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Metastatic Breast Cancer
Questions about advanced metastatic breast cancer.
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 Asked: 11/15/2009 dearest lillie my mother was dignosed with MBC mainly to bone ,er-,pr-,her-2 +3 2 years ago.her last pet -ct done last june showed stabilized disease.recently...
 Asked: 11/15/2009 Hello Lillie, I searched your achives and couldn''t find a similar question.
 Asked: 11/7/2009 My mom is 65. Stage IV invasive lobular cancer with bone mets, liver and carcinoma in right pleural lung.
 Asked: 11/7/2009 my moms doctor refers to a tumor marker and it is now in the low 50''s and it went down to the 20''s which is...
 Asked: 11/1/2009 I am in a trial for a PARP inhibitor and will be receiving Gemzar and Carboplatin without the PARP inhibitor.
 Asked: 10/17/2009 My IDC was diagnosed and DBL Mast was done last spring.
 Asked: 9/5/2009 Hi- I wast first diagnosed in 1988 and two years ago, broke a rib and discovered liver involvement also.
 Asked: 9/5/2009 I have metastatic breast cancer that is limited to cervical lymph nodes.
 Asked: 8/16/2009 I am 48 years old and was diagnosed in 2/08 with lobular invasive carcinoma.
 Asked: 8/9/2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (IDC) 3.5 years ago - stage 1, grade 3, triple negative, BRCA1+.
 Asked: 8/3/2009 Dx 10/07 Stage2/Grade2 2/7nodes+, ER+PR-,HER2+,Carbo/Toxatr x4,LeftBrst, could not hv rad, (BMT for AML 1981) Last Chemo Feb 5,2008.
 Asked: 8/3/2009 Dear Lillie, My sister was dx''d with bc 11 yrs ago and that she has the BRCA1 mutation.
 Asked: 8/3/2009 dearest lillie i have another question please you have advised me before to go to a NCI comprehensive cancer center to get a second opinion...
 Asked: 7/26/2009 Hi Lillie- You are an amazing woman and have given so many, so much help.
 Asked: 7/27/2009 Hi, I am 10.5 year out, first diagnosed age 39 in 1998 w 11/12 positive nodes IDC & ILC.
 Asked: 7/27/2009 My mother, 70, was stage 2A, 7 mm with only sentinel node containing a miniscule amount of cancer in February 2006.
 Asked: 7/27/2009 My sister was diagnosed with triple neg, 3 pos.
 Asked: 7/27/2009 My question is about my treatment. I was dx 7/1/2008 (age 40) with Stage IV breast cancer (hip, sternum, low back, mid-back, and liver).
 Asked: 7/19/2009 dear lillie what are chemo drugs with knwn activity in bone -only mets beside taxanes,thank you.
 Asked: 7/18/2009 Dear Lillie: In October 2006 I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage IIB.
 Asked: 7/13/2009 My dear friend who is only 43 is now dealing with mets to brain, bones, and lung.
 Asked: 7/12/2009 I have been following the advice you have been giving others for about 2 years...thanks for all you do.
 Asked: 7/5/2009 Very recently having shortness of breath when going upstairs, pain in my upper right back with really dry itchy skin issues.
 Asked: 7/6/2009 dearest lillie in feb 2003 my mother was diagnosed withIDC T(2,5CM),N(221),M0 SHE RECEIVED ACX4,TX4 AND POSTMASTECTOMY RADIOTHERAPY.HER THERAPY ENDED ON OCT 2003 IN FEB 2005,SHE...
 Asked: 7/4/2009 Hello Lillie - I was diagnosed with stage IV with bone mets 4 weeks age(couple of spots one on the rib and one the spine...
 Asked: 6/14/2009 In 2004 I had a masectomy for DCIS noninvasive.
 Asked: 6/14/2009 dear lillie i appologize in advance for my long question.
 Asked: 6/1/2009 My question isn''t necessarily about breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/1/2009 We learned Friday that Mom has cancer cells in her spinal fluid.
 Asked: 5/31/2009 hi lilli, i have been reading your site extensively beacause my wife now has stage 4 breast cancer.
 Asked: 6/1/2009 Hi Liilie, I was diagnosed with stage 1 er/pr- Her2neu+ breast cancer with no node involvement in 2005.
 Asked: 5/23/2009 what are the chances of calcifications showing up in mammogram in 2006 and developing into infiltrated ductal carcinoma with negative hormone receptors in 2009? This...
 Asked: 5/10/2009 I''ve heard that Hopkins offers retreats for women with metastastic disease.
 Asked: 5/11/2009 Dear Lillie, Thankyou for your honesty with answering questions here.
 Asked: 5/10/2009 Hi, I''m 38 years old woman, one year ago I was diagnosted with right breast carcinoma.The stadification risult from sonogarfy and mammogary T1NoMo, with 2...
 Asked: 4/26/2009 Dear Lilly, Thank you for your help and honesty in the past.
 Asked: 4/20/2009 I am a 12 year survivor but have been fighting the fight the whole time.
 Asked: 4/20/2009 I was diagnosed in 1998 with invasive lobular cancer with spread to the lymph nodes.
 Asked: 4/20/2009 I had a BMT in 1981 for AML (Leukemia) I was started on Loestrin 1.5/30 in 11/84 and had been on it until my BC dx in 10/07.
 Asked: 4/20/2009 hello,i would like to ask about dental procedures during zometa there a recommended period before and after zometa when its more safe for such...
 Asked: 4/20/2009 dear lillie more than a year ago my mother was diagnosed with MBC to bones and lung,she received navelbine and herceptin and zometa.
 Asked: 4/20/2009 My 56-yearold wife was Stage IV at diagnosis in mid-February, with a single met on her femur.
 Asked: 4/20/2009 Is Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis ever found early? If so what test our used?
 Asked: 4/20/2009 My dear friend had a lumpectomy for lobular cancer 7 years ago.
 Asked: 4/13/2009 dearest lillie are there any released results of clinical trial NCT00244933 concerning genisteingemzar combination in MBC THANK YOU.
 Asked: 4/11/2009 47 year old. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer Oct 2006.
 Asked: 4/5/2009 dearest lillie thank you for answearing my question , i will deffinitely follow your advise ,the problem is i couldnt find vitD suppl.without calcium being...
 Asked: 4/5/2009 Hello, My mother-in-law lives in France where there isn''t much of a Hospice tradition and her doctor (understandably) doesn''t give much info since he has...
 Asked: 4/5/2009 I was diagnosis with stage II bc in 01/03.
 Asked: 4/5/2009 Hello Dr. Shockney I was set to come your way last year but then learned not a met to liver.
 Asked: 4/5/2009 Hello and as always thank you for your thoughts.
 Asked: 4/4/2009 I have advanced mets to chest, neck, liver.
 Asked: 4/4/2009 dear lillie my mother has been diagnosed with MBC to bone and lungs,her serum vit D IS 25(THE LAB NORMAL RANGE IS ABOVE 20),SHE IS...
 Asked: 3/29/2009 Thank you so much for this forum, where questions which nag at us and haunt us can be answered, in a sensitive straight-forward manner.
 Asked: 3/9/2009 Hello and thank you taking time to answer my ?
 Asked: 3/9/2009 Hi Lillie. I was diagnosed at age 40 in 2006 (4/20 nodes, ERpositive, PR and HER2 negative, grade 3, multicentric tumours) and then with an axillary and internal mammary node recurrence in 2007.
 Asked: 3/9/2009 Hello my wife Lynne was diagnosed with IBC 06/07.
 Asked: 3/9/2009 I have vey advanced breast mets to liver, etc.
 Asked: 3/9/2009 I am on my 6th line of chemo - Ixempra.
 Asked: 3/9/2009 Hello,I''m 50yrs old with BC liver mets diagnosed in May 2006.(Initial stage 1 cancer diagnosed in July 2001 - Her2 neg amd Estrogen positive.
 Asked: 3/9/2009 Yesterday I had a PET/CT scan and the report reads: In the left liver there is a very tiny punctate focus of FDG uptake on...
 Asked: 3/8/2009 Hi Lillie Is it possible for breast cancer to spread to the thyroid? My friend and I went through this journey almost 5 years ago,...
 Asked: 3/1/2009 Hello Dr.Shockney, Thanks a lot for the valuable form and your knowledge.
 Asked: 3/1/2009 Hi again, I am referring to Dr.
 Asked: 3/1/2009 Hi Lillie. I have written to you before.
 Asked: 2/28/2009 What do you believe about being given high dosage of estrogen after hormonal therapy? .
 Asked: 2/28/2009 I recently had a lumpectomy to remove a 1.8 cm invasive tumor from my left breast.
 Asked: 2/22/2009 dearest lillie i ve read about a closed clinical trial about gemzar with genestein ,i wonder if there is more information available? thanks .
 Asked: 2/22/2009 dear dr.lillie my mother has been on tykerb with a starting dose of 3 tab a day,gemzar 2000mg every 3 weeks,before starting her 2 gemzar...
 Asked: 2/22/2009 My sister aged 50 had a mastectomy 5.5 years ago.
 Asked: 2/22/2009 Hi Lilly: I''ve written you before. Stage 4, subclavicular lymph node with pleural effusion 14 years after primary.
 Asked: 2/22/2009 Hello, I am writing concerning my mother-in-law.
 Asked: 2/21/2009 I was diagnosed with Her2+, ER/PR- breast cancer January 2008.
 Asked: 2/16/2009 A patient previously diagnosed with a moderately diff.
 Asked: 2/16/2009 My tumor level marker test has gradually been increasing by 10 or more points over the past 4-6 months.
 Asked: 2/16/2009 dear lillie how is gemzar every two weeks different from every 3 weeks,thank you.
 Asked: 2/14/2009 Hello Dr.Shockney, Thanks a lot for your reply to my questions about my mother''s current condition, mainly, the whistling sound and question about 4.25 doses...
 Asked: 2/14/2009 Lillie: I have written to you before--tumor size 13 cm, 21 out out 26 lymph nodes positive back in Nov of 2005, went through chemo...
 Asked: 2/14/2009 I have extensive liver mets.......both lobes ....left lobe completely cancer.
 Asked: 2/14/2009 Hello Dr.Shockney, Thanks as always for the valuable forum.
 Asked: 2/9/2009 I was diagnosed on Aug 08 with HER2 positive breast cancer.
 Asked: 2/8/2009 hi thanks so much for the response - I am the one with the sister with BC who had lesions disappear on follow up bone scan.
 Asked: 2/9/2009 Recently had severe pain in my upper back when breathing or moving.
 Asked: 2/8/2009 I am 42 yrs. old.
 Asked: 2/8/2009 What are the statistics in relation to hormonal therapy for metastatic breast cancer? What percentage of women benefit for longer than five years? .
 Asked: 2/8/2009 I was diagnosed and treated in early 2007 with stage 1 IDC, 2 foci.
 Asked: 2/8/2009 Hello Dr.Shockney, Thanks as always for your forum.
 Asked: 2/8/2009 hi, thanks so much for this service.
 Asked: 2/1/2009 diagnosed with invasive lobular carcenoma march 2008 5.5cm ..
 Asked: 2/1/2009 Hello Lillie, I am 2 years out of IDC--stage 1, grade 3 ER/PR + HER2 -.
 Asked: 2/1/2009 I have stage IV breast cancer with bone mets.
 Asked: 2/1/2009 My liver mets keep progessing. My entire left lobe is cancer and much throughout right lobe.
 Asked: 2/1/2009 My 61 year old wife had a modified radical mastectomy,2 nodes involved, in 1991 followed by 6 months of CAF.
 Asked: 2/1/2009 my mother is about to switsh to tykerb ,she is taking tenormin ,stugeron and omeprazole,are any of those medications not recommended with tykerb,and if so...
 Asked: 1/31/2009 Hi Lillie, I have written a few times in the last two and a half years, I fear we are getting near the end of...
 Asked: 1/31/2009 If brain mets were present would a head CT scan done without contrast reveal them?
 Asked: 1/25/2009 Would it be possible to go back using my "Estring"? I used it for 6 years.
 Asked: 1/25/2009 what is detox ,and is it ok to do it while on chemo and where can i find more informations about nutrition facts during chemo thank you.

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