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Understanding Pathology Results
Questions explaining and understanding pathology results.
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 Asked: 8/28/2015 if I had a vaccuum assist core needle biopsy followed by a lumpectomy with sentinel node removal.
 Asked: 8/27/2015 Biopsy came back fcc c++.
 Asked: 8/21/2015 Had follow up with my doctor following an MRI guided mammotome biopsy.
 Asked: 8/19/2015 I received my sterotatic needle biopsy pathology report and it states INVASIVE MAMMARY CARCINOMA, MICROSCOPIC FOCUS.
 Asked: 8/18/2015 Hi, I''m the 31 year old with IDC.
 Asked: 8/18/2015 is there any specific type of testing on sentinal node testing for micrometastisis that eliminates false psoitive diagnosis.
 Asked: 8/15/2015 On my final path, 90% ER+ mod to weak stain, 100% PR + strong stain.
 Asked: 8/14/2015 I got my biopsy result a few days ago.
 Asked: 8/14/2015 just had mastectomy because of abnormal cells found in minor breast surgery.
 Asked: 8/12/2015 What does Grade 1 invasive lobular cancer, ER: 8/8, PR: 7/8, Ki-67: 15%, HER2 1+ 3cm under left breast - treated with letrozole 2.5mg...
 Asked: 8/11/2015 Thanks for all your quick responses and great information Got my results today M.D.
 Asked: 8/10/2015 I need help understanding my core biopsy results.
 Asked: 8/10/2015 I have been diagnosed with DCIS, nuclear grade 3.
 Asked: 8/10/2015 I received my biopsy report back after left breast mastectomy.
 Asked: 8/8/2015 Had prophylactic bilateral mastectomy secondary to LCIS findings in left breast and positive BRCA 2 gene.
 Asked: 8/8/2015 Is a 13.0 gram 4.5 x 3.ox 2.0 cm large size specimen?????
 Asked: 8/6/2015 DCIS-high nuclear grade, solid and cribriform patterns.
 Asked: 8/6/2015 Just received my biopsy result. It reads: fibroadenoma with myxoid change and focal chronic inflammation.
 Asked: 8/4/2015 Hi, I live in the UK and have just undergone mastectomy of my right breast with immediate DIEP recon.
 Asked: 8/3/2015 I have recently been diagnosed with Invasive Mammary Carcinoma - which doesn''t tell me a lot.
 Asked: 8/3/2015 Please explain the indication of the following: fibrous scarring and chronic inflammation, myoepithelial stains calporin and smooth muscle myosin, stains somewhat equivocal
 Asked: 8/2/2015 My breast core biopsy came back and said invasive well-differentiated ductal carcinoma on a 1.1cm speculated nodule.
 Asked: 8/1/2015 Hi again. I am still trying to make a decision on chemotherapy.
 Asked: 8/1/2015 what does "focus suspicious for lymphovascular invasion" contained in a report after the removal and pathology of Melanoma(Breslow Depth 0.78mm, with 1 Mitoses/MM2).Resections margins negative.
 Asked: 8/1/2015 What does it mean to have a high Ki67 score at 34% and a mitosis index of 1, less than 1 mitotic feature seen per...
 Asked: 7/31/2015 Another follow-up from the 31 year old with IDC- the path report was wrong! I pestered my surgeon until she double checked and then called...
 Asked: 7/31/2015 Breast mass 2.2 cm x 2.0 cm.
 Asked: 7/31/2015 My pathology report was inconclusive, but suggests "invasive ductal carcinoma." I met with the surgeon today for excision of the lump.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 If my breast surgeon who is from one of the best cancer centers does my excisionala biopsy and said I visually saw or felt nothing...
 Asked: 7/30/2015 Follow up- I''m the 31 year old with IDC and DCIS.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I had a great excision biopsy, after a stereo biopsy revealed ADH. The path report for the excision Says left beast excisional biopsy ( for OGA1)...
 Asked: 7/30/2015 Can levels of the estrogen estrodial be measured in a blood test to determine if the arimidex is being effective? Should my onc be...
 Asked: 7/30/2015 I am 31 years old, diagnosed with IDC in June.
 Asked: 7/30/2015 Is a ki 67 of 20% considered high? Thank you..
 Asked: 7/29/2015 I had a sentinel node biopsy and 2 lymph nodes were removed, the sentinel node and the next lymph node in line.
 Asked: 7/29/2015 TNBC grade 2, tumor 1.9 cm- Negative Sentinel lymph.
 Asked: 7/27/2015 My right breast cores biopsies results were: ductal carcinoma in SITU, nuclear grade 3, with luminal necrosis and microcalcifications.
 Asked: 7/24/2015 My pathology report from surgery says stage 2A.
 Asked: 7/24/2015 i had was treated with lumpectomy and 5 weeks of radiation without boost.i told the doctor to give me the boost also but he...
 Asked: 7/21/2015 HP grade 3 10% er positive with ki67 at 37 and oncotype dx at 37.
 Asked: 7/20/2015 What does Ki67 proliferation 15% mean.
 Asked: 7/15/2015 I had a sterotactic biopsy and this tissue was dark yellow and some pieces had blood in it...what does this mean.
 Asked: 7/14/2015 I have 3 lesions in my left breast.
 Asked: 7/13/2015 We just got my mother''s pathology report and wonder which doctor to see for help interpreting the results.
 Asked: 7/13/2015 What does this mean as dx is invasive ductal first glance it is suggestive of DCIS.
 Asked: 7/10/2015 DCIS: What does High nuclear grade with luminal necrosis clinging solid and micropapillary type.
 Asked: 7/9/2015 if anyone is brca positive then what is the treatment.
 Asked: 7/9/2015 diagonized with low to intermediate grade dcis.cribiform pappillary i need radiation for the whole breast with a boost for six weeks or i need...
 Asked: 7/9/2015 Reading a lot of scary stuff about PR negative not responding to chemo and endoctrine therapy.
 Asked: 7/9/2015 Prognosis of TNBC- Grade 2- Stage 1 Mastectomy done- Chemo planned in 6 wks.
 Asked: 7/9/2015 Invasive mammary carcinoma left breast 9:30, 5cm from nipple, mass irregular, margin spiculated, size 1.4 cm.
 Asked: 7/8/2015 What does "Residual multifocal high grade invasive ductal carcinoma (m) pTib, pNo" mean on a pathology report after a mastectomy.
 Asked: 7/7/2015 My lab report after breast surgery shows a 46mm High Grade DCIS with ER8 & Vans Nuys9, does this mean i have a high chance...
 Asked: 7/7/2015 do radiation and tamoxifen increases the risk of recurrence/.
 Asked: 7/6/2015 Thanks for your answer about a benign focal fibrosis.
 Asked: 7/5/2015 Can a radiologist tell or have a good idea if the sentinel node is malignant or benign by injecting dye into the node and using...
 Asked: 7/5/2015 what is benign focal fibrosis?
 Asked: 7/5/2015 Pathology came back LCIS focal Stromal Fibrosis and Adenosis with microcalcifications.
 Asked: 7/4/2015 Diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma -- what a shock since I had no symptoms besides microcalcifications identified on routine mammogram.
 Asked: 7/3/2015 Had sterotactic several days ago Radiologist called and said Microcalificatlocations are benign abut have atypical abnormalities and should see breast surgeon for excisional biopsy....huh???? Attempting...
 Asked: 7/2/2015 I had DCIS last year Grade 2/3 and had lump and then a re-lump.
 Asked: 7/2/2015 I was diagnosed with invasisve ductal carcinoma left breast.
 Asked: 7/2/2015 Triple negative Sentinel node Negative, Stage 1- Grade 2 -Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- Positive lymphatic/ vascular invasion.
 Asked: 7/1/2015 Invasive ductal carcinoma, 1.2 mm focus, Nottingham grade 2/3 (histology grade 3, nuclear grade 2, Miotic grade 1), in a background of areas of ductal...
 Asked: 7/1/2015 Diagnoized ith dcis .Treatment is radiation and tamoxifen.
 Asked: 7/1/2015 I am 60 years old, 3 weeks post bilateral mastectomy for invasive pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in the left breast.
 Asked: 6/30/2015 Thank you for all the help you give everyone.
 Asked: 6/30/2015 What does HER2/NEU immunohistochemistry: indeterminant (2+) mean.
 Asked: 6/30/2015 What does the term "some mutinous extravasation" mean in relation to a finding of DCIS 2 on a pathology report?
 Asked: 6/29/2015 The final Pathology report: from bilateral simple mastectomy done on 6/22 IDC grade 2 Tumor 1.9 cm Ductal Carcinoma in situ with comedo necrosis Tubule formation 3, Nuclear...
 Asked: 6/29/2015 Hi, could you please tell me what all this means? Metastatic carcinoma involving two lymph nodes (2/4), lymph node axillary biopsy, one lymph node...
 Asked: 6/29/2015 what is focally invasive.
 Asked: 6/28/2015 Hi, following are my pathology report: BREAST, LEFT, 3:00 3 CM FN (BIOPSY): - Invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3, ~ 80% of biopsy - Modified Bloom and Richardson...
 Asked: 6/28/2015 i was diagonized with lo to intermidiate grade dcis.they have operated my lump but they didnt check my sentinial nodes .margins were clear .Is it...
 Asked: 6/28/2015 What does pTis(DCIS)pNX mean? I just got my pathology report.
 Asked: 6/27/2015 My mother had breast cancer 20 yrs.
 Asked: 6/25/2015 My diagnosis was taken from a biopsy of the breast.
 Asked: 6/25/2015 my wife''s biopsy and confirmed test results Nottingham 6/9(3+2+1) for the breast estrogen receptor 50% positive ...
 Asked: 6/25/2015 I had an ultra-sound core biopsy done on left breast which showed a 6MM IDC, Grade2.
 Asked: 6/25/2015 Core Biopsy: DCIS, low nuclear grade.
 Asked: 6/24/2015 Dx of Right invasive ductal carcinoma, histologic grade II (of III), nuclear grade 2 (of 3).
 Asked: 6/23/2015 DCIs grade 2. Intermediate grade 3mm in 1 area 7 in the other.
 Asked: 6/23/2015 I had a lumpectomy on 18th May followed by reexcision on 15th jun.
 Asked: 6/23/2015 hi, I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma last week, the pathological report didn''t say anything about vascular invasion or not.
 Asked: 6/22/2015 Just got pathology report which states 2.9 x 2.7 x 0.7 MM spot on my left breast which was removed was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma/High Grade.
 Asked: 6/19/2015 Hello I am diagnosed with IDC, Poorly differentiated, measuring 0.7 CM microscopically, ER + PR+ HER2-.
 Asked: 6/19/2015 Hi and thank you for your service here! I had stage 1bNmiMx IDC .6cm with a .2mm one node involvement.
 Asked: 6/18/2015 I just had a bilateral mastectomy two weeks ago.
 Asked: 6/18/2015 Hello, I received my pathology results and it states the following, infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 3.
 Asked: 6/18/2015 Been trying to get the courage to ask this question for a long time.
 Asked: 6/18/2015 fibrocystic change,adenosis, apocrine metaplasia,epithelial hyperplasia.
 Asked: 6/18/2015 Path report:: "Invasive carcinoma HER-2I IHC results: EQUIVOCAL".
 Asked: 6/17/2015 Diagnosis, ductal carcinoma, poorly differentiated, grade 3 in 2012.
 Asked: 6/16/2015 Having asymmetrical density and a palpable lump, breast biopsied via FNA, bloody cyst sent to cytopathology resulting in atypical as final diagnosis.
 Asked: 6/15/2015 What would indicate that there is a concern that the cancer has spread beyond the breast and axillary lymph nodes so that additional staging workup...
 Asked: 6/12/2015 a grade 2 -Triple Neg. cancer - 1.7-1.9 mm tumor - surgery schedule for 06/22 - A Double mastectomy will be done.
 Asked: 6/12/2015 2.5 cm IDC with clear margins, node clear.
 Asked: 6/10/2015 My lumpectomy came back with IDC (1.1 cm).
 Asked: 6/10/2015 DCIS, grade 2 with central necrosis and calcification involving sclerosing papilloma.

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