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 Asked: 8/16/2014 I have had bilateral masterctomy on 4/30.
 Asked: 8/14/2014 Two weeks ago I had lumpectomy with SNB for small invasive liaison (5mm), 2 lymph nodes were removed, hormone positive, HER negative.
 Asked: 8/13/2014 I am 71, had an "incidental" 2mm area of DCIS found during surgery for a benign neoplasm.
 Asked: 8/6/2014 My lumpectomy surgery was June 4th. One node removed found to have micro mets.
 Asked: 8/2/2014 Ijust saw medical oncologist and radiology oncologist today.
 Asked: 7/30/2014 I was diagnosed with P/E neg, her2 + breast cancer, stage 1, no lymph node involvement.
 Asked: 7/28/2014 Should Centrum Silver vitamin once a day, vitamin C 500 mg once a day and a Rx Niaspan ER 500 mg one bid not be...
 Asked: 7/28/2014 Should I have not taken Rx Niaspan ER 500 mg Bid for cholesterol during 36 rounds of radiation? Also same question related to OTC...
 Asked: 7/28/2014 I am 56 and 4 months post op partial mastectomy left breast IDC stage 1b ER/pr+ her- 0 nodes.
 Asked: 7/22/2014 I am almost 67, good health and had a 4mm tumor removed, lymph nodes clear and grade 2 tumor , est + progesterone+ her2 -...
 Asked: 7/21/2014 All women have to take radiotherapy after nipple sparing mastectomy ? .
 Asked: 7/19/2014 I''m a 55 year old woman who was diagnosed with IDC.
 Asked: 7/16/2014 My Wife has just removed a 2.75cm Grade 3 tumor -- node negative, Estrogen and Pro receptive -- Her 2 neg.
 Asked: 7/13/2014 I am 56 and just had surgery to remove 1.5 cm of IDC.
 Asked: 7/9/2014 What is the best ointment to apply daily after daily radiation treatment? Is it ok to use aquaphor and 100% aloe vera gell...
 Asked: 7/9/2014 I have a very rare cancer, namely cancer at parotid gland (adenoid cystic carcinoma).
 Asked: 7/8/2014 I am 58 and have a Stage 0 DCIS in my right breast, and no family history of breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/5/2014 I have stage 2b node positive ER/PR+Her2- infiltrating ductal breast cancer.
 Asked: 7/5/2014 I have IDC triple positive stage 1 grade 2.
 Asked: 7/5/2014 I am 72 and have recently been diagnosed with (ER+, PR+ HER2- ) low grade DCIS.
 Asked: 7/2/2014 I am age 60 with IDC and had a lumpectomy on my 2cm tumor which was ER+PR+HER2-.
 Asked: 7/1/2014 81 year old stage 1grade2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma recent lumpectomy with negative margins ER +, HER - tumor size 1.2cm nodes neg.
 Asked: 6/30/2014 55 year old woman, micro-calcifications in duct led to inscisional biopsy where an intermediate IDC of 0.7 mm (!) was found.
 Asked: 6/27/2014 2 years ago I received twice a day radiation for 5 weeks to chest wall for local recurrence.
 Asked: 6/26/2014 Radiation with or without boosts? Hi I have two different recommendations for radiation.
 Asked: 6/25/2014 I am 44, premenopausal and had a mastectomy, one breast only for IDC, ER+ 98, PR+ 96, Her2-, 3cm tumor, sentinel lymph node 1mm, eight...
 Asked: 6/22/2014 My previous question was regarding gray skin falling off post 25 full breast radiation treatments and 4 out of 5 boost treatments.
 Asked: 6/21/2014 Have completed 25 full breast treatments (200cGy each) and 4 out of 5 boost treatments.
 Asked: 6/21/2014 How long does radiation therapy last after all tx completed? Someone told me 2-3 years?
 Asked: 6/20/2014 What is the acceptable time/window to commence radiation after a lumpectomy?
 Asked: 6/19/2014 Can radiation therapy cause nausea.? On boost now at a 200 dose.
 Asked: 6/19/2014 Completed regular rads, 26 of them , and now scheduled for 7 boosts.
 Asked: 6/19/2014 I just finished 8 session of chemo (breast cancer- Stage IIa - lumpectomy ) I just found out that I have positive margin, I was...
 Asked: 6/17/2014 I have a 2 cm tumor IDC and one node with 0.15mm and one node negative.
 Asked: 6/16/2014 I was listening to Dr. Harris who was a speaker at the Miami Breast Conference held in March 2014.
 Asked: 6/16/2014 Addendum to my Q which received a (partial) response from you :” I live in Belgium, age 53, left mastectomy 5/19/14, bifocal DCIS + IDA,...
 Asked: 6/16/2014 I live in Belgium, age 53, left mastectomy 5/19/14, bifocal DCIS + IDA, intramammary LN negative, clear margins, pT2Nx (declined axillary dissection), now preparing for...
 Asked: 6/16/2014 Dx 2.4cm, grade 2, DCIS.
 Asked: 6/13/2014 My wife (54 y/o) was diagnosed on core biopsy (no of needles: 7.) to have papillary DCIS, NG1, no necrosis.
 Asked: 6/12/2014 My mom, who is a healthy, active 74 year old, was diagnosed with IDC, grade 1, stage 1, ER+, no nodes.
 Asked: 6/11/2014 Radiation Grey Area - Stage 1B 1/3 nodes.
 Asked: 6/7/2014 3/21/13 i was diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer with negative lymph nodes.
 Asked: 6/4/2014 Does the duration of post mastectomy radiation therapy vary, ( 3 wks vs 5 wks) and which is better?
 Asked: 6/3/2014 On 05/02/14, I had a lumpectomy on my left breast ...clear margins, no lymph node involvement.
 Asked: 6/3/2014 Hv completed 25 sessions RT last week post lumpectomy for 2cm DCIS clean margins.
 Asked: 6/3/2014 I have had lumpectomy and 33 radiation treatment sessions for a 6 mm tumor of DCIS, which presented with a bloody discharge.
 Asked: 6/1/2014 Am a 55 year old and was diagnosed with high-grade non-invasive DCIS, estrogen-receptive.
 Asked: 6/1/2014 I was diagnosed with stage 1 grade 2 IDC, 1.1 cm, widely clean margins, 3 negative sentinel nodes.
 Asked: 6/1/2014 71 year old woman. Grade 2 lobular tumor (2.8x2.5x2.0 cm) with microscopic invasion of muscle (posterior margin negative along 0.8 cm).
 Asked: 5/30/2014 70 year old woman has had a single mastectomy.
 Asked: 5/29/2014 I''ve been reading back on these q&a''s and see that you mention Radiation doesn''t kill cancer cells.
 Asked: 5/27/2014 I completed 23 out of 33 planned radiation treatments.
 Asked: 5/27/2014 I had a lumpectomy on May 9th.
 Asked: 5/26/2014 Dx DCIS 2cm with Lumpectomy done clean margins.
 Asked: 5/22/2014 hey, unfortunately I can''t get too technical but I had a lumpectomy that found a very small less than 1/4 cm ductal carcinoma with clear...
 Asked: 5/22/2014 In rads treatment , when do skin burns occur..? At anytime?
 Asked: 5/22/2014 I started radiation on a Wed,Th,Fri, then Monday thru Fri, then Mon,Tues, But now machine broken and physicists says not fixable.
 Asked: 5/20/2014 Can radiation cause labile hypertension to be more pronounced?
 Asked: 5/20/2014 While in radiation treatments, is it usually ok to have a steroid injection to opposite shoulder for bursistis.? Along with an x ray...
 Asked: 5/20/2014 I have had 2 lumpectomies for stage 0 DCIS with positive margins.
 Asked: 5/18/2014 Neoadjuvant chemo shrank large triple negative to invisible on 3d mammo, US, and MRI.
 Asked: 5/18/2014 After five rad tx out of 33, my face is red under eyes and nose, what could be the cause ?
 Asked: 5/16/2014 I have just completed 6 weeks of whole breast radiation and was scheduled for a week of radiation that zeroed in on the tumor site.
 Asked: 5/13/2014 I am currently living abroad in Belgium and am being treated for a nonspecific, infiltrating carcinoma grade 1, 1.2 cm with a grade 1 DCIS.
 Asked: 5/12/2014 I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage II, 3.5cm, ER+ PR+ HER2- I am doing neoadjuvant chemotherapy (4 treatments of AC every 2 weeks then 4...
 Asked: 5/12/2014 DX DCIS 2 section close together 1.4mm and under 1mm stage 0 grade 2/3 and was close or under the nipple area going up to about 11:00 position.
 Asked: 5/12/2014 I am having radiation for breast cancer treatment.
 Asked: 5/11/2014 67 year old, IDC, left breadt, 1.4 cm, clear margins, ER/PR+, HER2-, onco 16, no chemo.
 Asked: 5/8/2014 is ductal carcinoma, stage IIB with single sentinel node involvement in a BRCA1 young woman, post neo adjuvant chemotherapy (including cisplatin) and post bilateral mastectomy...
 Asked: 5/7/2014 Re: My post on 5/7/14 about the Secondary Angiosarcoma.
 Asked: 5/7/2014 I asked a question 5/2/14 about late effects of Radiation.
 Asked: 5/2/2014 What are the very late effects of Radiation Therapy? I''m 10 yrs.
 Asked: 5/2/2014 I am a 42 yr female that just had a double mastectomy with phase 1 reconstruction for Multi-focal multi-centric disease.
 Asked: 5/1/2014 I am 52 y/o Dx DCIS, 2cm with all 6 clean margins approx 5mm.
 Asked: 4/30/2014 I’m 52 and I have stage 2 IDC, ER,PR,HER2 positive tumor in the right breast.
 Asked: 4/29/2014 I am diagnosed with DCIS and I''m about to go for lumpectomy L breast and then radation treatment 5d x 6wks.
 Asked: 4/29/2014 I am 65 years old female and was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.
 Asked: 4/28/2014 Over 5 years ago, completed radiation without any problems.
 Asked: 4/28/2014 Hi Liilie, How long does tenderness in the breast take to settle after radiation? I''m a year out from completing treatment (chemo 4AC+ 12T and radiation...
 Asked: 4/24/2014 I have stage 1 IDC, ER,PR,HER positive tumor in the left breast.
 Asked: 4/23/2014 Dx DCIS 2cm clean margins of 5mm, high grade, abt to start RT 25 sessions of 2 gray each.
 Asked: 4/23/2014 My wife has recently gone through Chemo treatments and then a bilateral mastectomy and prior to this procedure we met with the radiologist who explained...
 Asked: 4/23/2014 I had a 6 cm tumor with clinically negative nodes.
 Asked: 4/20/2014 I''m 38 years old lady and myself pathologist.Recently diagnosed as Extensive DCIS intermediate to high grade with microinvasion ,ER,PR positive and HER 2 neg.My...
 Asked: 4/20/2014 I''ve just had a axillary dissection due to a recurrence.
 Asked: 4/17/2014 I will be undergoing radiation therapy next week after having foregone chemo due to low oncotype.
 Asked: 4/15/2014 I am a 48 year who had bilateral skin sparing mastectomies in September and completed 6 rounds of TC on February 17, 2014.
 Asked: 4/15/2014 Have an intermediate grade DCIS. About 2 months after 6.5 weeks of radiation therapy awoke with a very sore rib -could barely get out of bed.
 Asked: 4/15/2014 Am starting Radiation tomorrow. 25 sessions, dosage 2 gray/session Total 50 gray, No boost.
 Asked: 4/14/2014 Is there anything yuo can do for a hematoma caused by radiation therapy?
 Asked: 4/14/2014 I had a lumpectomy 3/19. I know radiation is part of this treatment, but I''m falling into a gray area as far as whether I will benefit from chemotherapy.
 Asked: 4/14/2014 I am scheduled to commence Radiation shortly & hv bn advised by the breast care nurse to use a creme called "QV" from Australia.
 Asked: 4/9/2014 am i good to do prone position in breast radiation if my breast size is 34B?
 Asked: 4/8/2014 Is it okay to start Tamoxifen during or before radiation?
 Asked: 4/8/2014 How long after chemo should you start radiation? I had a bilateral mastectomy for stage 2b, grade 3, 2 of 10 nodes, ER/pr + her2- cancer.
 Asked: 4/8/2014 I had a 7mm grade 2 ductal/lobular cancer removed on 13 march 2014.
 Asked: 4/6/2014 My husband was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in left axillary lymph nodes.
 Asked: 4/4/2014 Is the 3 week radiation without a boost reasonable treatment for me.
 Asked: 4/1/2014 Can radiation be done as late as 3 months after lumpectomy? Would it make a huge difference verses 3-4 after?
 Asked: 3/30/2014 Can radiation to the lymph nodes also cause lymphedema? Thanks.

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