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Metastatic Breast Cancer
Questions about advanced metastatic breast cancer.
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 Asked: 3/26/2015 My sister was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
 Asked: 3/26/2015 Hi there. Love of my life DX''d Stage IV MBC Sept 13, 2012 - ER+, PR = "Focally positive for PR (30%,2+)" , HER2-, Met in L3 lumbar (removed), lymph node under left arm involved, left breast source.
 Asked: 3/26/2015 Are avocados to be avoided by individuals with MBC that metastasized to bones and who are on Tamoxifen?
 Asked: 3/23/2015 I need your assistant please i had mammogram 3 days ago and this is my report; The examination was reviewed with computer aided detection the...
 Asked: 3/22/2015 Hi, I''m a Stage IV bc survivor.
 Asked: 3/22/2015 Is getting diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at first diagnosis--as opposed to a recurrence--have a worsened life expectancy? .
 Asked: 3/22/2015 My best friend has 2012 TNBC that has metastasized to her lungs, liver and bones.
 Asked: 3/22/2015 THis is a follow-up to my previous diagnosis.
 Asked: 3/22/2015 Hi, I was diagnosed with liver metastasis in 2003 (er/pr negative her2 positive) and treated with Taxol and Herceptin.
 Asked: 3/21/2015 Hello, I was recently diagnosed with mammary carcinoma (mixed ducal With lobular features).
 Asked: 3/21/2015 my mother has mestastic breast cancer and was just told she also has brian cancer and there is a large tumor on the left of...
 Asked: 3/21/2015 Does a metastic spinal cord compression automatically mean cancer now in the bone marrow and/or CSF?
 Asked: 3/18/2015 My friend was diagnosed in 2009 with Hormone Positive Lobular Breast Cancer.
 Asked: 3/17/2015 My 59 year old sister has TNBC which has spread to the spine and the liver and has recurred in her breast(s).
 Asked: 3/17/2015 Is it a fairly sure thing that the triple neg cancer stage3 grad3 7 of 18 lymph nodes positive will come back since it was in my lymph nodes.
 Asked: 3/10/2015 I have lobular breast cancer with mets to bone.
 Asked: 3/9/2015 Newly diagnosed with breast cancer some liver mets,have not had any previous treatment,my onc is going to do chemo first (C E )should I not...
 Asked: 3/8/2015 In 2003 I had DCIS. I elected to have bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and no therapy.
 Asked: 3/8/2015 During a ct scan it was discovered that my Cancer had spread to the pelvis, at the same time it was found that I had...
 Asked: 3/8/2015 Hi, I was diagnosed with stage3 BC in May''12.
 Asked: 3/7/2015 Just been diagnosed with recurrence to axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes.
 Asked: 3/6/2015 My 85 yr old mother-in-law was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors at the end of December after suffering a seizure.
 Asked: 3/6/2015 My 42yo sister-in-law has Stage 4 TNBC.
 Asked: 3/6/2015 Hello, I live in Italy and have to take an important decision.I am 47 and was diagnosticated with stage 4 breast cancer 9 months ago.
 Asked: 3/4/2015 I was diagnosed with StageIIB triple negative breast cancer in February 2013.
 Asked: 3/4/2015 How do you know when TNBC a has moved to the bones? After taking Crestor had many aches, now my arm is still painful after...
 Asked: 3/2/2015 What is the average life expectancy of someone with breast metastatic spinal cord collapse with some paralysis? I read that short course radiation is given...
 Asked: 3/1/2015 Hello, My mother was recently diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 3/1/2015 my mother has stage IV breast cancer (Her2) that has spread to the spine and liver.
 Asked: 3/1/2015 Hi Lillie and staff, Thanks for your help, as before..
 Asked: 3/1/2015 I had mastectomy 3 yrs ago for invasive lobular bc.
 Asked: 2/27/2015 Dx with mets (lytic lesion) to iliac wing in June 2014.
 Asked: 2/27/2015 My mom was diagnosed with ER+ Stage I right breast cancer and was on her 5th year of antihormone treatment.
 Asked: 2/26/2015 Age 62. Battling breast cancer for 20 years and then this year it spread to the bones.
 Asked: 2/26/2015 I am 36. Diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer in October 2012, no lymph node involvement.
 Asked: 2/25/2015 My mom is 83, now weighs 88lbs, and started injections of Faslodex once a month in December.
 Asked: 2/23/2015 After MBC, what is the probability of recurrence the longer one is in remission controlling for age? Does it converge to the non-advance breast cancers...
 Asked: 2/22/2015 Hello. I am being treated for stage lV triple negative breast caner, this is the first reoccurrence.
 Asked: 2/22/2015 My wife was diagnosed with stage 2 er-/pr-, her2+ breast cancer 4 years ago at age 39.
 Asked: 2/20/2015 My sis has Stage IV lobular breast cancer with extensive bone mets.
 Asked: 2/19/2015 How would you treat bone Mets ER postive, her2 was read 3 different ways ihc was positive +3, fish test was negative, second opinion from...
 Asked: 2/18/2015 my mother diagnosed with solitary brain mets on november 2014(breast cancer jan 2014 her2+/,er/pr-).she underwent SRS on december2014.
 Asked: 2/18/2015 I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in January of 2015 (initial dx was stage 2 ER+ PR+ in Feb 2013).
 Asked: 2/17/2015 I have had mets to the bone for a year and a half and now I have 7 lesions (largest 1.5 x 1.5)showing in my liver.
 Asked: 2/17/2015 What can you tell me about Ellagic Guard, a supplement that contains Ellagic acid. Is this ever used to support the immune system for patients...
 Asked: 2/17/2015 my mother was diagnosed with solitary brain mets on novemeber2014(her2+/er/pr- breast cancer jan 2014).she was treated with SRS on nov 2014.2 weeks back, she had...
 Asked: 2/16/2015 ID#999827371 - QUESTION (follow-up) Stage 2 in 2010, lumpectomy, chemo & radiation, Tamoxifen for 2 years, stopped, then showed metastases in bones/spine/hip/ribs
 Asked: 2/15/2015 Last month my 71 year old sister was diagnosed with her initial stage 4 breast cancer with fungating tumor, grade 3, with multiple skeletal &...
 Asked: 2/11/2015 Hi, what are usually the symptoms when cancer has spread to the bones? Are there any specific symptoms to look for? .
 Asked: 2/8/2015 I am a BC survivor, diagnsoed 9 years ago with Stage One IDC, Er+,Pr+, mastectomy, radiation, Tamoxifen.
 Asked: 2/6/2015 Hi, Lillie, thank you so much for providing this service.
 Asked: 2/6/2015 1.) If someone stops taking a chemo before it stops working for her, can she try using it again at a later time? 2.) Can anyone...
 Asked: 2/6/2015 I know I keep asking about my sister''s metastatic spinal cord compression with breast cancer, partial paralysis, rads, 3 and a half months in hospital...
 Asked: 2/5/2015 My wife had triple negative cancer diagnosis in March 2013.
 Asked: 2/3/2015 When are you officially staged? Upon discovery I was told potentially stage 3B or C.
 Asked: 2/2/2015 My mother is 66. 7 years ago, she was diagnosed with ER+, stage IIb primary breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/2/2015 I am a 48 year old female recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/1/2015 How will one know if cancer has metastisezed? .
 Asked: 1/29/2015 Mom 78 has stage 4 bc, lung mets, chemo for 2 yrs, is losing weight , no appetite , weak and not very mobile.
 Asked: 1/29/2015 Can shingles cause tumor marker results to be elevated?
 Asked: 1/27/2015 Diagnosed wth 1 cm ductile carcinoma with 1 lymphnode .
 Asked: 1/27/2015 The longer you stay no evidence of disease does this mean less likely the cancer will progress? Going on five years with a single metastes...
 Asked: 1/24/2015 I live in South Africa and have a daughter who at age 32 in Jan.2013 was diagnosed BRCA 2 positive with a mix of lobular...
 Asked: 1/23/2015 my mom diagnosd 3 yrs. ago with mastasized lung cancer.
 Asked: 1/22/2015 Was detected with TNBC in May 2014 during my pregnancy and had done MRM and taken chemo and Radiation now due to pain in leg...
 Asked: 1/22/2015 I had just submitted a question regarding my 83 year old mother with breast mets-likely in the lung now with largest nodule approx.
 Asked: 1/21/2015 My mom is 83 and has metastatic breast cancer-now believed to be in her lungs.
 Asked: 1/22/2015 My sister cancer has spread to her bones, liver and brain.
 Asked: 1/22/2015 F/U question to my sister TNBC returned after 2 years in May 2014 spread to chest wall and lining of lung.
 Asked: 1/21/2015 For premenopausal metastatic breast cancer patients with her 2 + er+, is it recommended that ovaries should be removed?
 Asked: 1/21/2015 I was dx 2014 with stage IV bc with mets to liver and bones.
 Asked: 1/21/2015 How many carbohydrates constitute a low carbohydrate diet, and why are breast cancer patients told to ovoid wheat, even whole wheat..
 Asked: 1/21/2015 I know when TNBC spreads it is now a chonic disease.
 Asked: 1/20/2015 tnbc stage 2 B 1 node involved, diagnosed 08 2013.
 Asked: 1/21/2015 TNBC returned in May 2014 after 2 years spread to chest wall and lining of lung treatment again and for the rest of my sisters life...
 Asked: 1/20/2015 My wife, age 44, was originally diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer at age 39.
 Asked: 1/20/2015 Hello again, many thanks, you answered my question about family member with mets in brain/lung/bones below.
 Asked: 1/18/2015 Have TNBC that has spread to liver.
 Asked: 1/17/2015 Had breast cancer in 2009. Had left breast removed plus 6 months chemo and reconstuction surgery ( implant) then in nov 2013 had lump in scar tissue, it was TNBC this time had lump removed jan 2014 and 7 weeks radation.
 Asked: 1/16/2015 Hello, a family member has breast cancer which returned last summer 2014...
 Asked: 1/16/2015 Hello, family member has breast cancer with mets in brain, lungs and bones. Hospital (local general hospital) said radiation to brain followed by Tamoxifen, for quality...
 Asked: 1/15/2015 My mother diagnosed with breast cancer(pt2n0m0 er/pr- her2+)on 09/01/14.She underwent mrm on 31/01/14,completed 4ac-4docetaxel along with herceptin.
 Asked: 1/14/2015 Thanks for your earlier reply! With my wife having bone lesions, we don''t as yet know which type.
 Asked: 1/14/2015 Will or could a surgical biopsy or cutting through a stage 1 breast cancer tumor help the cancer to metastasize in some way? Couldn''t...
 Asked: 1/14/2015 My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV ILC with extensive bone mets.
 Asked: 1/14/2015 Following up on your much appreciated rapid response to my previous question, with stage iv breast cancer and mets to lungs, biopsies as said...
 Asked: 1/12/2015 Family has just been diagnosed TNBC mets to lungs...tumors, lesions...
 Asked: 1/12/2015 Thank you for the quick response to my medical report question, however, it is quite inadequate .
 Asked: 1/12/2015 Mom was diagnosed a year ago with hormone related metastatic breast cancer.
 Asked: 1/12/2015 My pet imaging center in California will not release my pet scan report to me until AFTER 5 days.
 Asked: 1/12/2015 Dx w/ ER+PR+,HER- BC IN 2009..BIG TUMOR.
 Asked: 1/12/2015 Hi Lilly I''m not sure if you remember me but I attended one of the retreats in September, which was wonderful by the way.
 Asked: 1/10/2015 how serious is stage 2 ductil carcinoma triple negative in lymp noids .
 Asked: 1/9/2015 I am a 55 year old African American woman.
 Asked: 1/9/2015 Hi Lillie, Thanks for all your help and follow up contact by your staff via phone etc.
 Asked: 1/7/2015 I''m 49 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer (ER, PR and HER2 positive) 6 months ago, metastastized to my liver.
 Asked: 1/7/2015 Once breast cancer has caused a spinal compression involving surgery to two vertebra, does this mean that cancer cells are now in the cerebral spinal...
 Asked: 1/7/2015 Is it normal for tumor markers to fluctuate over time? Once they start to go up a few points, do they go back down?..
 Asked: 1/7/2015 I was diagnosed with mets exactly 2 years ago and have been stable on Kadcyla since that time.
 Asked: 1/7/2015 My mother has Stage IV lobular breast cancer with extensive bone mets.

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