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Metastatic Breast Cancer
Questions about advanced metastatic breast cancer.
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 Asked: 3/29/2017 My mother (age 50) was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer with Metastasis to the Bone and the Lymph Nodes on the neck.
 Asked: 3/29/2017 My 79 y.o. mother was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer and had a lumpectomy in 8/2016.
 Asked: 3/27/2017 In April 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 2 ductal carcinoma with a 2.2 cm tumor that tested as Triple Negative.
 Asked: 3/26/2017 My sister is a 48 y.o.
 Asked: 3/25/2017 What are recent figures for prognosis for Triple Neg with mets to bones (sternum, rib), lung, and soft tissue or lymph nodes near collarbone? Are...
 Asked: 3/25/2017 My mum has lung recurrence.1)2002:Invasive ductal carcinoma,GRADEII,chemo:docetaxel 4 cycles,radiation,hormonotherapy 2)2014: Invasive ductal carcinoma NST,ER-,PR-,cerbB2-,ki67 55%, bilateral mastectomy, chemo:epirubicin 3 cycles,endoxan, paclitaxel 12 cycles 3)2016:3 tumors...
 Asked: 3/25/2017 What are the treatment options for newly diagnosed, invasive ductal carcinoma with a 1 cm mass on mammo (normal mammo 1 year earlier), and extensive...
 Asked: 3/25/2017 My wife was diagnosed Aug 31, 2016 with stage iv breast cancer having 2 lymph nodes and a small spot on T2 vertebrae.
 Asked: 3/23/2017 My mom, 75, was diagnosed with Stage 1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer in November 2015.
 Asked: 3/23/2017 Hi, I lost my mum to Metastatic Breast Cancer a month ago and am struggling to come to terms with it.
 Asked: 3/23/2017 Mother in Law was diagnosed 9 yrs ago with stage 4 Breast cancer.
 Asked: 3/22/2017 My 45 year old sister has just started intravenous chemo agin after 2 failed oral chemo cyles to combat breast cancer that has spread to...
 Asked: 3/21/2017 I am a 56 year old female diagnosed in July 2016 with Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to my bones.
 Asked: 3/21/2017 Original Question from 12/28/16, my 48 yo wife has stage 4 triple negative metastatic breast cancer, she has a tumor in her left lung, 2...
 Asked: 3/19/2017 Someone that I know have been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.
 Asked: 3/16/2017 I would like to know the likely prognosis for someone who has recently had a recurrence of triple negative breast cancer that has caused a...
 Asked: 3/16/2017 I was diagnosed in Nov 16 (I am 57) with StageIV Breast Cancer mets to bones and spine.
 Asked: 3/16/2017 Is there anything that can be done for someone with abdominal swelling? Ascities? (Painwise) .
 Asked: 3/16/2017 My aunt started off with stage 1triple negative breast cancer and had a lumpectomy.
 Asked: 3/14/2017 Are there any treatment options for newly diagnosed, invasive ductal carcinoma with a 1 cm mass on mammo (normal mammo 1 year earlier), and extensive...
 Asked: 3/13/2017 My sister was Dx with breast cancer stage 3 in November 2015.
 Asked: 3/13/2017 How often should a chest x-ray be ordered for a luminal a, stage 1, grade 1, onco score of 8 be given? I am...
 Asked: 3/12/2017 Lillie, I''ve had an ache for several months in my left hip.
 Asked: 3/12/2017 My mother was diagnosed with mets last week.
 Asked: 3/7/2017 I have already asked a couple of questions but I have one more.
 Asked: 3/7/2017 My dear friend has stage 4 triple negative breast cancer with mets to bone (spine/neck), bone marrow in the spine, and lesions on her brain.
 Asked: 3/7/2017 Hello. I have tnbc and dealing with a reoccurence.
 Asked: 3/6/2017 Lillie, I wasn''t sure where to pose this question.
 Asked: 3/5/2017 Does the dropped of tumor marker ca15-3 in breast cancer metastasis reduces disease symptoms?
 Asked: 3/4/2017 I''m 38 years old. I had a mammogram done three years ago because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 50.
 Asked: 3/4/2017 Good afternoon, Dx.
 Asked: 3/4/2017 Hi, My SIL was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in September 2014.
 Asked: 3/3/2017 My 70Yr old mother has just been diagnosed with inflammatory breast CA.
 Asked: 3/3/2017 Girlfriend diagnosed May 2016 with ER+ HER2- Stage four with nodules in both lungs.
 Asked: 3/3/2017 I had a lumpectomy in 2002. In 2008 I had a double mastectomy.
 Asked: 2/27/2017 My wife was diagnosed with triple negative metastatic breast cancer in Nov.
 Asked: 2/27/2017 Hi, I have a friend who was diagnosed 18 months ago with TNBC HER2 - ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 2/25/2017 Hello. My dearest friend, 77 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 ER+ 3 years ago in bones only.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 I have been stable with er+ pr+ her2- bone only metastatic breast cancer for 42 months.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 A 52 year-old woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in July 2016 refuses to get treatment.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 My friend was diagnosed on with stage IV breast cancer in July 2016 and to this day she has not started treatment of any kind.
 Asked: 2/21/2017 I had a biopsy that showed the lesions on my liver were breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/19/2017 Yesterday (my 37th birthday) I had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound for a small, hard lump on my right breast.
 Asked: 2/18/2017 In 2013 I had a massectomy then started abraxane, then went to herceptin and deunosumab,6 months ago had progression in the bones and went back...
 Asked: 2/18/2017 In general, do 30% of women diagnosed with early stage bc (0-3) go on to develop metastatic breast cancer, even after treatment and remission of...
 Asked: 2/17/2017 40 y/o sister just diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer (her 2 pos) - liver and bones with several holes in her vertabrae.
 Asked: 2/17/2017 My 39 year old friend has just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/17/2017 I had breast cancer in 2010. had lumpectomy.
 Asked: 2/14/2017 My 29 year old niece has been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer that has metastasized to lymph nodes and both lungs.
 Asked: 2/14/2017 My 92 year old mother in law has ER positive BC with metastasis to bone and two lesions on the liver.
 Asked: 2/14/2017 My sister has metastatic hormone +, her2 neg.
 Asked: 2/14/2017 I have her2 plus metastatic breast cancer to liver and recently sclerotic lesion @ T11 body level is new.
 Asked: 2/14/2017 I didn''t post my question properly last time but why does a person with metastatic spinal cord collapse (2 vertebrae) not have the same possible...
 Asked: 2/13/2017 Hello, I was diagnosed with er/pr+ stage 2 breast cancer last year.
 Asked: 2/13/2017 Hi Lillie, Greeting from N ( 66), retreat participant with 2 local reoccurances, ( now fine,) who is doing well on TDM1 ( now on cycle...
 Asked: 2/12/2017 Can a node negative IDC spread to the other parts of the body?
 Asked: 2/12/2017 Is there immune therapy for metastatic breast cancer ....secondary bone cancer...contained..I would love to have some information and name of immune therapy for this
 Asked: 2/11/2017 My best friend (37) was just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer last week.
 Asked: 2/11/2017 I had mets to lungs, liver, and bones.
 Asked: 2/11/2017 My sister, 44, is HER2 positive, has had lumpectomy, chemo (ACT, TAXOL) and Herceptin.
 Asked: 2/10/2017 diag 7yrs ago at age 39, DC 1cm er + pr+ her2 neg, grade1 lymp neg, angio neg, onco dx score 12..
 Asked: 2/9/2017 My Mom is diagnosed with TNBC Liver mets recently. Any advice, any guidance to improve her prognosis will be priceless and I will be ever...
 Asked: 2/8/2017 My 38 year old wife has metastatic tnbc with mets to her liver and bones.
 Asked: 2/6/2017 I have a patient with metaplastic breast cancer, triple negative.
 Asked: 2/6/2017 leptomeningeal metastases were found in the CSF of my 74-year-old aunt who has triple negative breast cancer with brain mets.
 Asked: 2/6/2017 Hi Lillie: Thank you for your earlier input (regarding relative benefit of chemo vs.
 Asked: 2/6/2017 I had IDC with positive 8/8 LN and ER +had right lung micronidules that disappeared after chemotherapy and tamoxifen, was it Mets? .
 Asked: 2/5/2017 I am a brca 1 triple neg patient, dx in 2005 at 47, now my sixth recurrence.
 Asked: 2/2/2017 My mom has MBC to bones and liver.
 Asked: 2/2/2017 Why does a metastatic spinal collapse from breast cancer not have the same survival stats as someone with bone cancer?
 Asked: 1/30/2017 Hello. Recently diagnosed with mtnbc due to a reoccurence in my sub pec muscle and paratracheal lymph node.
 Asked: 1/30/2017 mother triple negative breast cancer since 2011.about 9 month ago mets to lung and bone.
 Asked: 1/29/2017 I have mets to spine, ribs, hip and I am ER+, PR+ HER- Are you aware of anyone with this diagnoses living over...
 Asked: 1/29/2017 My best friend was recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.
 Asked: 1/27/2017 My mother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 TNBC in May 2016 after initially being diagnosed with stage 2 in summer 2015.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 My wife was diagnosed with ILC in ''10.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 Hello. I was diagnosed with TNBC in July of 2014 at the age of 29.
 Asked: 1/26/2017 Is it common to recommend enrollment into clinical trial as the first line of therapy? Mom (64 yo female) with past med hx of breast CA...
 Asked: 1/25/2017 I just asked a question about my mom and then I started reading.
 Asked: 1/25/2017 My mother, has been fighting triple negative breast cancer for 7 years, was 51 at diagnosis, she''s now 58, it''s in her lymph nodes...
 Asked: 1/24/2017 My 47 year old daughter was diagnosed with Triple Negative Metastatic breast cancer in Sept., 2015.
 Asked: 1/23/2017 My CA 27/29 test this month was 8 points higher than it ever has been at 39. Is this a significant rise? My...
 Asked: 1/23/2017 Hello i just want to ask my mom has breast cancer right now her left arm and eyes are swollen and she has water on...
 Asked: 1/21/2017 Diagnosed with triple negative stage 4 breast cancer spreading to the liver in July 2016.
 Asked: 1/19/2017 Can/do lytic spinal lesions simply "disappear"? ER+ 50% IDC in early 2012 (Oncotype score of 42, AC-T, lx and rads) local recurrence (now TNBC)...
 Asked: 1/18/2017 I have had tripe negative breast cancer in one breast,estrogen positive breast cancer in the other breast, 2 mastectomies, chemo from the first one.
 Asked: 1/17/2017 My best friend has triple negative breast cancer that has spread to her spine.
 Asked: 1/14/2017 I have just found out that my breast cancer has spread to my supraclavicular lymph nodes and there is also a small lesion on my...
 Asked: 1/13/2017 My mother in law has Stage 4 IDC triple negative of breast with mets to bilat lungs (multiple nodules)she has had 3 treatments of Taxotere and Cytoxan.
 Asked: 1/12/2017 My sister was diagnosed with MBC in July 2016 with spread to liver (10mm x 2 lesions), right SCF lymphadenopathy, right upper and middle lung...
 Asked: 1/11/2017 I have TNBC mets to both lungs, my question I''ve been thru halaven, cisplatin and now on Navelbine.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 I have metastatic triple negative breast cancer since 2008.
 Asked: 1/11/2017 Last year, at 39, I was diagnosed with Her2+ Stage 1 breast cancer, ER+.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 My mom who is almost 89 was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in right breast, lymph nodes, right lung and liver.
 Asked: 1/9/2017 My niece has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which has moved into the bones and lymph.
 Asked: 1/7/2017 Hello. I has diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer 11 years ago and underwent a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation (no cancer was in the sentinode biopsy).
 Asked: 1/6/2017 My sister age 67 was diagnosed one year ago with stage 4 de Novo metastatic breast cancer it was ER +PR +HER2 negative.
 Asked: 1/4/2017 I had stage 1 breast cancer 15 years ago and underwent lumpectomy,sentinel node biopsy (neg.) radiation and 10 years of Femara.
 Asked: 1/2/2017 My 76 year old mother in law has been diagnosed initially with Stage 4 IDC with mets to both lungs.
 Asked: 1/2/2017 My daughter was diagnosed in July 2014 at age 41 with TNBC Stage 3c, with multiple axillary lymph nodes, nodes under the breast and supraclavicular...

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