 Asked: 6/20/2014 I am a 51 year old woman and was diagnosed with grade 1V breast cancer 2 years ago, with small liver mets.
 Asked: 6/20/2014 IN response to 6/18 post...78 yr. old woman has a bone biopsy grade 3, ER, Prog Negative.
 Asked: 6/19/2014 A 78 yr old woman with stage 4, grade 2, lobular metastatic breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/16/2014 I''m 36, dx with Stage IIa IDC, no lymph node involvement.
 Asked: 6/15/2014 My mother has metastatic triple negative breast cancer she had surgery march 26 2014 the oncolgist waited to long to give her treatment after sergery...
 Asked: 6/12/2014 I have stage 4 breast cancer and have been doing pretty well for almost 2 years.
 Asked: 6/10/2014 my niece has stage 4 breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/7/2014 My sister has triple negative cancer. 4 years ago in breast.
 Asked: 6/4/2014 My 78 year old mother has path report of cytokeratin 7 positive, 20 negative GATA - 3 stain positive, CA 125 focally positive... mammogram negative metastatic cancer throughout...
 Asked: 6/3/2014 A few years ago, JHU had a study for rapid autopsy of mbc patients.
 Asked: 6/1/2014 I just read an answer to a post where a woman''s mom had cancer spread to liver and nodes but is refusing Chemo? I...
 Asked: 6/1/2014 I had stage 2a ER/PR + Her- two lymph nodes involved.
 Asked: 6/1/2014 After 29 years cancer-free, my mother has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
 Asked: 5/30/2014 My mom is 72 and found lump in breast 5 yrs ago and didn''t tell as of 2weeks ago ex w larger tumor and...
 Asked: 5/27/2014 two months ago started Aromasin and Afinitor after Xeloda due to lymph node progression.
 Asked: 5/23/2014 IDC breast cancer, 8mm, grade 3, ER/PR+ Her2-, nodes clear, mastectomy, tamoxifen....
 Asked: 5/20/2014 Follow up with my question on 5/9/14.
 Asked: 5/18/2014 My sister diag. 1 yr.ago w/stage 1 triple neg.
 Asked: 5/15/2014 My mother has just been diagnosed with stage iv triple negative breast is now in her nones and liver She has lymph edema in...
 Asked: 5/15/2014 My mother was diagnosed with metastatic triple negative breast cancer she had a masectomy two months ago now it has spread to her liver,bone and...
 Asked: 5/13/2014 1cm slerotic focus on sternum and 5.5cm invasive multifocal lobular carcinoma, 2mm,and 3mm.
 Asked: 5/13/2014 My wife was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in January.
 Asked: 5/13/2014 Thank you for your response! I am being seen at a major academic center in my city (Pittsburgh) and will be getting second...
 Asked: 5/12/2014 Hi! Recently diagnosed with two small liver mets...had laparoscopic wedge resection of one of the lesions and the other will be treated with stereotactic radiosurgery...
 Asked: 5/11/2014 My sister in law has TNBC Dx in April 2013 she underwent chemotherapy with ACT 16 treatments, followed by bilateral mastectomy then 33 radiation treatments...
 Asked: 5/10/2014 Avemar for metastatic breast cancer with METS for maletaking Tamoxifin.
 Asked: 5/9/2014 TNBC with mets to lungs and a cancerous enlarged inoperable tumor in my armpit where many lymph nodes were removed in two surgeries/two radiations (25...
 Asked: 5/1/2014 I''ve been treated for significant osteoporosis for 15 years.
 Asked: 4/29/2014 I had mastectomy with sentinel node involvement, but 18 other nodes are negative.
 Asked: 4/26/2014 Hello. Thank you for reading my question.
 Asked: 4/23/2014 I had breast cancer 16 years ago and now it has metastasized to the liver.
 Asked: 4/23/2014 My Wife has cáncer in two breast lymph nodes on right side with mine in breast after having a masectomy on left breast with no...
 Asked: 4/21/2014 I have lobular breast in both breasts cancer.
 Asked: 4/20/2014 I started Abraxane 7 months ago (2 weeks on/1 off).
 Asked: 4/17/2014 Hi - I was diagnosed with breast cancer - stage 2 no lymph node involvement in December 1995.
 Asked: 4/14/2014 Hi, I''d like to get a second opinion on the treatment plan for my mom, 63, who has been diagonosed with stage IV breast cancer...
 Asked: 4/12/2014 With all the talk of curcumin or natural turmeric as anti-cancer agents, as a stage IV ER+ PR+ Her2- patient I want to know which...
 Asked: 4/12/2014 I have been diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Carcinoma...which is also in my lungs..all lobes.
 Asked: 4/9/2014 hi My sister has triple negative mets to bones (spine and pelvic area), no organ involvement.
 Asked: 4/9/2014 What does intense activity identified in the hilar region mean if it is measuring approximately 1.2 short axis with a max SUV of 7.6? ...
 Asked: 4/8/2014 I had a mastectomy of the left breast May 2013 now I''m having pains in the right breast stage 4 moved to the bone.
 Asked: 4/8/2014 Dx with stage 4 solitary bone metastasis in 2011, treatment since this time is faslodex and doing well with no further progression.
 Asked: 4/7/2014 How can you tell if liver lesions are from metastatic breast cancer if a radiologist doesn''t think a biopsy is possible?
 Asked: 4/6/2014 My aunt lives in Sicily and has been diagnosed almost two months ago with metastatic breast cancer to bones, lungs and liver.
 Asked: 4/6/2014 My friend''s sister is BRCA 2 positive and was diagnosed with IDC, er+, pr+.
 Asked: 4/4/2014 Is it a fact that lobular breast cancer that has mets to other parts of the body will not show on a PET scan.
 Asked: 4/4/2014 I have TNC with mets to both lungs.
 Asked: 4/3/2014 My daughter has stage 4 mestastic breast cancer.
 Asked: 3/31/2014 I have been living with metastatic breast cancer for many years (8 or 9).
 Asked: 3/30/2014 I was diagnosed in 2007 at age 40 with a 4mm IBC, surrounded by a lot of DCIS (high grade).
 Asked: 3/28/2014 Triple negative, BRCA negative. Double masectomy January 11, 2014.
 Asked: 3/26/2014 I''m 40 and on avastin and faslodex after many sessions of taxol + avastin (breast cancer in 2006 and now in my liver).I have heard...
 Asked: 3/24/2014 My sister (64), who lives in France, has been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in October of 2013 and since then, has been treated...
 Asked: 3/24/2014 I recently had a mastectomy and just heard about a test that can tell you the odds of your getting cancer in the other breast.
 Asked: 3/22/2014 My daughter, age 31 was diagnosed with an invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3, stage 2 in one breast.
 Asked: 3/19/2014 Just got diagnosed with regional recurrence - an enlarged lymph node, same side as original.
 Asked: 3/18/2014 What percent of triple positive breast cancer met to liver ?
 Asked: 3/18/2014 Does triple positive breast cancer mets to liver ? If so what % does met to liver?
 Asked: 3/18/2014 I have stage 4 breast cancer, am vegan/vegetarian, and wonder if small amounts of soy in the form of a serving of soy milk, tofu,...
 Asked: 3/17/2014 My mum is 65. She was diagnosed with stage IIb ER+ BC at age 59.
 Asked: 3/16/2014 Is there a size of IDC tumour which is considered a minimum for likely metastasis? tumour in question is diagnosed at 8mm on ultrasound and...
 Asked: 3/15/2014 What is your opinion on combining tamoxifin (20 mg a day) with the Budwig protocol(six tablespoonfuls of organic cottage cheese with 3 tablespoonfuls of organic...
 Asked: 3/15/2014 I have been diagnosed with metaplastic carcinoma with heterologous stromal elements.
 Asked: 3/13/2014 What is the latest treatment for triple negative BC metastatic disease - it has spread to the lymph nodes and lungs.
 Asked: 3/6/2014 My daughter has metastatic breast cancer that has spread to her lungs and not into her bloodstream.
 Asked: 3/5/2014 I had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound today.
 Asked: 3/5/2014 dx 2009 stage1 1cm idc grade 1 er pr + her2 neg 0-3 nodes neg.
 Asked: 3/5/2014 I was laying on my stomach on Monday rolled over on my breast and had a pain.
 Asked: 3/4/2014 I had DIEP flap reconstruction surgery on December 12.
 Asked: 3/5/2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer last June 2013.
 Asked: 3/4/2014 What is the prognosis based off the Breast cancer restage--Pet scan from the skull base to the thighs done 1/28/2014 and Comparison from...
 Asked: 3/3/2014 i am 44 years old female from the philippines..i had modified radical mastectomy on my RIGHT breast (stage III-B HER 2 plus 3), underwent...

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