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Questions to ask to ensure you are in good hands
Questions on what to ask to make sure your in good hands.
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 Asked: 04/06/2004 hi there...i am only turning 20 this year but i have a lump in my right breast.
 Asked: 04/05/2004 I had a mastectomy and then was sent to an oncologist for chemo.
 Asked: 04/01/2004 My mother was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer at age 59.
 Asked: 04/01/2004 I''m 48 with no family history of br.cancer.
 Asked: 03/30/2004 Is the term oncologist referring to the breast specilaist surgeon or the dr.
 Asked: 03/30/2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer of the right breast after a routine mammogram.
 Asked: 03/30/2004 Hello: I have a family history of BC.
 Asked: 03/26/2004 I had my yearly mammogram and reccommended to go back in six months for a recheck.
 Asked: 03/26/2004 Hi I am 43. I was diagnosed in 96 with my first cancer, Infiltrating lobular carcinaoma, 2cm tumor, stage II, 1 positive node.Had lumpectomy, 6 rounds C.M.F & 5weeks radiation.
 Asked: 03/23/2004 I am taking Tamoxifen. So far 5 doses of 20mg.
 Asked: 03/22/2004 I had surgery on swelling in my brain The biopsey was benigh.I have been told i have schilders disease.I had 3lesions on the brain.
 Asked: 03/22/2004 Hello..Around first of Feb.,i felt a lump on my left breast, i had a mammogram and an ultra sound on Feb 17th and a core...
 Asked: 03/22/2004 Feb 23 I had a tissue sparing modified radical mastectomy.
 Asked: 03/22/2004 I was dignosed with atypical ductual hyperplasia and was told I should have an lumpectomy.
 Asked: 03/22/2004 How do you lift a patient who has had a masectomy.
 Asked: 03/11/2004 I am 49 years old and I had a lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy.
 Asked: 03/05/2004 I had hypothyroidism on and of since I was 12years old.
 Asked: 03/05/2004 I had biosy, then chemo then surgery.
 Asked: 02/27/2004 What criteria does a Physician radiologist have to know in his eligiblity for the procedure of Stereotactic Guided breast biopsy? What are the specifics on the...
 Asked: 02/27/2004 Hello, I am 43 and had noticed pain under my right armpit for a couple of months.
 Asked: 02/27/2004 I was diagnosed in 7/03 with IDC Stage II Path.
 Asked: 02/27/2004 My girl friend recently had a surgical biopsy to remove two areas of less than 3mm.
 Asked: 02/20/2004 I had a mammogram Aug 03. It showed microcalifacations of the right breast.
 Asked: 02/02/2004 I have been diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma.
 Asked: 02/02/2004 My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer fourteen years ago and after her mastectomy was prescribed tomoxifen as a treatment.
 Asked: 01/30/2004 Hello-I recently underwent a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with tissue expanders(saline)which were filled with 450 cc in each breast during the surgery
 Asked: 01/29/2004 I am very confused. I am 32 and had 2 lumps I found in the left breast.
 Asked: 11/10/2003 You have a wonderful website- I live in FL and need to find a similar organization, as I was just diagnosed with invasive DC.
 Asked: 11/10/2003 Hi hope you can help me at the age of 32 I found a lump made an appointment to see my Dr went for biopsy...
 Asked: 11/10/2003 I understand that follow-up scans and bloodwork are no longer the standard of care, based on studies done over 8 years ago.
 Asked: 11/10/2003 what is fibercystic disease and what can i do for it?
 Asked: 10/20/2003 MY mother,age 42, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
 Asked: 10/20/2003 I''ve had a very aggressive cancer. Stage IIIa, ER/PR-, HER2+++, 3.5 cm, 15 nodes positive.
 Asked: 10/20/2003 After a silicone implant decintegrated in my right breast I underwent what was termed a "modified" mastectomy in 1996.
 Asked: 10/17/2003 Last yr I had a mammogram and they found 1 micro mini calcification spot in one breast.
 Asked: 10/16/2003 My oncologist states that follow up bone scans etc are not necessary however a member of my support group states she read they are.
 Asked: 09/14/2003 Hello, I had a bilateral mastectomy this August.
 Asked: 09/14/2003 after having chemo and radiation treatments i am still having periods.
 Asked: 09/10/2003 Thank you for this wonderful site--- I am researching the standard of care used by a physician for a recurrence of 2mm of DCIS-- since...
 Asked: 09/10/2003 I was diagnosed six months ago, at age 45, with infiltrating pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in the left breast.
 Asked: 09/10/2003 My mother had breast cancer in 1999- treatment included a lumpectomy, radiation (in which she was severely burned) and tamoxofin.
 Asked: 09/01/2003 hello, i have breast cancer, i''ve had chemo, surgery and radiation, i still have nodgels that are poppping up...? my last pet scan and cat scan are...
 Asked: 08/27/2003 Hello there. I am a 42 year old premenopausal female who was diagnosed with Stage 1 (6mm)ductal invasive tumor in right breast.
 Asked: 08/27/2003 I had invasive tubular carcinoma of the right breast, the nipple and aereola were very much invovled and a mastectomy was recommended.
 Asked: 08/27/2003 I have Stage breast cancer and will be going in for mammos and probably breast MRIs every 6 month.
 Asked: 08/19/2003 Hi; My tumor responded so well to chemotherapy that it disappeared completely in the breast and the surgeon is not willing to "dig around blindly" looking...
 Asked: 08/18/2003 My doctor is prescribing to me Fosomax because I am in the beginning stages of osteoporosis.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I was just diagnosed with 6 mm ductal invasive carcinoma Grade 1 and 2 surgeons have recommeded a lumpectomy with radiation and possibly hormone therapy...
 Asked: 08/10/2003 Today I had a Mamogram, I was told for the first time of a calcification on one breast.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I had a questionable area on my mammo 1 month ago, had a follow up spot compression and ultrasound, showed nothing, my surgeon met with...
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I just went for a check up today,last year at this time I had to have a diagnostic mammogram and everything was fine.I go today...
 Asked: 08/10/2003 in august of 2001 i found a lump in my left breast that just seemed to pop up over night.
 Asked: 08/10/2003 I am 39 and have had very dense breasts my whole life.
 Asked: 08/07/2003 My mother is a 46 year old female who had a mammogram and the doctor sent a letter in the mail telling her she needed...
 Asked: 08/07/2003 I am a Physical Therapist who is treating a woman who is on tamoxifen.
 Asked: 07/30/2003 I had a mammography bilateral screening 10/17/01.
 Asked: 07/30/2003 On Friday I had a mamogram. Today Monday the office called to schedule me for another mamogram saying that the doctor saw density in my right breast.Should I be alarmed by this.
 Asked: 07/30/2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer last January 2003, I already operated, I finished my 6 chemotheraphy and 25 session of radiation.
 Asked: 07/27/2003 I had a MRM of my right breast 12/19/01 removing a 4cm malignant tumor situated about 1cm from my chest wall.
 Asked: 07/25/2003 I had 2 fobroadenomas removed at the year of 2000, i HAVE FOLLOW UP MAMMOGRAM AND ULTRASOUND EVRETY 6 MONTHS AND LAST TIME WAS FOUNDED A NEW ONE.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 Yesterday I went to my obgyn because the last few days Ive had pain in my right breast (above my nipple) She said she thinks...
 Asked: 07/24/2003 My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer less than 1 year ago.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 I had a breast reduction several years ago which left me with bilateral nerve damage on the side of each breast.
 Asked: 07/24/2003 My wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
 Asked: 07/23/2003 In April, 2003 a mammogram revealed a suspicous mass in my 58-year old sister''s right breast.
 Asked: 07/03/2003 I tested positive for A Deleterious Mutation and have had the total hysterectomy, one lumpectomy and am preparing for a a double masectomy.
 Asked: 06/30/2003 i was told that this website included a list of the top 10 breast centers in the country but cannot find it.
 Asked: 06/29/2003 I am 35 yrs old and had my last mammogram in 10/02.
 Asked: 06/29/2003 i recently had my yearly mammogram with f/u ultrasound.
 Asked: 06/26/2003 I am a 51 year-old (currently going through menopuase) Medicaid patient.
 Asked: 06/23/2003 I am nearing the end of my treatment.
 Asked: 06/22/2003 I''m a 40 year old women recently diagnosed with DCIS of the left breast.
 Asked: 06/20/2003 I am a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient.
 Asked: 06/20/2003 I am 27 years old and every month now for probably the last two years, my lymph nodes under my armpits flare up.
 Asked: 06/19/2003 I had medullary breast cancer in my left breast 18 years ago.
 Asked: 06/16/2003 I need your help. My sister lives in Jacksonville, FL.
 Asked: 06/16/2003 A year ago my wife was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer (.7 cm, well differentiated, er negative).
 Asked: 06/13/2003 I have been taking tamoxifin for 2 1/2 years, am aged 44, and continued to have regular periods until two months ago.
 Asked: 06/13/2003 Are there any known after-effects of taking Tamoxifin for 5 years?
 Asked: 06/12/2003 Can you share any known facts if taking Tamoxifin can cause you to develop HYPO-thyroidism? Thanks!
 Asked: 06/11/2003 6/10/03 I have a lump that can be seen not felt, detected on ultrasound.
 Asked: 06/09/2003 I´m 50 years old and last February I was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer.I had a lumpectomy (sentinel) and undergone chemo(AC) and radiotherapy and...
 Asked: 06/05/2003 Hi, My Mother has had breast cancer with a mastectomy.
 Asked: 06/02/2003 I had two biopsies, the first a FNB, results: atypical fragments of hyperplastic ductal epithelium consistent with proliferative breast disease with atypia
 Asked: 05/31/2003 Hello, I am writing because I delivered a baby girl three weeks ago.
 Asked: 05/28/2003 I am having a biopsy of the breast, I was reading that a biopsy could spread cancer if there is any there.
 Asked: 05/25/2003 My Girlfriend is being noticing some white dischage from her breast when she presses them.
 Asked: 05/23/2003 I have an appointment with the doctors on june 3rd.
 Asked: 05/21/2003 I have had inflammatory breast cancer, lumpectomy, chemo (didn''t work), mastectomy, and radiation.
 Asked: 05/08/2003 I''m 33 and was just dx with Stage 1 infiltrating ductal Ca.
 Asked: 05/06/2003 Two years ago i was diagnosed with early DCI.
 Asked: 05/05/2003 I was diagnosed with malignant lymph nodes consistent with a breast cancer, although no tumor was ever discovered.
 Asked: 05/05/2003 I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (stage 4B) in Feb 2000.
 Asked: 04/29/2003 Today, April 28, 2003 I was told that I have infiltrating carcinoma , NOS of the right breast which was detected on ultrasound but did...
 Asked: 04/27/2003 I''m 45 years old and had a needle-localized breast biopsy due to microcalcifications.
 Asked: 04/27/2003 What does a t- cup microcalcifications mean?
 Asked: 04/24/2003 My mother who is 87 years old recently had a masectomy to remove a golf ball sized tumor in her right breast.
 Asked: 04/24/2003 I am trying to decide between two oncologists.

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